Wednesday, December 29

Do you know recycled hotels?

You have heard of recycled papers, But have you ever heard of recycled hotels? This is an amazing and thoughtful business acumen. A few highly enterprising businessmen have converted
* discarded containers,
* dumped pipes
* a jail
* a tram coach
* garbage collected at beach
* wine barrels

into hotels that attarct eager and adventerous travelers from all over the world.

The images throw more light on hotels room made of French wine barrels and German trams.

I wonder why they are not all that popular in the Internet. I appreciate for publishing this story. Thank you web ecoist!

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Friday, December 24

Moving leaves and sticks.

In the first four images below, you can spot a frog, a fish, a sea horse and a moving leaf.

All are live creatures though living under camouflage and you can all these camouflages are nature's best creation. There may be more such creations from the God who has obviously chosen not to reveal all of them to man which itself is a proof that God is technologically highly advanced than man.

When I saw these pictures at webecoist, my mouth fell agape. I could not suppress my deep appreciation for the God who gave these survival methods to the creatures.

The last image is of course of a man who is trying to merge with the surroundings. What a poor attempt!

Thank you webecoist.

Tuesday, December 14

Karonda fruits of Bombay.

Karonda is supposed to be India's answer to cranberries. This how Yahoo! described it in its article

I saw the image of Karonda in Google. These red and pink fruits are quite tempting to pop them in the mouth.

I have neither tasted Cranberries or Karonda. After reading the article, I think I won't bother with the fruit which is known to leave irremovable stain.

The author of the Yahoo! article has described the taste of Karonda as below:

Biting into a Karonda, you will experience a strange, dry astringent-like feeling in the mouth. Although it definitely tastes weird, it’s really fun to eat with a little sea salt sprinkled on.

Is it true that the seeds of Karonda are used in wine manufacturing?

Thursday, December 9

Sources for vitamins A to V.

People have been trying to find out the greatest vitamin. Well, every vitamin with its own in-built properties is essential to us. I think it is impossible to pinpoint one vitamin as the greatest of them all.

Let us examine the various vitamins from A to V and their natural resources.

Vitamin A Egg, fresh green vegetables, milk

Vitamin B1 Brown rice, yolk of the egg, whole wheat

Vitamin B2 Yeast and molasses, nuts, legumes

Vitamin B3 Peanuts, milk, fish, chicken, potato

Vitamin B4 Soybeans, fish, organ meats

Vitamin B5 & B6 Whole grains, fish, egg yolk

Vitamin B7 Yeast, unpolished rice

Vitamin B8 Nuts, Milk, Citrus fruits

Vitamin B9 Leafy vegetables, roots and milk

Vitamin B12 Cheese, milk, nuts, banana fruit

Vitamin B13 Roots

Vitamin B15 Sunflower seeds, brown rice, steak

Vitamin B17 Plums & peaches, apricots

Vitamin C Melon, citrus fruits, gooseberry, cauliflower, cabbage

Vitamin D Milk, sunflower seeds, sprouted grains, milk

Vitamin E Egg, nuts, roots

Vitamin F Butter, vegetable oils

Vitamin K Cauliflower, leafy vegetables, egg yolk

Vitamin Q Soybeans, pinto beans

Vitamin T Butter, sesame seeds

Vitamin V Leafy vegetables

That's all folks. Nature has all the vitamins for us. We never need to look for vitamin pills.

Sunday, December 5

Who cares for rose gold?

Every new trend and every hot fashion come to a natural end and they are replaced by new style, which becomes hot trend before cooling down. Do you remember the rose gold jewelry that stole the heart of women all over the world once? Well, the rose gold jewelry fashion lasted a little longer than expected because men too started wearing rose gold watches.

My father who went to buy gold coins for all of his daughters returned home with rose gold bracelets when I was studying in sixth standard. I screamed with delight when I first looked at the rose gold color.

I hear that the romantic rose gold jewelry might enjoy a second innings. However, I predict only youth might look at it favorably. Oldies definitely prefer the yellow gold they buy from the United States Gold Bureau, America’s largest seller of precious metals.

Image from Google images.

Who is a boy?

Go ahead and address your boy friend as a girl. He should not be humiliated though he will. In modern Tamil movies, it is a fashion to address male as female and vice-versa. This is an affectionate call.

But there is a history behind this. During the 13th century or up to that time, girl meant any young person, male or female.

Then how did they distinguish the two?
Mostly, a female is known as a gay girl and a male as a knave girl.

Quite difficult even to imagine-eh? So, what's in a word?

There may be quite a lot of amusing facts in this category. Do you know any thing?

Saturday, December 4

ET called?

I had to dig for this news report about ET because of a request from my brother's daughter.

ET-Extra terrestrial-the movie which we all watched and enjoyed so long is still remembered and appreciated for the ingenious concept and great imagination.

Well, it seems the ET might really want to communicate with the movie producer, probably to ask if he would make another film with a live ET.

"KTVU reported scientists have received an odd signal from space and some readers may have interpreted this as a confirmed extra-terrestrial contact."-was it imagination or a desire?

Ok, it is for the technologists to interpret the signal and tell us in our terms what it is all about. In the meanwhile Allen array in California is now actively searching for more of these signals.

Image from
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Friday, December 3

Your cell phone has gold!

Are you surprised?

You and I buy gold for investment purpose or as ornaments like rings and bracelets. Gold is used in various industries that include electronic components. Because gold is a good conductor of electricity, it is used in small quantities in mobile phones.

The U.S. Gold Bureau says every cell phone has gold worth of $0.50. Ah, I see you are disappointed.

The latest trend among bullion investors is to buy gold coins from different countries. Even the Americans are actively buying Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the Chinese Gold Panda.

However, I wonder whether the Aussies and the Chinese are showing interest in American Eagle gold coins.

One more piece of amazing information from the U.S. Gold Bureau:

Archeologists once discovered golden hats in Central Europe area. The uniqueness is the discovery was made during Bronze age!

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