Sunday, April 29

My short online tutoring career.

In fact it never started. I applied for a few positions to teach maths online and I attended their online interview using Skype. I was selected because of my double post graduate qualifications and 12 years of teaching experience.

But the time did not suit me; due to time difference I was asked to stay awake between 2 AM to 4 AM. I declined the offer.

During that online interview, the interviewer asked me if I know the new coaching methodology called ‘Appreciate Coaching’ which is based on focusing on students on ideals, achievements, and other psychological state of mind.

Sara Orem, PhD, a faculty member in the online university’s School of Business and Technology, co-authors book titled ‘Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change’.

“Rather than focusing on individuals in limited or problem-oriented ways, Appreciative Coaching guides the reader through four stages – Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny – that inspire them to an appreciative and empowering view of themselves and their future,” Orem says. “What we have presented is really a new application of appreciative inquiry.”

Who are benefited?

Online tutors, corporate trainers, HRD professionals make use of this new coaching methodology.

The fully accredited Capella University is sought after by students worldwide. They are known as the best e-learning institution and their commitment in providing high-caliber academic excellence and pursuing balanced business growth draws the best academicians from the nation.

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Who cares about myspace layout?

Do you? Do you keep changing your 'my space' layout? Does it make it any difference for your image? Does it facilitate better networking?

What exactly does it do?

Do you know that my web directory is bombarded with my space layout submissions? But to me all those offering the layout codes look the same. Nothing like those WP themes. I love them for their appeal and versatility. There must be some purpose in these new layouts and themes.

I am using my default theme only and I have not logged in for nearly 6 months. I am spending some free time only on few bloggers networks like and

I am willing to know more about such networks. Anyone care to share?

Do you Know OOVOO?

My God, what a name? Doesn't it sound ominous and distant?

But it is actually a video conferencing tool like Skype. Mainly due to my ignorance, I had bitter experience with Skype. My system was badly affected with viruses, received constantly spam messages and obscene calls.

So, how different is OOVOO?
They say very positive things like richer connections and expressive conversations.
What is that? Must use it to explain. But not me; not any more. However good it may be, I will never use these kinds of tools such video messaging and video conferencing.

But it is useful to my profession.

There is one thing that looks tempting; livening up our blog with my OOOVOO link.
Let me wait and see.

I will stay put with my dear old YIM.

Saturday, April 28

Look here telemarketers!

There is one solace for direct marketers who are also called telemarketers. Their cost is much cheaper than television and other mass media advertising.

Telemarketing can be extremely cost effective provided the leads they buy from list sellers should be 100% deliverable. This is the first criteria of success in email marketing.

Next is the sales conversion ratio. There is no point in spending time and money with worthless sales leads.

So, it is highly advisable to approach an authentic Mailing Lists providers and Martin Worldwide is the best in this industry. Their ResponseCom database stores 304 million business prospects and all are from U.S. only. It includes 294 million individual opt-in leads and 14 million small business leads.

If I own a telemarketing firm, I can virtually salivate at this business potential. Imagine the increase in sales even if you achieve 0.1% conversion rate.

All leads are market fresh and filtered to the core. Above all, there is a guarantee that ensures 100% success to the list buyers.

My dream cruise planned.

Today’s adult was children one day. Centuries may pass, millennium may dawn but, the fairy tales will remain for ever.

May be new fairy tales might have stopped but the oldies are still fresh in our memories-right?
Those ships and ferries that traveled to distant islands, inhabited and green are my dream vacation destinations.

P&O Ferries operate wide range of ferry services between England, Holland, France, Spain, Belgium and Ireland.

Hey, those are not very costly man! I searched for a cruise between Dublin and Liverpool and the cost varied from different ferry operators. From 206 to 350 pounds, one can choose any service.

I pray God to give me an opportunity to sail away one day.

Do you know the Australian Goddess!

Goddess not in the true sense but Donna Hay is considered a Goddess by the connoisseurs of Australia for recipes.

Today, I built a free news portal called 'Voice of India'.
After I built it, I saw it live only now and I naturally glanced through various news items that I have configured.

The word 'Australian Goddess' attracted my attention and I clicked on the news summary to read it fully. Actually the news is reported in

Her chicken sandwiches that are filled with mayonnaise are supposed to be the most tastiest sandwiches.

