Monday, March 23

Break a mirror without suffering for 7 years.

It is so unfortunate that people cultivate and nourish beliefs about so many superstitions that about the God or Creator.

The mirror that gets broken by a fall and the resultant 7 years of misfortune is one of the very popular superstition which I believe applies to several countries in the world.

Who started this superstition?
May be Romans? Or the Indians? Forgetting about the origins, let me tell you about my opinion of how it got spread.

People believe even now, mirror reflects their soul and not their body alone. When the mirrors breaks, its fragments are said to point out the person's body that might be broken to pieces.

But what about another person who has not broken the body but also looked at the broken mirror? Surely, he will also see different parts of his own body when he/she looks at the broken glass pieces collectively.

If he/she holds a single broken piece of mirr0r? Surely, it will reflect the full face of the person looking into the mirror-right?

Then why this belief is still steadfast?

One can worry over a broken relationship than over a broken mirror that is easier to replace-eh?

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