Saturday, April 21

Do you now Blinx?

Oh no, not again one those of boring search page results that millions of text links that you have to sieve through before locating what you are looking for.

So, how about searching for video and audio clips? Sure you can use the same keywords in Blinkx to search as you do in Yahoo or Google.

In their home page, I saw bear cub roaming about. The moment my cursor was on that image, it expanded and clicked. The title was very aptly named as 'Bear Necessities'.

As you view it in full screen, I saw in a small side bar window, matching videos. That is a very thoughtful idea.

Blinkx is becoming world’s largest video search engine. (Or is it already?)That means people use blinkx to search through the entire Web for the videos they want.

It is my habit to look for information about them and here is what they about them.
"Fed by automatic spiders that crawl the web for audio video content and content partnerships with over 200 leading content and media companies, blinkx uses visual analysis and speech recognition to better understand rich media content".

Man, I like this website very much.

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