Look below these chicken sandwiches and if you want to make some exactly as it look, read further the recipe for it.

2 slices white bread

  • Butter for spreading
  • 2 cooked chicken breasts, skinned and chopped
  • 6floz/170ml mayonnaise, plus extra for spreading
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp chopped basil leaves
  • 2 tbsp shredded mint leaves
  • Salt and pepper
  • 6 tbsp finely chopped chives
  • Spread butter on one side of the bread.

    Combine the chicken, mayonnaise, lemon juice, basil and mint, and season with salt and pepper.

    Divide between half the bread slices and top with the remaining bread. Cut into small triangles and spread one edge with the remaining mayonnaise.

    Press one side into the chives and serve.

    Hmmm... I am now green with envy.

    Anyway, thank you Donna Hay and!

    Friday, April 27

    Meet Professor Know Why. is simply a fantastic tool for blog promotion.

    Their widget 'Recent Readers' is very useful in knowing who visited our blog and we can pay a reciprocal visit, build up contact and create an opportunity to exchange links.

    I just paid a reciprocal visit to the "Why Corner".

    It is almost similar to this blog, only Why Corner is much better than my 'Do you know'.

    His latest blog post is on 'Why we laugh'. Quite interesting to note the scientific side of it.
    "Laughter, a physiological response to humor, can be broken down into two parts. The first is a set of gestures, and the second is the production of sound. The brain forces to conduct both responses simultaneously."

    Not many posts so far as it was launched very recently. I expect it to be visited by many.

    Thursday, April 26

    I am an Indian but have the tastes of French.

    I studied French in my college. The tutor was a French Man.

    He used to tell us that the French people give top priority to the bathrooms in their house.

    Developing a fascination for France and its nationals, I acted like a French girl in my house, insisted that certain kitchen utilities and bathroom accessories must immediately be replaced with French style fittings. I nearly created a chaos in my family.

    Now that I am married and settled, I can seriously think of living like French by installing the latest bath showers and shower enclosures.

    One of my blogger friends Mac recommended an online shower shop. I was amazed at their range of taps, bathroom accessories that include bathroom suites, bathroom furniture, bathroom cabinets, bath tubs, shower enclosures, shower valve etc.

    Actually, I want to enjoy one of their power showers. Since my funds are limited at this time, I am not going in for major remodeling now.

    But, my eyes fell on their chestnut brown washstand that I intend to buy when I plan for next renovation of my son’s bathroom.

    Do you know that at, all the prices are inclusive of delivery?

    Saturday, April 21

    A visitor from Japan.

    I was asked to receive and accommodate a lady from Japan by a friend of my husband who runs a social service organization.

    I was a bit apprehensive because I didn’t know if she will speak English. But to my surprise, she did manage in English and she was surprised that I invited her in to my house.

    She asked,”Can I?”

    She told me, in Japan, they don’t invite outsiders in their home. As an Indian custom, she had to remove her sandals at the entrance. She also did not mind.

    The color of her sandals and something printed on it in bright contrasting colors made me look again at them. A mascot or a logo was there and some Japanese letters.

    She came to my rescue explaining about her ‘Old age Care Institute’ she is managing and the flip flops helped her to raise funds for her institute. Then she informed about Bagus Custom and their Simple Fundraising ideas that are very effective for even big names like Toyota, LA Dodgers, Nezzy Surfboards and Hilton.

    Bagus Custom’s range of sandals comes in a variety of styles and colors and all can be emblazoned with an organization or business logo or mascot and in just a few weeks the sandals are ready for the fund raiser.

    Bagus sandals come in regular shoe sizes, children through adult, or can be ordered in small, medium, and large sizes.

    Do you know Plazoo.

    The image below can take you to Plazoo.
    RSS Search

    As you might save seen by now, it is a RSS search engine where one can submit their website's or blog's feed.

    I just submitted my blog feed

    Probably many may not know the power RSS search engines. Once fed, we may not know who subscribes to the feed but it is done by many if your content is really good. For example, I have subscribed to the feeds of many blogs and news agencies.

    I remain updated mostly on blogging mainly because of reading various feeds.

