Thursday, May 22

Sleep with water underneath you.

I have no real intention of making this blog as a travel guide but once in a way, when I come across a worthy place to see or an unusual hotel somewhere in the world, I feel like blogging about it.

Well, please read the title again: “Sleep with water underneath you.”

Won’t you want to know what that is? I did and you are reading this article because of that.

The Switzerland-the dream destination for every Indian because of their chocolates and watches lure us with more than that. It is considered to be the most scenic place in the world and their hotel service is the best in the world.

Where can you experience the night view of the moon shimmering on the lake with the Alps in the distance and the morning sunrise?

Stay at the Hôtel Palafitte that connects the quality tastes of the discerning Swiss, with something a little bit different – rooms built directly over Neuchâtel lake, with private terraces and ladders dipping into the water for guests.

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