Saturday, July 29

Do you know how to recover your password?

I happen to forget my windows log in details. I was desperate to recover it from the system because I made them system remember it. But I did not know how to recover it.

I have used in the past a few password managers like Gator, Roboform etc. But stopped using after I read something negative about them. But data recovery from them is quite easy.

Never gotten used to personal encryption tools also.

After half an hour search, I stumbled onto a website, which helps you to recover the passwords of most popular Instant Messenger programs: MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ Lite 4.x/2003, AOL Instant Messenger provided with Netscape 7, Trillian, Miranda, and GAIM.

Hey wait! It only works if you chose the ‘remember your password’ in one of the above programs. You cannot use this utility for grabbing the passwords of other users.

But then, this website is worthy of your bookmark friend as it offers great many utility tools. Sorry I cannot list all here because there are so many.

Visit once, I am sure you are likely to spread the word.

Thursday, July 27

Do you know how a digital compass works?

Neither do I know.

But then who is interested in the technicalities, when in the first place, not even aware of its existence and uses.

May be only a small piece of news of history is worthwhile writing about, that the compass was invented in
China in 4th century AD.

Auto anything, which is in the top ten in the google search results about GPS navigator, is very comprehensive about digital compass.

Voice command and 3D map:
This great device is fantastic when you have lost your way or felt disoriented.
It not only points you in the right direction, and can go as far as giving you voice commands and a 3D map to keep you on point and on schedule.

With this tool beside you, you can avoid the depressing feeling of lost in maze of highways and numbers.

Saves fuel:
You must agree that you will save a lot of fuel when you are not driving about everywhere instead of reaching your destination taking the shortest route between any two points. In that sense, digital compass is a must possess device.

Pre-loaded points of interest:

When you plan to travel by car on a week end trip, surely you intend to stop at a few points on the way like gas stations, ATMs, banks, rest stops, restaurants, businesses, landmarks, parks, shopping and even random roadside attractions.

Your GPS can give you accurate directions to any of these, or provide you with the nearest point of interest to your pre-established route. Points of interest listings in your GPS can also include the phone number for the restaurant, business or store you're looking for.

Isn't that a great navigation help?


Monday, July 24

8 million and 10 million Xbox 360 game machines.

Due to the big demands of my son, who is a video games fanatic, I started learning new video games that are available.

A google search took me to and the following headline stared at me.
'Microsoft Predicts Strong Xbox Sales

Early launch of the Xbox 360 should help the company compete with Sony and Nintendo.'
I learnt about its price to be placed between $400 to $600.

Microsoft this week forecast its Xbox 360 game console sales will total as many as 15 million by the end of its fiscal 2007, which ends June 30 of next year.

The company expects to have shipped more than 10 million consoles by the end of this year. By the end of June 2007, the company expects its sales to total between 13 million and 15 million units since the launch.
Microsoft expects to face stiff competition from Sony and Nintendo.

Read more about it: pcworld

Saturday, July 22

Disney’s wisdom when saw a lack in service.

Readers, please take the liberty to correct me if I am wrong.

I remember clearly. It was about 6 months ago, I was whiling away my time flipping through a magazine. A piece of news caught my attention and I continued to read.

Disney was visiting an entertainment park with this mother. He experienced some poor service which he saw as an opportunity and thus formed a seed in his mind to develop an amusement park.

Well, that is history now. Now the famous Disney land is established in more places and Orlando is one of them.

Today, Orlando welcomes more visitors each year than the population of California - over 43.3 million (2000 statistics), which makes Orlando the number one tourist destination in the world.

While most of them stay in one of 100,000 hotel rooms and visit 7 major theme parks, a new generation of tourists prefers Orlando Vacation Home.

Because of the exciting options provided by to spend a leisurely holiday with your entire family, travelers prefer their accommodation that suits their life styles.

*This includes real estate in upscale gated neighborhoods;
*golf course communities;
*charming, old-fashioned towns, rural communities and areas with excellent schools;
*historic homes and luxury condominiums with great views of the city;
*vintage homes in the historic neighborhoods of Thorton Park, Lake Eola Heights, Lake Lawsona, Lake Cherokee, and Lake Copeland.

Backed by 20 years of property management service, has been the choice of tourists who would like to spend their holiday in style.

Friday, July 21

Why the price of gas and food has not gone down?

I was taken aback when the sales man of a jewellery store in Madras, was talking to me about a web release he read yesterday. I could not suppress my surprise really because he looked not that much internet savvy.