    Salient feature in Plazoo:
    "You do not need to surf the net all over to find the feeds you are interested in. myPLAZOO does it for you. And of course, you can add the personalized myPLAZOO feed easily to any external RSS reader. "

    I have decided to make use of it fully and completed my registration.

    Do you now Blinx?

    Oh no, not again one those of boring search page results that millions of text links that you have to sieve through before locating what you are looking for.

    So, how about searching for video and audio clips? Sure you can use the same keywords in Blinkx to search as you do in Yahoo or Google.

    In their home page, I saw bear cub roaming about. The moment my cursor was on that image, it expanded and clicked. The title was very aptly named as 'Bear Necessities'.

    As you view it in full screen, I saw in a small side bar window, matching videos. That is a very thoughtful idea.

    Blinkx is becoming world’s largest video search engine. (Or is it already?)That means people use blinkx to search through the entire Web for the videos they want.

    It is my habit to look for information about them and here is what they about them.
    "Fed by automatic spiders that crawl the web for audio video content and content partnerships with over 200 leading content and media companies, blinkx uses visual analysis and speech recognition to better understand rich media content".

    Man, I like this website very much.

    It is now Jamaica.

    Ok, now I take you to another paradise on earth; it is Jamaica that has world’s exquisite beaches, water falls and hills.

    Well, it is not me who takes you there but, the leader in the all-inclusive travel packages operation. Their most sought after all inclusive jamaica vacation promises exactly that-all inclusive which means food, beverages, nanny services and above all an exclusive attendant for your family.

    You need not accept the ready made package; you can custom plan your entire trip in their website itself using the customized booking engine and intuitive functionality. That itself can be really exciting as you will be virtually seeing where you will stay, what you will see etc plus you will know what does your cost cover.

    I mean, you will be amazed at all the facilities and benefits you will be offered for your ‘all inclusive vacation package’. Meals, snacks, and drinks at all restaurants and bars; a full slate of activities including water sports, boat tours, scuba diving, golf, and shuttles to nearby attractions, are included in the room rate.

    Do I need to say any more?

    The best Disney World guide.

    Forget about getting to Disney World. Do you how difficult to see the Disney World without proper information?

    You will soon be lost in myriad of fun rides, theme parks, Universal studios and a lot of other attractions. Also it is just not possible all of it in a couple of days.

    Of course we cannot spend a month there but t least you must allocate a week there and matching funds.(smile)

    I happen to see this web site that can rate as your number one guide to Disney World. Warning! This website is huge. Spend as much time as possible there, write down all the relevant information before you book the flights.

    Read about all the discounts and freebies, shop around and then decide.

    You will love this website.

    Do you know Webble you?

    As I keep telling my friends that earning from blogs are abundant, here is one opportunity to earn by blogging is offered WebbleYou, a premiere host for WordPress-powered blogs.

    Here is their referral program and their terms:
    WebbleYou is a business that thrives on referrals. If you have a website, and would like to link to WebbleYou, we will return the favor by crediting you for any business we receive as a result of your link. When the customer you refer makes their second payment, we”ll send you the full amount of their first payment (or give you credit toward your hosting service). You don”t even have to be a WebbleYou customer to participate - we pay cash (via PayPal) for successful referrals."

    So, see how easy it is.

    Also, another opportunity is there for you. They have a blog network.
    One can blog about various topics and share the advertisement revenue.

    You can read about it all here:

    Friday, April 20

    HVAC certification increases career opportunities.

    Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning is referred as HVAC in short.

    There are specialized schools for HVAC Certification and its main purpose is to educate and train students in all aspects of HVAC systems.

    As an academician myself, I do collect various resources of vocational education. I came across a niche directory that lists all kinds of mechanical schools. Apart from HVAC schools, is com is a comprehensive educational resource for people interested in becoming an auto mechanic, diesel mechanic, aircraft mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, marine mechanic and welding specialist.

    Most of these educational institutions are highly sought after in America. They also offer educational loans and placement assistance.

    Prospective students aspiring to become a certified mechanic can choose the right vocation after considering the expected remuneration in his chosen field. Each faculty list out the job opportunities and what sort of education and training is required for that particular vocation.

    Overall, an excellent resource that needs to be publicized in every school notice board.

