Saturday, June 28

.com goes. .anything comes.

After another 6 months approximately, the web site address not necessarily end with .com, .net and so on. They can be replaced with just any word such as your own name, .sports, .school. .jeans etc. In fact sky is the limit for the new suffixes.

I used to think about the compulsion of having these .com suffixes when I entered the web 1998. Now, it seems my thought has reached the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) technical committee.

A news item in Yahoo! appeared today about the introduction of any word as suffix at the end of the web site name.

And do you know that those suffixes need not be in English. "ICANN also voted collectively to open public comment on a separate proposal to permit addresses entirely in non-English languages for the first time."

Thursday, June 26

Spain politicians lead the world.

When Spanish parliament announced its official support to grant full rights for great apes for their life, the whole world stood aback and saluted the nation. Never in the history of ancient and modern world, an animal has been granted the full rights to live.

Animal rights activists who have earlier protested the famous bull fight that is exclusive to Spain, now must be open about their sincere admiration for Spanish Government.

It will be interesting to note that Spain which did not legalize divorce until the 1980s, but its Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's Socialist Government has legalized gay marriage.

Do you know that all the apes are generally thought of as highly intelligent? Scientific study has broadly confirmed that they perform outstandingly well on a wide range of cognitive tests.

Source: Times of India

Tuesday, June 24

Do you know the latest news on Rabbits?

My husband is fond of rabbits. But then who is not? Everyone loves rabbits. They are probably the most harmless pets though I would call them dumb and uninteresting. They can't even wag their small tails.

I could not detect any expressions on their face at any time. They just seem to look at us. My husband's friends too are all rabbit lovers.

I have found an exclusive website on rabbits. Bunny News has pages and pages of information on rabbits, heir breeds, their habitat, their food etc.

But the shocking fact is, contrary to the theme of the website, there is nothing found about rabbis. I was misled by the sidebar menu.

The search results by Yahoo! didn't lead me anywhere near rabbits based on my key words, "news on rabbits".

Thursday, June 19

It is now or never.

Monex has been literally banging on our heads advising us to keep buying silver every now and then as above ground stockpiles of silver bullion are low, shrinking rapidly and approaching zero and the world demand for silver now exceeds annual production.

This frantic cry from Monex might not have been taken seriously by investors in general. Now, Monex’s prediction is glaringly proved.

I read several investment newsletters and one newsletter has this story: “The Perth Mint’s precious metals pool has run dry. There have been recent reports from customers of delays or refusals from the Mint when making requests for the delivery of silver.”

Through Monex Deposit Company (MDC) you can purchase silver or other precious metals for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

If you don’t buy silver now, you may never get a better opportunity.

India tour guide.

Surprisingly a web site that is freely hosted by works very well. Normally it is not the case-either the webmaster will abandon the site or the inner pages won't simply connect.

This India tour guide is really a surprise but my good feeling was extremely short lived. None of the inner pages is constructed except the maps and that too was a big disappointment.

I don't why they should build a web site only to discard it. To my knowledge, none of the sites hosted by free hosts like barvehost or geocities are maintained for long.

I wish to build a blog one day that is dedicated to travelers with a passion to visit offbeat places in the world.

Blogs about Google.

We all write about Google once in a way when Google's policy or product directly affects our blogging business.

We may write about Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google's takeover bid etc. But do you know there are blogs that are dedicated to write only about Google? lists 19 such blogs. is my favorite resource for news and blog content. In their list of all Blogs about the Searchengine Google and its Services, I would like to mention about Valleywag, silent valleys top tech gossip blog.

Apart from the blog's content I noticed a unique feature-a statistics that shows how may views every blog post has received updated constantly and iy also shows the number of comments that blog post has received.

Tuesday, June 17

Medicines information on PDA.

Most patients don’t view their doctor as a tech-geek and I am one among them. The reason for this impression is I don’t find them using computers in their clinic.

Their cubicle is always empty but for a steel stool and the ubiquitous bed for examining patients.

Now, I think I must change my impression. Physicians now are hi-tech and are always connected to the latest medical news and information. Thanks to Epocrates, the world’s leading medical software company, more than 50% of doctors own a PDA that is loaded with drug reference guide, a medical software with which clinicians can immediately access the information needed to make prescribing decisions – such as drug dosing, side effects and health plan coverage.

I think PDA itself is becoming obsolete and iPhone is taking its place. And Epocrates is quick to see this change in trend and they allow physicians to access medical information through on their Safari web browser.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Friday, June 13

Heaven look up.

Want to find out the Saturn among billions of stars? SkyScout has brought out an amazing gadget which when aimed at the sky, will take you to the planet of your choice. All with just a click of a button.

If you want to regale your friends and family with your knowledge of stars and planets, SkyScout has full of information for you.

SkyScout includes entertaining and educational audio and text descriptions on most celestial objects. It makes stargazing easy—and learning fun. Its database includes more than 6,000 stars, planets and constellations. Built-in celestial calendar helps you find objects and events every day of the year.

Wednesday, June 11

A cat named Oscar...

We have heard about cat that used to have nine lives but that legendary story is true or not-we don't know.

But history has a record of a cat named Oscar had as many as 4 lives and its survival is absolutely amazing.

"During World War II a cat called Oscar served on the German battleship Bismarck. When the Bismarck was torpedoed Oscar was rescued by a British sailor on board HMS Cossack.

Five months later HMS Cossack was sunk but Oscar was rescued by HMS Ark Royal.

Only 3 weeks later a German U-boat destroyed Ark Royal and Oscar was rescued again.

The naval authorities then decided that Oscar had had enough and posted him on land. According to British naval records, Oscar died peacefully in 1955."

Are you wondering about its 4th? That must happened at its birth when it must escaped the wrath of its father.(smile)

Source: Did you know

Monday, June 9

Wikipedia is banned.

Wikipedia is banned by school officials due to inaccuracy of certain information.

At places like these, there are bound to be inaccuracies here and there and wikipedia itself is aware of this due to the nature of the site where anyone can create or alter information.

The Seattle Times has reported that The Great Meadows (N.J.) Middle School librarian hasn't been a fan of the online encyclopedia for years. This fall, she decided it was time to make others at her school aware of the Web site's pitfalls.

She put up a sign saying "Just Say 'No' to Wikipedia" over the computers in the school library.

The errors that were detected:
* A teacher researching Martin Luther King Jr. found white supremacist information in his entry, she said.
* A student researching the Vietnam War found Wikipedia's casualty count far lower than the actual number of people killed in the conflict.

Friday, June 6

Still using MS Word?

Don't be a frog that lives in well! After all, what does the frog know outside of the well?

If you are using MS Word, fine, absolutely no problem; but do you know that there more such word processors in the Internet?

I am going to introduce to you one today. Adobe Buzzword is a new online word processor that is catching up fast in the world. It is reported by as extremely slick in its interface and highly responsive to your clicks.

I happen to know that the printed version of the word docs you create with Adobe Buzzword is simply superb and what you see on the monitor is exactly reproduced on paper.

Any feedback friends?

Tuesday, June 3

Have you seen the magnetic field?

We have all been reading about magnetic field since our school days. We have seen and participated in conducting experiments on magnetic field, took a few readings on a gauge and graphed the map of showing the magnetic field but..

But we have never really seen a magnetic field with our eyes-right?

Now are you ready to see it?

After seeing this video clip and reading the comments, it is likely to develop doubts over the authenticity of it. I just took it in my stride and enjoyed it.

View here..

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