He told me that he has been instrumental in boosting up the sales of his shop, by enticing customers to buy gold bars taking advantage of the recent slump in gold rates.

To each of the customers, he showed the web release of Monex and its salient points which argued for bullion investment.

*Most people think prices have gone up, but in reality: it is the value of the US dollar that has actually gone down.

*The price of gas, food, and almost everything else has NOT gotten more expensive. It only seems that way because the value of the green paper money is worth less and less and so it takes more and more of it to buy the same goods and services.

*Remember when gas was only 25-cents a gallon? You could take a dollar down to the gas station and buy four gallons for a buck! At that time our dollar was backed by REAL money, real silver. Guess what? That same amount of silver still buys four gallons of gas! That just shows that real money like gold and silver holds its value and it is the green paper money that is now worth a lot less.

*Investment experts have long-recommend portfolio diversification and that 10% to 20% (and sometimes more) of an investor's assets be devoted to tangible assets such as gold, silver and platinum bullion and bullion coins.

Monex, being one of the country's oldest, largest and most experienced firms specializing in precious metals for the individual investor, is uniquely qualified to serve your precious metals needs.

Thursday, July 20

Have you ever lent out your car to your neighbor?

Everyone has loaned a car out to a friend or family member for a short period of time and wouldn't you want to be covered if something happens?

Please read about the latest insurance cover launched by
NORWICH Union. It is temporary comprehensive cover, allowing users to choose insurance for up to 28 days.

It covers users to drive a new car away from the torecourt, a family member or friend to borrow someone else's car, when traveling on holiday with a number of people who want to share the driving or to hire a vehicle.

Costs start from pounds 10 a day for the first two days and pounds 4 a day thereafter.

Apart from offering free auto insurance quotes, predicts that US car insurance companies may follow suit on this type of service.

They provide auto insurance quotes for all 50 states!
In order to save hard earned money in expensive areas like car insurance it is better to compare and shop online. Not only will you save your money, but you will save you time too.

With it is easy to buy your auto insurance online, in some states you could complete the process and have your proof of insurance in 15 minutes!

Their online car insurance quote takes just a few minutes. Avail the benefit of knowing about the rates from different companies that suit your needs.

In some states you will be directed to one of their trusted partners for a rate in your area.

Wednesday, July 19

The credit card that came to my rescue.

My son who is studying 3rd year Computer Engineering, wanted to enroll himself for an evening course that trains him to appear for MBA entrance exam.

He chose IMS, a leading institution. After searching the internet with some difficulty ( their web site was devoid of contact details), I went to their office located above the Bata showroom in Anna Nagar, Chennai.

I quickly learnt that today was the last day to pay the fees which came around US$400.
I did not have that much cash. But I was relieved to know that they accepted credit cards.

This gave me an opportunity to prove my point to my friends that a credit card is a great way to enhance our daily lives. When used responsibly credit cards help consumers purchase goods and services, and to pay for them on an affordable budget and timeline.

Bizjournals presents you with literally a credit card directory so you can choose from a range of credit cards that include General Credit Cards, Low Interest Cards, Cards for Bad Credit, Airline Mileage Cards, Student Credit Cards and cash back cards, Discover Cards, Citibank Cards and so on.

Since Bizjournals is the online media division of American City Business Journals, the nation's largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers, I felt safe and secure to deal with them.

Sunday, July 16

Do you know yahoo's entry into VOIP?

Sitting in India, I know I can’t comment much on the benefits of VOIP.

But I forsee big entry of VOIP providers in India and Pakistan in the near future. This post itself may indeed entice top VOIP providers to view India as their bright potential market for their products.

That reminds me to share what I have learnt recently about one of the best VOIP providers.
Dialpad technology is now part of Yahoo Messenger service.Established in 1999, they are now one of the world’s largest providers of IP based telecommunications services and a key player in the fast growing IP Telephony market.

Do you know that over 14 million users registered for the service in less than two years. Dialpad users have placed well over 300 million calls, generating close to 2 billion minutes of traffic from and to the U.S. and over 200 countries.

Their plan starts at just 1.7 cents per minute. Right now they offer 3 plans, the lowest among them is $7.5 per month.

Like cell phone service providers, they even offer a prepaid plan with no ongoing commitment.

The most attractive benefit of using VOIP is that it allows us the advantage of using our existing broadband internet service.

Saturday, July 15

Do you know the injustice done to Nancy Burpee?

Wondering who is Nancy Burpee?
She is a world class swimmer whose dream was shattered when she was disqualified by an Australian referee at the Paralympics trial held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2004.