    Have you eaten Krioyo.

    There was an argument between me and my son over the pronunciation of the word Curacao.

    He insisted that it is kura'são and I contradicted him. Actually he bought a soft drink concentrate called Blue Curacao, an ink blue colored drink with a tangy and sweet taste.

    We searched the net for Curacao which is an island in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea off the west coast of Venezuela.

    Their local food is called Krioyo (sounds the same as 'criollo', the Spanish word for 'Creole') and boasts a blend of flavours and techniques best compared to Caribbean cuisine and Latin American cuisine.

    All around the island, there are "snèk" which serve local dishes as well as alcoholic drinks in a manner akin to the English pub.

    The Curaçao liqueur was developed here, when a local experimented with the rinds of a locally grown variety of valencia oranges. I believe that is the origin of Blue Curacao.

    Grenada is next to Malaysia.

    Captivated by the those hills at the backdrop of the cricket stadium, I developed a liking for Grenada. This prompted me to learn something about it.

    The island Grenada itself is the largest island among the West Indies islands. It consists of several small islands such as Carriacou, Petit Martinique, Rhonde Island, Caille Island, Diamond Island, Large Island, Saline Island and Frigate Island.

    Most of the population lives on Grenada itself, and major towns there include the capital St. George's, Grenville and Gouyave. The largest settlement on the other islands is Hillsborough on Carriacou.

    Now let me come to the subject line.
    Grenada ranks number two in spices production next to the number one Malaysia.
    Grenada is called The spice island because there is more spices per square mileage. The produce Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace,allspice, orange/citrus peels, wild coffee used by the locals, and especially nutmeg, providing 20% of the world supply, are all important exports.

    Do you know that there is a nutmeg on the nation's flag.

    *Grenada's interior is very mountainous with Mount St. Catherine being the highest at 2,756 feet.
    *Several small rivers with beautiful waterfalls flow into the sea from these mountains.
    *The climate is tropical: hot and humid in the rainy season and cooled by the trade winds in the dry season.
    *They mainly speak English.

    Some legends:

    An important aspect of Grenadian culture is the tradition of story telling, with folk tales bearing both African and French influences. The character Anancy, a spider god who's a trickster, originated in West Africa and is prevalent on other Caribbean islands as well.

    Anancy is one of the most important gods of West African lore. He is depicted in numerous forms: a spider, a human, or combinations thereof. The Anansi legends are believed to have originated in the Ashanti tribe.

    The word Anansi is Akan and means spider.

    Anansi and Mrs. Guineafowl

    Knowledge inspiration:Wikipedia

    Wednesday, April 18

    We sell hopes.

    The advertisement I once read goes like this: “We market lipsticks but we sell hopes”

    To me, it is very catchy.

    Modern day dermatologists also sell hopes in the sense by rejuvenating the old and wrinkled skin and thereby transforming appearance of the face.

    The science of Dermatology has undergone revolutionary changes over the years with the advent of laser treatments. I read once about Exfoliation in cosmetology that is a cosmetic technique aimed at improving skin's appearance by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Removing excess dead skin cells can reveal the younger and healthier-looking skin underneath.

    Do you know by Dr Mark Taylor, a world-renowned skin doctor and his skin care clinic, located in Salt Lake City? It is also known as the Gateway Laser Center. People from harsh climatic areas such as Utah, Nevada, and California are treated by Dr Mark Taylor.

    People that want their birth marks removed, eyelid restored visit Dr. Taylor because of his well-trained staff and their usage of leading-edge products and twenty-five different lasers to provide a range of high-quality services.

    One can approach Gateway Laser Center for botox treatments, skin care treatment, laser hair removal, spider vein treatment, mole removal, laser resurfacing, non-surgical facelifts, lip injections and facial peels.

    ps: at the time of writing this blog post, I noticed some bugs in but it is only temporary.

    One more adsense alternative.

    Another joined the band wagon of contextual advertising industry. I think I lost count on their number. I only remember to have blogged about a few in the past. is the one that I stumbled onto today. They offer many types of ads that include the usual text and banner ads, xml feeds, graphic banners and pop ups too.

    They promise up to 80% of their advertising revenue to their publishers. They pay by cheque when your earnings reach a minimum of $25 and it is paid every month.

