Monday, May 31

The safest insurance for retirees.

“Gold is what people worship if they don't go with the invisible God”-I like this quote and I thank whoever said it. I differ slightly though; I worship both the God and the Gold. After all, there is only one extra letter in gold.

I am serious about investing in gold. Moreover, I have become a seasoned precious metals investor and rare coins collector. However, I do not buy gold coins as enthusiastically as before, I keep myself updated with the bullion market through newsletters circulated by the U.S. Gold Bureau.

My certified rare coins are worth a small fortune now. I have bought them mostly on the advice of the U.S. Gold Bureau. I have developed good contacts who are experienced precious metals investment analysts. They do pass on useful tips that brought me good profits.

I would say gold is the only insurance you need after you retire.

Watch this video. Man defies gravitational pull.

In India, people are used to see amazing feats of roadside dwellers performing dare devil rope walking and squeezing themselves (yes, two at a time) in a small metal ring.

But this gravity defying act is mind boggling. Unbelievable act by Joham Lorbeer has attracted large crowds.

Do you know that he remains still in such positions (see picture) for several hours?

Moreover, he keeps talking to the onlookers all the time remaining in his hanging posture.

BTW, he is a German. I wonder how goes up there in the first place?

Watch this video clip showing his hanging position.

Sunday, May 30

Hold on to your gold.

If the finance condition of Greece did influence the bullion market, pulling the gold price down, the German issue put the gold back on its place. For small timers who buy gold coins irrespective of any major politico-economic setbacks, both the international crisis did not mean anything to them.

How can I say this?
Because, I too bought and sold gold coins on both the eventful days as if nothing has happened on the gold front.

The U.S. Gold Bureau, in its periodic web release has pointed out that the gold is holding on nicely when compared to oil and palladium, which belongs to the platinum metals group.

Even though India is the largest consumer of Gold and Silver, the Indian economy never bothered the world gold market. Some point to ponder-eh?
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Tuesday, May 25

Baby's name:Audio Science

Some people say that Shannyn Sossamon is beautiful. She has a charm that is almost boyish.

She is a celebrity now. She is an actress and dances well. She hails from Hawaii. She worked as a model before attracting the film world. She shot to stardom for her role in 'A Knight's Tale'.

Well, I am sure you know all these. But do you know her baby's name?
It is 'Audio Science'.

Shannyn announced to the world that for her son, she did not want a name; she wanted a word.

She prefers calling her son 'Science'.

Wednesday, May 19

Great Temple Abu Simbel.

If you too share my fascination for Egyptian Gods, Egyptian Temples and Egyptian History, you will like this piece of rare information.

The picture is the Great Temple Abu Simbel. pharao Ramses II.

Of the four statutes, the first shows the King Ramses II. The other statues are Amon-Ra, Ptah and Ra-Harakhte.

Right above the entrance stands a figure of the god Re-Harakhte in a small niche. The top of the facade is crowned by a row of baboons.

The temple is located in a remote area in Egypt. It was constructed in the year 1224 BC.

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Thursday, May 13

Do you know that mud clears pores?

We generally think mud will close fine pores. But do you know that mud is used medically to clear clogged pores?

It is truly amazing to know such strange facts. In Kerla, India, mud bath is often the best treatment for people suffering from Arthritis. In rural Tamilnadu, plying in a pond of mud is test for strength and stamina.

Look at some of the images of mud game in Switzerland's music festival.

Tuesday, May 4

Tina Turner's songs to drive away birds.

Bird hit is a problem faced by every other plane-be it a small plane or a real big jumbo jet. We have read so many horror stories of plane crashes because the plane was hit by a tiny bird.

Don't imagine that only high flying eagles target the planes. Even doves crash on the plane's dashboard causing the plane to crash, endangering all aboard.

In 1995 there was a collision between 30 geese and a jet at the Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. Sadly all 24 people aboard, were killed.

To solve this perennial headache, airports have:
* shot birds
* poisoned them
* set off firecrackers
* installed loud sirens
* resorted to dog patrols

Here is where Tina Turner steps in:

Airport officials at Gloucestershire, England, came up with a solution that drove the doves (and everything else) away. They replaced their recordings of bird distress calls, with some by Tina Turner - played at top volume.

Tina-did you hear? I am your big fan.

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