Wednesday, April 4

Blog Carnival was a disppointment.

I expected so much from this innovative concept of blog promotion but I am sorry to say that I am disappointed with the outcome.

I liked one carnival which features on earning money from blogs. Twice I submitted articles on the topic and none was published. And I was not even informed about it. Too bad! And do you know, the same articles of mine were appreciated by a few readers who visit my blog often. This I read in one of the social bookmarking sites.

Blog Carnival is a concept where anyone can decide to be a host on a specific topic and invite blog posts from the same niche. By this way, both the host and the guests are assured of good traffic as every contributor is sure to read others' article.

The topics that are covered are just about everything in the web. You can spot any category that you find in the Dmoz-yes as wide as that!

Here, have a look at it:
So far, it has conducted 1377 carnivals.

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