    Wait! There is even an offer of 10% referral income on the revenues generated by your referred webmaster.

    The FAQ do not more light and you can contact them if you have any more questions through their contact form.

    Share this blog post with friends.

    My unpleasant experience with Samsung.

    I still rue my decision to buy a Samsung mobile phone in spite of my son's advice against it. I thought I knew better than him.

    Moreover, after all, Samsung is a world renown company and I did not imagine they will supply faulty instruments. I trusted them and I bought one for Rs.7500 and my husband bought one for Rs.19500.

    We bought it in Dec 2005 and we have in our hands, very faulty instruments. My husband emailed and got response that it will be looked into. Nothing happened. A reminder sent and another followed but greeted with silence.

    My husband took his phone to their authorized service center which could only accommodate a maximum of 5 persons. He had to stand outside under hot sun and finally was called in. The service technician took his own time to really attend to me. After hearing, he went in and came back after 15 minutes to ask another question and again went in.

    My husband could clearly see the technician's inability to diagnose the problem, got frustrated and came out annoyed.

    That is Samsung for you.

    Do you know Ventrilo?

    Let me admit it shamelessly; I know what ‘Ventrilo’ is, only yesterday. My immediate impulsive action is to share my knowledge with you through this blog.

    A little bit of research was necessary for me to enhance my knowledge and that is reason for this 24 hour delay (smile).

    The VoIP's usability and application has now almost reached a satisfactory growth. Though you may be aware of several VoIP providers, you may not know most of the user interface for VoIP and Ventrilo is one such utility that is now very popular for its superior audio quality and bandwidth.

    Ventrilo is a popular proprietary Voice over IP program with clients for Microsoft Windows . We need to use a headset or microphone and use the program to talk freely to each other, similar to a telephone conference call.

    First we need to install and run the Ventrilo client before connecting to a Ventrilo server.

    Wait! Don’t yet start searching for a Ventrilo server. The most reliable player in this field is Nation Voice, a distinct leader in voice communications industry in the world.

    PC to PC communication has reached its zenith with advent of Ventrilo and Nation Voice is keeping the world connected at a price that anybody can afford now.

    The multinationals and multi player gaming industry are the highest users of Nation Voice.

    Nation Voice Communications is poised to take over the world in the VoIP industry.

    ps: Do you know that Ventrilo can support up to 400 persons at a time?

    Cash in on the unprecedented competition!

    The internet is flowing over with insurance companies and the competition among them is heating up like never before. Those who are contemplating to take a Term Life Insurance should utilize this opportunity and select the best company that is reputed in customer service.

    We can compare and shop in this boom period. Choose the best of the life insurance plans judiciously and try to get the most competitive quotes now.

    If you are by chance wondering what is exactly Term Life Insurance, this functions in a manner similar to most other types of insurance in that it satisfies claims against what is insured if the premiums are up to date and the contract has not expired, and does not expect a return of Premium dollars if no claims are filed.

    Just think about the coverage of auto insurance; it applies to claims against the insured in the event of an accident only. Another example is the home owner policy that covers claims against the home if it is damaged or destroyed by say an earthquake or fire.

    Comparatively, term life insurance’s premium is lower than the premium for other types of life insurance plans. So, this suits one who has just begun his/her career.

    I think it is not necessary for me to write in detail about the benefits of life insurance policies such as tax benefit, financial security, reduction of dependability etc. Oh, I almost forgot, it can alleviate your concerns for your offspring with the comfortable thought at the back of your mind that you are saving enough through insurance policy.

    Are you a wilfer?

    I was a wilfer when I started my internet career in 1998. Even now it happens but not very often.

    Wondering what is meant by wilfer? It is a new word exclusively used in the internet.

    Can you remember the last time you set about searching the net for new breed of dogs but after an hour so forgot your purpose and realized that you are staring at a web page about noodles?

    We all get carried away while we are on a particular task but kept clicking away on all the pop ups and pop unders and on the countless ads by Google and other eye catching banners, finally so far away from our intended task that we totally forget where we started.

    This jumping from one web site to another is called 'Wilfing' and those who are wilfing are called wilfers.

    I was inspired to write this article based on a news from my local daily 'The Hindu' sometime back.

