Wednesday, April 27

Read this before you visit McDonald's next time.

You like this fast food at your nearest McDonald's outlet and so do I? It is perfectly alright to indulge in these junks once in way. To be more specific about 'once in a way', I would say once in a life time.

Oh, Ok, I given in; once in a year.

If your frequencies to the McDonald's are more than that, then, at least know this calorie fact. You will consume anything between 600 to 800 calories depending on the meat inside the burger you order.

Tell me frankly, do you burn at least half of that in the next 3 hours after you eat and wash down with COKE?

Oh, those French Fries! I did not include its calories above!


Monday, April 18

iPhone ATM location finder.

Though the ATMs of different banks have networked together thus enabling us to withdraw cash from any ATM using our credit card or debit card issued irrespective of the issuing banks, we still prefer ATMs of our banks.

When we go out of town, invariably our wallets also go out of cash as if they have been waiting for such a moment to desert us. How do we locate the ATMs of our bank?

By using our iPhone, we can locate the ATMs.

ATM Hunter
An iPhone application is developed by the might Master Card is now used in iPhones. This application is called as "ATM Hunter" that enables us to locate ATMs almost anywhere around the globe wherever they are installed such as supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, theaters and even in bars.

Source inspiration

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