Sunday, March 15

Beautiful bay of Patra.

If there is one in the world that I would neglect all my duties to visit, it is Greece. Ever since I studied the ancient Greek history, the idea of touring Greece haunts me constantly.

Whenever I come across in the Internet any thing related to Greece, I am drawn towards it like a magnet and I can't resist blogging about what I read and saw.

Today, I just found a gem of a is a travel blog maintained by a very passionate traveler and his blog is
Clearly Enlight.

Apart from the great content, the blogs very neat and crisp. I feel like visiting this blog at least once in day. The picture you see here is of Bay of Patra. It is the capital of the Prefecture of Achaia. There are several pictures of the calm seas of the Greece that I feel like taking a plunge into the ocean.

I thank the blogger of Clearly Enlight for giving me so much pleasure.

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