    Tuesday, April 17

    How I learnt commodity trading?

    My obsession with online trading of stocks ended naturally due to lack of time. My finance also ended up with a meager profit.

    Then, I happen to read about the advantages of online commodity trading and how one can make good profit with small investment, in my local weekly magazine. I was instantly wakened up.

    Since I have been writing about Monex in my blogs, I decided to watch the gold price movement at their web site which is updated live. I also began to read investment experts’ in depth articles in

    Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

    I launched myself on an auspicious day with a small investment and bought gold 10 ten times to my margin money. Keeping myself constantly updated with the price movement of gold bullion at Monex, I then increased my stake and as of today, I could see some increase in the value of my holdings.

    Thanks to Monex who have been America’s trusted precious metals dealer which is now serving people in India too.

    Wednesday, April 11

    More mobile phones than people.

    Do you know that U.K. has more mobile phones than its population?

    And China is next in line with about 400 million cell phone users. Cell phone manufactures and dealers are now eyeing Africa since it has the largest growth rate of cellular subscribers in the world.

    I think Africa is late when compared to other continents. But I believe Asia still offers enormous scope for mobile phone service providers. And I also feel the competition should tighten which will pave way for better packages and plans.

    Every other day, I read one article at least on the topic of imitation mobile phone instruments. So it is prudent to buy cell phone instruments from highly reputed dealers like wirefly.

    One can buy any cell phone brands that are available in the world today from Wirefly. One can get genuine products from them and they also offer excellent discounts and offers.

    Twenty years before, when the mobile was introduced in the market, only very rich persons could afford it due high cost and tariff. In just two decades, just about anyone can and does carry a mobile phone thanks to reduced tariff and instrument cost.

    The Verizon wireless phones are yet to penetrate the global market but as of now Nokia is the undisputed leader.

    When buying a cell phone, it is also wise to choose plans that suit the entire family so that in the long run, we can save quite a lot of money. Ultimately, cell phone dealers can only survive by providing excellent customer care and Wirefly scores high in this front.

    Saturday, April 7

    An excellent range of skin care products.

    My husband frequently makes fun of my tendency to apply as many as 4 different ointments on my face and limbs. He says that I have great affinity for harmful chemicals and I smell like a talcum powder factory.

    It is obvious that he doesn’t understand certain womanly concerns. I have a strong belief that the appearance matters a lot in communications. I am a public figure. My profession requires that I meet 200 people daily.

    I must keep up my well dressed and healthy looking female so I naturally depend on several skin care products. The only drawback is I am using only products that are made of chemicals. I do not find any dependably herbal or other natural skin care aids.

    I came to know about that deals with a great range of anti aging and wrinkles creasing products that have received world wide support. I was stunned at their range of products that keep our skin, eyes, arms and legs glowing and shining. They even sell a pain relief lotion.

    In their website, they have scientifically explained in great detail why their products are the best in anti aging category and what their products can do to our aging worries.

    A site worthy of recommendation.

    Wednesday, April 4

    The world’s most powerful phone system!

    Why it is claimed as so powerful? Because, with this small business phone systems, you can send a message by phone to an audience of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. This phone system automatically dials, engages prospects, and immediately routes calls for polling and marketing campaigns.

    Well, is it not wonderful! You bet this is a real money saver since you need not hire a big team of telemarketers, train them, accommodate them and pay them through your nose.

    Payday loan companies, credit card issuing banks, loan providers should seriously make a note of this extraordinary technology because they are the ones who always have a team of telemarketers. Xpander communications’ revolutionary products are for people who wish to conduct sales, polls, and marketing by phone.

    Xpander Communications specializes in small business phone systems for companies looking to improve and explore new technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP). Xpander delivers the most user friendly phone systems available thanks to a focus on simplicity, reduced costs, and drastically reduced maintenance.

    This versatile phone communication system is a big money saver for any corporate house.

    Blog Carnival was a disppointment.

    I expected so much from this innovative concept of blog promotion but I am sorry to say that I am disappointed with the outcome.

    I liked one carnival which features on earning money from blogs. Twice I submitted articles on the topic and none was published. And I was not even informed about it. Too bad! And do you know, the same articles of mine were appreciated by a few readers who visit my blog often. This I read in one of the social bookmarking sites.

