Sunday, July 16

Do you know yahoo's entry into VOIP?

Sitting in India, I know I can’t comment much on the benefits of VOIP.

But I forsee big entry of VOIP providers in India and Pakistan in the near future. This post itself may indeed entice top VOIP providers to view India as their bright potential market for their products.

That reminds me to share what I have learnt recently about one of the best VOIP providers.
Dialpad technology is now part of Yahoo Messenger service.Established in 1999, they are now one of the world’s largest providers of IP based telecommunications services and a key player in the fast growing IP Telephony market.

Do you know that over 14 million users registered for the service in less than two years. Dialpad users have placed well over 300 million calls, generating close to 2 billion minutes of traffic from and to the U.S. and over 200 countries.

Their plan starts at just 1.7 cents per minute. Right now they offer 3 plans, the lowest among them is $7.5 per month.

Like cell phone service providers, they even offer a prepaid plan with no ongoing commitment.

The most attractive benefit of using VOIP is that it allows us the advantage of using our existing broadband internet service.

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