Tuesday, March 30

Where is the green?

Sometimes, birds are given names that we feel as misnomers.
Then what mate, why we can't find a tail in green in 'Green Winged Teal"?

This peculiar duck doesn't like clean water; it prefers marshlands where it can feed on green vegetation too.

This is a bird that migrates to far south.

Sunday, March 21

This plant eats animals’ poo.

And all along, it was believed that the plant eats small animals.
Still, it is bizarre-right? Avegetation that traps small animals’ poo!

Look at the trap set up the plant called ‘Pitcher Plant’. This pitcher plant also known as Giant Pitcher is found in Borneo.

The pitcher uses tasty nectar to attract tree shrews, then ensures its pitcher is big enough to collect the feeding mammal's droppings.

Pitcher plants have elaborate structures which entice creatures such as ants or spiders into a precarious position, from which they fall into a fluid-filled trap, where they drown and are ingested.

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Wednesday, March 10

Who worshiped cats?

Well, it is believed that the ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. How else can it be if cats are mummified-that too, estimated three hundred thousand cats were mummified?

Such an astonishing discovery was made in 1888, by an Egyptian peasant! It is reported that some them were used as fertilizer in England.

I have read in books that the Egyptians called the cat God as Bast that was depicted with the head of a lion. The period was 3100 B.C.

Family members were believed to mourn the death of their pet cat by shaving off their eyebrows. Also, if someone kills cat for any reason, he faced a death sentence.

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