Ms. Burpee set world records in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle at the trials held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

She was determined to participate in the 2004 Paralympic Games ( a game for physically challenged persons)

But her dream was shattered when she was disqualified by an Australian referee on a procedural technicality, at the Paralympics trial held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2004.

She immediately approached simmons jannace & stagg to take up her case and represent her. Ms. Burpee telephoned Kevin P. Simmons, a partner at Simmons, Jannace & Stagg, and asked the firm to defend her case and to have the disqualification overturned.

In addition, Ms. Burpee requested that the firm commence an action against the United States Olympic Committee requiring the committee to name her to the Olympic Team.

The firm collected several testimonials from swim referees from Canada and Australia.

They argued that the Australian referee showed bias against Nancy,
with an added comment indicating that the Australian referee did not want Ms. Burpee competing against an Australian paralympic swimmer.

Simmons, Jannace & Stagg also demonstrated that the United States Paralympic swim trials were not held in accordance with the paralympic rules.

The result:
But an independent arbitrator ruled against Ms. Burpee and declined to force the United States Olympic Committee to name her to the Paralympic Team.

It is time the athletes all over the world showed their united support to Nancy Burpeee by writing to the official bodies concerned and to other social service organizations.

Also the work and the spirit of the law firm represented by Simmons, Jannace & Stagg should also be commended.

Friday, July 14

Do you know self cleaning toilet?

How it works?
The bowl is sealed with a super smooth glaze that has microscopic holes fewer than 30 nanometers.
Because they are smaller than bacteria or mould particles, there is not enough room for debris to get lodged in the porous surface. Flushing is all we have to do.

Thats the power of nanotechnology, which is going to change our way of living completely.

We are all almost unaware of what is going on in this nanoland.

Let me tell you briefly about the technology itself.
Nanotechnology is the study and manipulation of matter smaller than 100 nanometers.

What is a nanometer?
If a person was a nanometer wide, then 13 million of them, standing together side by side, would fit into our thumb nail.
Or one million nanometer fit into a millimeter.
Do you understand the magnitude (or the lack of it)?

More discoveries:
Socks that don't get smelly;
Pants that resist stains;
Windows that repel grime;
Tennis balls that keep their bounce;
Golf balls that correct their own flight path;

All these result from exploring the world of very very small.

Stronger than steel:
Ray Baughman, a professor at the University of Texas, has created a new material that is stronger than steel, transparent and very light.
A hectare size sheet would weigh just 280 grams.

Obviously there are much more interesting facts which enthrall you, so I request you to read the latest Reader's Digest.

Acknowledgement with gratitude: Reader's Digest

Sunday, July 9

Do you know that Calla Lilies are not really a flower at all?

Yes. Calla Lilies- the funnel-shaped, elegant flowers aren't really a flower at all, but a large horn-shaped extension of the stem, called a spathe, which ranges from 6" to 9" in length.

Most available from March through June, they come in a small variety of colors that range from pure white to orange to dark magenta.

Also, please note that currently they are very popular flowers for wedding bouquets, which can also be used as the focal point of centerpieces, or singly for bridesmaids to carry.

Do you know other flowers which are best suitable for wedding?
Available in a variety of colors from simple to truly exotic, dendrobiums make exquisite additions to your hair, corsages and boutonierres, and also are least expensive during the months from April to August.

Of course the most easily to get in the summer are Dahlias, available in a variety of rich colors. These full-bodied blooms laden with petals are great stock flowers for centerpieces, pew decorations, and other sturdy arrangements.

Chrysanthemum- Daisy's spiny-bloomed cousin is also most readily available during the long, hot months of summer. This airy flower with narrow petals comes in a much wider range of color than the classic daisy, and looks beautiful in bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations.

Daisy is the best choice for mini bouquets. These classic wedding flowers represent hope, purity, and innocence. Whether mixed with greens in a bridal bouquet, placed in bud vases for airy centerpieces, or hand-tied in mini bouquets for the bridesmaids, add the joy of daisies to your summer wedding celebration.

You may be wondering where to buy flowers of such apt choice for wedding, which are also inexpensive with a fast delivery record?

I request you to check out’s list of summer's best wedding blooms for bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations.

They advice us that summer's best bets in the flower market are colorful, hearty blooms from the lily, orchid, daisy, and dahlia families that burst onto the scene with warmth and grace.

Another recommendation from is Baby's Breath.
Each stem is bursting with tiny white blossoms on this summertime flower used as filler for bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and boutonierres.

Flower Delivery from, the easiest way to buy flowers online and send flowers across the country.

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