Wednesday, April 11

More mobile phones than people.

Do you know that U.K. has more mobile phones than its population?

And China is next in line with about 400 million cell phone users. Cell phone manufactures and dealers are now eyeing Africa since it has the largest growth rate of cellular subscribers in the world.

I think Africa is late when compared to other continents. But I believe Asia still offers enormous scope for mobile phone service providers. And I also feel the competition should tighten which will pave way for better packages and plans.

Every other day, I read one article at least on the topic of imitation mobile phone instruments. So it is prudent to buy cell phone instruments from highly reputed dealers like wirefly.

One can buy any cell phone brands that are available in the world today from Wirefly. One can get genuine products from them and they also offer excellent discounts and offers.

Twenty years before, when the mobile was introduced in the market, only very rich persons could afford it due high cost and tariff. In just two decades, just about anyone can and does carry a mobile phone thanks to reduced tariff and instrument cost.

The Verizon wireless phones are yet to penetrate the global market but as of now Nokia is the undisputed leader.

When buying a cell phone, it is also wise to choose plans that suit the entire family so that in the long run, we can save quite a lot of money. Ultimately, cell phone dealers can only survive by providing excellent customer care and Wirefly scores high in this front.

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