Wednesday, January 30

Shopping cart for a warehouse.

Answering the door in my house is not my responsibility. It is allocated to my husband.
But he will bring in whoever knocks and most of them will be unsolicited vendors,
survey reps and so on.

But there was an exception last week. A wealthy neighbor dropped in to seek my assistance.
He has got a warehouse and it started growing in business. He wanted to automate it by adding
a shopping cart so that he can take in orders online for his warehousing services.

I know his technical knowledge limitations and I thought I could help him by creating a custom
shopping cart that is webmaster friendly. I felt the ecommerce software provided by will suit our purpose and it is said to be the best in this field.

I thanked him sincerely because this gives me an opportunity to learn ecommerce software.

Tuesday, January 22

Who are called Norsemen?

Norsemen-does it sound new to you like me?

Does Viking sound familiar to you like me? May I take the liberty is assuming that neither of us really don't what or who is a 'VIKING' though we have come across the word several times in our life?

Norsemen are also called Viking. Here are more names for them.

This group is originally said to have settled in the Scandinavia. According to Wikipedia, Viking has been a common term for Norsemen in the early medieval period, especially in connection with raids and monastic plundering made by Norsemen in Great Britain and Ireland.

Asatru faith requires many items for their prayer that includes a Thor's Hammer, a prayer cloth, a Mead Horn used for drinking Wassail, a drum made of wood and boar skin, a rune staff and a sword.

Thursday, January 17

Do you know the Ghost Island?

The name itself is scary-right? The Ghost Island is an uninhabited island near Nagasaki, Japan. The actual name of the island is Gunkanjima.

But the island was once populated; from 1887 to 1974 by coal miners. The coal mine was operated by the Mitsubishi Company of Japan. But they closed the mines in 1974 and today, the island is empty.

Even, traveling to this island is prohibited for unknown reasons. This island that is located in the western coast of Japan is known only to a few Japanese.

This strange uninhabited island reminds me of all those stories that I read very long ago-you know, all those fantasies and sea voyages of the kings of yesteryears?


Tuesday, January 15

Good news or IT students.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

In the last week Monday edition of our local daily, the educational supplementary papers carried an article about the increase in demand for IT professionals in the world and in the next three years, there may even be a demand supply gap in the IT industry.

Based on the information that is provided by Blogitive, capella university is gearing up to produce IT leaders by offering PhD in IT. I read in the website of capella university that in the next decade, three of the 10 fastest growing occupations will be in the field of information technology (IT) and they cited the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as their source of information.

Several of my son’s friends who are currently doing graduate program in IT are enthused by this good news and they have all warned their parents about their intention to study further though Capella University, the fully accredited online university that offers graduate online degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology, and public safety.

Do you know Mineraloid?

Mineraloid-a new word for you-right? Yes, it is to me too.

A mineraloid is a substance that is only mineral like though it does not possess the basic characteristic of all minerals which is crystalline

I think I should explain with a few examples.
Obsidian(see picture) which is a natural glass that falls in to the category of minerals but it is not a crystal.
Then there is the Jet which is a dense form of coal.
Do you know that Opal too is another mineraloid because of its non-crystal nature?
Pearls, considered by some to be a mineral because of the presence of calcium carbonate crystals within their structure, would be better considered a mineraloid because the crystals are bonded by an organic material and there is no definite proportion of the components.Hmm..- too chemical for us?

Changing fortunes with Opal.

---> Black Opal

During the sixth century B.C. the Greeks strongly believed that the precious stone Opal can give foresight and wisdom to those who wore it.

The Romans thought the Opal represented power and majesty. The is legend that says Nonius, a Roman senator preferred to go on exile than to hand over his opal stone to the Roman Empereor, Mark Antony.

That all changed and Opal lost its value and reputation during the 14th century A.D. when the plague claimed thousands of lives. In Venice, the opal gained shine when the wearers got ill with the plague and it dulled when they ill people died.

From then on, the Opal was associated with death. Poor stone that is, it took all the blame due to ignorance of the fact that the opal is very sensitive to body heat and it will change its color because of the body temperature.

Opal ranges from clear through white, gray, red, yellow, green, shore, blue, magenta, brown, and black. Of these hues, red and black are the most rare and dear, whereas white and green are the most common.

Trivia to chew:
Opal is the official gemstone of South Australia and Commenwealth of Australia.
Opal is the birth stone of October.
The Czar believed opal is a representative of evil.

Courtesy: Reader's Digest, Wikipedia and

Thursday, January 10

Convertible gold bars from Monex.

Do you find the headline strange?

“Convertible gold bars? What it can it be?”-is that your question? Monex, the pride of America in the precious metals industry offers Monex certified gold bars. Each bar weighs 10 ounce of pure 0.9999 fine gold bullion. These are among the purest gold bullion bars available to investors today. Each bar is certified, with its weight and purity guaranteed by Monex, and each bar is further hallmarked by Heraeus, one of the world's leading refiners, and the 800 year-old Austrian Mint, one of the world's leading minting institutions.

That itself is a cool deal –right? Now, here comes the convertible aspect. These gold bars bought from Monex can be converted at any time into pure one-ounce Vienna Philharmonic gold coins with no commission at current market rates.

I am certain that this is the first time you are hearing about this amazing deal. Wait! There is more surprise for you. I would urge you to call 1-800-444-8317 now and get in touch with a Monex representative and inquire about availing "internet-only" incentives.

At times of necessities, we need not dispose of the 10 ounce gold ingot. We can opt for this conversion and sell only a few coins to meet our cash shortage.

Monday, January 7

Do you know the jumping beans?

The home page of the yahoo today featured an answer on Mexico jumping beans. Since this is the first time I am coming to know about the jumping beans, I did a research and find the result amazing.

It is not the beans that are jumping but a live 'larva' of a moth that has gotten into the seed as an egg that is causing the jumping movement.

The live larva when exposed to the heat twitches and spasms, pulling on the treads on which it attached itself to the walls of the bean seed and thus causing the characteristic hop.

Even the mild warmth of our palm makes the larva move inside the seed. Even when the outside temperature is cool, one can notice the movement because of the ultra violet rays of the sun.

The jumping bean capital of the world:
The Mexican Jumping Bean comes from the mountains in the states of states of Sonora Sinaloa and Chihuahua; indeed, √Ālamos, Sonora, claims to be "the jumping bean capital of the world".

Here is a video clip of the jumping beans in action:

Courtesy: Yahoo, Wikipedia and YouTube

Wednesday, January 2

FaceBook says thanks.

Before I tell you something about the company behind FaceBook, it will be useful to know something about FaceBook, the fastest growing social networking web site.

This website boasts of 59 million users currently and there is already a rumor that Microsoft is salivating even while thinking about acquiring it. Hey, this is just news that I read somewhere in the web, so don't take it seriously.

Now about the investing company:
The man behind the scene of FaceBook is Mr. Peter Thiel and he is reported to be the owner of
Founders Fund, a venture capital organization.

He first laid down $500K for this project. I think that has increased to 50 times in value on paper.

He was formerly the CEO of PayPal Inc.

Ack: WSJ

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