Saturday, April 28

Look here telemarketers!

There is one solace for direct marketers who are also called telemarketers. Their cost is much cheaper than television and other mass media advertising.

Telemarketing can be extremely cost effective provided the leads they buy from list sellers should be 100% deliverable. This is the first criteria of success in email marketing.

Next is the sales conversion ratio. There is no point in spending time and money with worthless sales leads.

So, it is highly advisable to approach an authentic Mailing Lists providers and Martin Worldwide is the best in this industry. Their ResponseCom database stores 304 million business prospects and all are from U.S. only. It includes 294 million individual opt-in leads and 14 million small business leads.

If I own a telemarketing firm, I can virtually salivate at this business potential. Imagine the increase in sales even if you achieve 0.1% conversion rate.

All leads are market fresh and filtered to the core. Above all, there is a guarantee that ensures 100% success to the list buyers.

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