    Blog Carnival is a concept where anyone can decide to be a host on a specific topic and invite blog posts from the same niche. By this way, both the host and the guests are assured of good traffic as every contributor is sure to read others' article.

    The topics that are covered are just about everything in the web. You can spot any category that you find in the Dmoz-yes as wide as that!

    Here, have a look at it:
    So far, it has conducted 1377 carnivals.

    Want a Low Fee Payday Loan?

    From Billionaire to the street cart pusher, without exception, one will come to face an emergency cash crunch and the beauty is, it will always come during month end. And we all know the month end miseries and we fail to be prepared for it.


    Ok, what do we do at such times? We sit down and make a list of people we know and contemplate approaching them for help without recognizing the fact that the month end is universal and it applies to everybody.

    We have a savior at these hard times and yes, you guessed it right, it is pay day loan. Here is one cash advance company that offers at a lower rate of interest. I am proceeding further under the impression that you are all aware of the meaning of Pay Day cash loan.

    With them, you will get money whenever you need it and that too within hours of applying for a low fee payday loan. The best part of our low fee payday loan program is they won't check your credit report before approving your request.

    Make a note of them in your browser.

    Do you know Doctor Doom’s Fearfall?

    It is a vertically launched ride that is said to be faster than Teacup ride.

    Being one of the four rides of Islands of Adventure, I believe it is a giant crowd puller where one can have a very thrilling experience of their life.

    Launched in 1999, Universal's Islands of Adventure is a theme park located in Orlando, Florida, added as an expansion to the Universal Orlando Resort. The park, part of the Universal Orlando Resort, is composed of six distinct "islands", each having its own theme.

    First time visitors to this theme park are recommended to enjoy all the four rides that are:

    Incredible Hulk Coaster

    Bolliger & Mabillard roller coaster

    Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

    Doctor Doom's Fearfall.

    As these not-to-be-missed rides involve considerable expenses by way of admission tickets, it is advisable to purchase the Discount Disney Tickets prior to your departure to Orlando. is the ultimate source for discount tickets for Disney World and all Orlando theme parks, dinner shows and attractions. Disney tickets are now available for many different days and options from one to ten days for what is called, “Disney Magic Your Way”. has the lowest prices on all discount Disney tickets and guarantees the lowest prices.

    And their customer service is also highly acclaimed.

    Naked Live Lobsters.

    I am sorry, I am writing about lobsters immediately after writing about vegetarian food.

    What to do, life is like that and I am not in a position to refuse blogging assignments.

    India is one of the largest producers and exporters of lobsters in the world and we in South India call lobsters as prawns and in my native Tamil language it is called ‘Yeral’.

    I think I am the most unfit person that is writing about lobsters as I am a die hard vegetarian by birth. provides the freshest lobsters available. Each lobster is carefully inspected manually before being packed and shipped the same they are harvested.

    If it is caught in the morning, it is sure to reach your home in the afternoon itself. Some of the tips I read in their website throw interesting information.

    Here is one:
    Do not boil it in water as it will remove much of the natural flavor of the lobsters.

    One more:
    Lobster blood is a clear fluid. When the animal is cooked, the blood turns to an opaque whitish gel. It has a very mild, almost tasteless flavor and is perfectly safe to eat.

    Image courtesy:

    It is vegetarian times folks.

    The train finally started rolling after a killing and torturous 2 hours unscheduled halt due to technical fault.

    A foreigner sitting next to me was all complaints and moans. But this happens in any country-right? Why keep on blaming India as if everything is smooth elsewhere?

    At last he got down after a couple of hours but he left behind a magazine which I thought is very new to India. It is Vegetarian Times, a magazine for great food, good health, and smart living.

    That old issue was stuffed with health news, herbs and supplements, nutrition counseling, and ways to keep your body and mind charged up and feeling great! The pictures of various foods were simply superb and mouth watering.

    Plenty of useful articles on the advantages of staying as a vegetarian were published. Their monthly issues provide a variety of delicious, staff-tested vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as cooking tips and entertaining suggestions. Also found in their pages is comprehensive coverage of the latest research on health, nutrition and fitness.

    I saved the magazine for a leisurely reading.

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