Thursday, March 26

Huddled in a tunnel and in danger.

It is a pity that some countries in the world are still enjoying the brutal game of bull taming that has several names that include 'Jallikattut' in Tamil.

While India has taken some positive steps in banning the so called game of bravery, some other countries have not followed suit. I wonder what the self styled activists are doing about it!

Look at the video clip and your heart may skip a beat or two. It is naked gore! My God, the sight is too much to bear.

Now, you decide who is the beast?

Monday, March 23

Break a mirror without suffering for 7 years.

It is so unfortunate that people cultivate and nourish beliefs about so many superstitions that about the God or Creator.

The mirror that gets broken by a fall and the resultant 7 years of misfortune is one of the very popular superstition which I believe applies to several countries in the world.

Who started this superstition?
May be Romans? Or the Indians? Forgetting about the origins, let me tell you about my opinion of how it got spread.

People believe even now, mirror reflects their soul and not their body alone. When the mirrors breaks, its fragments are said to point out the person's body that might be broken to pieces.

But what about another person who has not broken the body but also looked at the broken mirror? Surely, he will also see different parts of his own body when he/she looks at the broken glass pieces collectively.

If he/she holds a single broken piece of mirr0r? Surely, it will reflect the full face of the person looking into the mirror-right?

Then why this belief is still steadfast?

One can worry over a broken relationship than over a broken mirror that is easier to replace-eh?

Image courtesy: Google Images

Thursday, March 19

Sophisticated means false!

The next time you use the word 'sophisticated' think again. Because, until recently, it meant 'false'.

Earlier, the word 'sophisticate' was used when artificial substance was added as an ingredient.
Here is one more: A sophisticated document was considered a forged document.

Unbelievable, isn't it?

Now we use to appreciate someone or something with the word 'sophisticated'. There are so many such words that are used to mean entirely different earlier.

This is not an exception to English alone. It is so with so many languages.

Monday, March 16

Can you solve this party trouble?

I attended a different kind of wedding anniversary party just two days before. I will tell you how different it was at the end of this blog post.

There were about 24 guests assembled in a hall decorated with colorful balloons, papers, serial lights. The ambience was enhanced with new kind of lighting. The air conditioner was in full blast.

First there was a mimicry show that every one of us was told to participate. It was hilarious.

Next was a drawing competition, a sort of caricature drawing that each of us was to draw our spouse. Held under the glorious murray feiss light, our faces showed shyness and appreciation-on the paper of course.

We bypassed the usual awkward dance but enjoyed a cheerful pool game. The pool table was light by a breath taking looking sea gull lighting. My husband was at his adept best and drew a hearty applause.

The food was all home made brought by each participant. There were 24 kinds of delicacies and 24 different home made beverages. Liquor was not allowed.

Thus we celebrated my 24th wedding anniversary.

Well, what else were you expecting? Wasn’t that different? Giggle 3

Smile please!

At every party there are two kinds of people: those who want to go home and those who don't. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other.

Sunday, March 15

Beautiful bay of Patra.

If there is one in the world that I would neglect all my duties to visit, it is Greece. Ever since I studied the ancient Greek history, the idea of touring Greece haunts me constantly.

Whenever I come across in the Internet any thing related to Greece, I am drawn towards it like a magnet and I can't resist blogging about what I read and saw.

Today, I just found a gem of a is a travel blog maintained by a very passionate traveler and his blog is
Clearly Enlight.

Apart from the great content, the blogs very neat and crisp. I feel like visiting this blog at least once in day. The picture you see here is of Bay of Patra. It is the capital of the Prefecture of Achaia. There are several pictures of the calm seas of the Greece that I feel like taking a plunge into the ocean.

I thank the blogger of Clearly Enlight for giving me so much pleasure.

Thursday, March 12

Who is going to be your lucky host?

I thought my favorite Blue Host will be rated as the number one web hosting service provider. At least that is the impression I hold because I have an account with them.Smile 4

Yesterday, when I received an email from them reminding me to review my web hosting account, I just wanted to ensure whether I am buying the best web hosting package available.

So, I visited and browsed through various web hosting options offered by several web hosting service providers. Oh no, I was disappointed to see Blue Host rated way behind others.

But I am glad I visited because I learnt who the leading web hosting service providers are at present, existing prices and freebies etc.

I also read the quick start guide to choosing the best and cheapest web hosting service from the existing lot. That threw me a few new insights.

Hey look here, Yahoo! is rated as the last of the top ten best web hosting service providers because of their costlier price when compared to others.

Blue Host, I am your loyalist!

Thursday, March 5

Largest ever find of silver coins.

About a year ago, I read a newspaper story that a nine year old boy in Sweden found a rare treasure of over 7000 silver coins that were said to belong to 1300 AD. It is just a proof that silver is believed to be a solid investment even centuries ago.

Expectations and speculations are thick and varied in America today about the impending Government policy on US Mint. But I don’t think it no way concerns me as an individual silver coins collector.

Of course I am never concerned about myriad news and rumors about precious metals market as I stick to Monex, my one and only dependable source for buying and selling silver coins.

Monex has been saying that since 1990, above ground stockpiles of silver bullion are low, shrinking rapidly and approaching zero. This warning was taken by me seriously and I am benefited though I don’t want to reveal all of my secrets.

I know that any analysts feel that silver, and specifically us silver coins, presents an outstanding investment opportunity. Monex prides itself on having the best U.S. silver coin prices and programs in the silver coin industry.

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The miracle healing energy.

Before I revel the energy, let me tell you an interesting thing about it.

Let us say you suffer from some chronic disease. You are led into a small recessed space that we usually call a cubicle. You sit there for some time and come out healed.

So, what happened inside?
You absorbed a cosmic energy called ORGONE. It is invisible but the inventor of this energy says it is blue in color. His name was Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian.

He claimed several success included patients with fatal ailments. Does it still exist? Is it being practiced even now?

Unfortunately no. It also met the death at the hands of sceptics.Orgone energy is widely disputed. But I believe in it.

Try to do a search on ORGONE to know more. You may even end up making your own Orgone accumulator.

Image source

Tuesday, March 3

The fish with a human face!

Is that human face? Really? This fish seems to have face that is almost like a human! It looks so weird!

You will think the fish has two colors or most of the body is covered by a shadow. You are wrong!

It has a transparent head with tubular eyes! It is called "barreleye" fish that has a unique ability to collect light. Those very high sensitive eyes are said to ritate in in its tubular stem.

Look at this barrel eye fish from the 'head on' angle. It so eerie!

See, when I was composing this, our friend Zemata, displayed this photo alongside that it felt I should look at this also. Very amusing and intelligent Zemanta!

fish faceImage by ~K~ via Flickr

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