Thursday, March 12

Who is going to be your lucky host?

I thought my favorite Blue Host will be rated as the number one web hosting service provider. At least that is the impression I hold because I have an account with them.Smile 4

Yesterday, when I received an email from them reminding me to review my web hosting account, I just wanted to ensure whether I am buying the best web hosting package available.

So, I visited and browsed through various web hosting options offered by several web hosting service providers. Oh no, I was disappointed to see Blue Host rated way behind others.

But I am glad I visited because I learnt who the leading web hosting service providers are at present, existing prices and freebies etc.

I also read the quick start guide to choosing the best and cheapest web hosting service from the existing lot. That threw me a few new insights.

Hey look here, Yahoo! is rated as the last of the top ten best web hosting service providers because of their costlier price when compared to others.

Blue Host, I am your loyalist!

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