Friday, June 29

I search wisely.

I have learnt the trade of searching for products or information in a hard way. Nine years of online gave me plenty of lessons. The best lesson that I can say I have learnt is searching wisely to save precious time.

I don’t use the popular search engines to look for anything; I have a list of specific search engines that cater to different needs. True, some times, social bookmarking web sites have helped me but that too is time consuming.

Krillion is in my list of niche search engines since February 2007. Krillion delivers local search results that combine very specific product information with very specific locality information.

For example, when I need to buy a refrigerator, I don’t go around seeking opinions from my friends and relatives. I am already aware that Amana Refrigerators are dependable and energy saving.

So, I just visit, type in my query and note down the nearest seller of Amana Refrigerators from the search results and head straight for the shop.

Starting in July, Krillion will deliver search results for additional categories such as flat panel TVs, lawn and garden, seasonal appliances and others.

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