Saturday, January 22

Aren’t beauticians compared to God?

I wonder whether students of Regency Beauty Institute are given the freedom of creating new hairstyles just like trainee chefs are allowed to cook up new dishes with untested ingredient combination.

I seriously raised this question in a forum dedicated to appearance. There were some replies but they were not from working beauticians. One man jokingly written that he is ready to volunteer because, he has nothing to lose.

Regency Beauty Institute is the leading beauty schools in the U.S. 50 Years ago, they founded it in Minneapolis but today, they have campuses in 19 states. I learnt that graduates from Regency Beauty Institute are more willing to set up their own beauty saloon than working for hotels and cine stars.

If only Regency Beauticians come to India, they would be quickly grabbed up the rich Indian film industry.

Aren’t beauticians compared to God?

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This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Thursday, January 20

The plant with no leaves, stems or roots.

It is a natural flower alright. Some would say it is beautiful and some would not agree by calling it ugly.

It is called 'Corpse Flower' because it emanates very bad smell which would our nostrils even from a distance.

Its real name is Rafflesia.

Here is the uniqueness of Rafflesia.

The plant has no stem, leaves or roots. It is also known as a parasitic plant.

Friday, January 14

2 million dollar bra!

It is alright when a saree or churidhar or a men's suit cost around a million U.S.dollar but how will you react when you hear that a bra that contains a few centimeters of cloth costs $2 million?

Here is the Brazilian model Ariana Lima wearing a bra that is said to be priced at $2 million.

Though there is now I could find out why it is so expensive, I thought I saw something shining on it. Are my deceiving me?

I don't understand the desire to buy an inner garment that nobody would see at such a high price!


Thursday, January 6

Ostrich and lion steal the show.

The weather is pleasant here at this time of the year. Even at 3.00 PM, there is a mild chillness in the air. I thought it is an ideal time to browse through my favorite of book of rare natural facts. I have not opened it since last October.

Some of them really amused me and I though I would share a few rare facts with you.
* Have ever you seen an Ostrich running? It is a delightful sight to watch. They are graceful runners. Do you know they can run faster than horses?

* Here is a new, rather unknown fact. Contrary to the popular belief, the lions are selective hunters and they definitely don't spend their entire time hunting down. I read that they have a limit of just 20 killings in a YEAR! Here is another interesting fact. The lioness does 90% of the hunting!

While both the above seem to be authentic, I can't say the same about this:
Cows have four stomachs!

Want to see an Ostrich dance?

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