Wednesday, October 29

How to get rid of bugs?

Yes, you know how to get rid of bugs using sprays that is not liked by anyone. How can anyone tolerate such bad smells in spite of its utility?

Bugs are quite a menace. Apart from physical harm, they do much arm to our mind as well; when we think of going home and stay up in the cozy comfort of bed and also get reminded of the bugs there, it adds tension to us.

So, is there a way to get relief from bugs without the usage of chemicals?

Yes, you bet. Have you tried a small branch of neem? It works dear.
Also, I heard bay leaves are number one enemies to bugs. Yet to try it though because we have no bugs at our home.

Sunday, October 26

Do you know the truth about health foods?

Come Friday, our local newspaper is crammed with new restaurants, health foods, regional cuisines and more.
We too try out as many as possible and end up making an appointment with our doctor complaining about stomach upset.

We really don't care to read between the lines of ads and we simply yield to enticing ads.

There are facts that we all should know about the so called 'heath foods'.

For example, do you know that "health foods" are actually cleverly disguised junk foods that actually stimulate you to gain more belly fat... yet the diet food marketing industry continues to lie to you so they can maximize their profits?


Thursday, October 23

Do you know the Hagia Sophia?

Hagia Sophia also known as "tent of the heavens" is a mammoth structure originally built by the emperor Constantine on the shores of river Bosporus in A.D. 326. Till the year 532 when it was destroyed, both the Christians and the Muslims revered it as the holiest place of their religion.

The destruction had occurred in 532, during the reign of Justinian the Builder, who started the reconstruction of Hagia Sophia only after 39 days after the destruction.

Justinian embellished the interior with riches. Four acres of gold mosaics shimmered from the ceiling, and multicolored marble gleamed from the floors, columns, and wall panels.

Again, during the year A.D. 558 much of it collapsed due to the many earthquakes in the region.

There are more stories of collapses and reconstruction during the following years.

Read here fully.

Friday, October 17

Snake died after mouse bite.

Imagine, a little mouse attacked a venomous snake and bit it to death!

Tossed into a cage, the mouse fought for nearly 30 minutes and subdued his scaly nemesis. This is really bizarre incident!

What might have gotten into that mouse to launch an attack on a much bigger animal? Or, what might have left the viper's body to lose its life?

Fire team leader Lan Sengqiu said: "It attacked the snake continuously, biting and scratching it. "Perhaps it used up all its venom when we caught it as the mouse barely had a scratch on him."

Look at the photos here; what a shot!

Source: Mirror News

Tuesday, October 14

OLED film could make house lights obsolete.

Our cherished as well as ancient wall scones, mercury tube lights, florescent lighting fixtures may soon find the garbage bins. They are going to be obsolete but we may have to wait for a few more years.

What is going to replace the traditional lamps is a film, a plastic film coated with chemicals and sealed by a metal foil. Apply electric current to the resulting sheet, and it lights up with a blue-white glow.

Ok, where can you fix that sheet?
You could tack that sheet to a wall, wrap it around a pillar or even take a translucent version and tape it to your windows.
How it works?
The sheets owe their luminance to compounds known as organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs. While there are plenty of problems to be worked out, it’s not the dream of a startup.

OLEDs are beginning to be used in TVs and cell-phone displays, and big names like Siemens and Philips are throwing their weight behind the technology to make it a lighting source as well.

Source:Times of India

Monday, October 13

The only beach in the district of Columbia!

The Fishing Shore Beach that is located at the shores of a nature reserve along the Canal Road NW, and it lies beside the Georgetown Reservoir is the only beach in the district of Columbia. Americans are crazy about beaches for the warmth they provide.

The Fishing Shore beach forms a part of the boundary of the District of Columbia County in the District of Columbia, USA.

Who visits this lonely beach? What attraction does it offer? Is there a particular season to visit this beach?

Are there places worthy of seeing around Fishing Shore beach?

The beach is said to flat like the beaches in India without any major sand dunes or majestic hills. So, one might find people stretched out on the sand during summer.

More details...

Friday, October 10

Do you know the Chinese phoenix?

Phoenix-the legendary bird that many including I have not seen but wish to see. Any mention about this bird (can it really fly?) anywhere evokes avid interest-right?

I read about it recently in the Internet that this Chinese phoenix also known as the fenghuang, is a mythical Chinese bird fabled to reign over all other birds.

Though there was initially a distinction between the male which is called as feng and the female as huang, today the two are often combined into a single feminine entity that pairs with the masculine Chinese dragon to symbolize the yin-yang principle with respect to marital harmony.

Of course, it ate snakes!

Thank you Wikipedia!

Tuesday, October 7

Do you know the Shih-tzu dog?

Yes, this is a dog called Shih-tzu. I happen to see this in Times of India today. The image of the dog in the newspaper didn't look like a dog at all. So I searched for other images of it in Google and that is what you see here.

Here is another image taken from Wikipedia:

This odd looking dog is also known as Chinese Lion dog. This breed is the most ancient one as per DNA analysis. This dog is said to be friendly and intelligent.

Times of India reported that this dog is participating in Europe dog show in Budapest.
This is the image of Shih-tzu dog published in Times of India.

Saturday, October 4

Do you know Skateboarding Dogs?

Have you ever watched the movie, "Eight below"? No, the dogs in that movie are not called skate board dogs.

What then are Skateboard Dogs? See the image here and you will know what I am talking about. I think this dog belong to the 'Pug' breed, the one that is shown in the ads of Hutch mobile phone service provider.

This dog can ride on 3 legs and kick with the other before jumping on, steer left and right around corners, and even tackle ramps, weaving in and out of amazed bystanders at breakneck speeds.

And when he comes a cropper he coolly flips the board over, tucks it under a paw and lifts it up with his teeth before putting it back on the ground.

Source: Life in the fat lane.

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