Tuesday, December 14

Karonda fruits of Bombay.

Karonda is supposed to be India's answer to cranberries. This how Yahoo! described it in its article http://beta.in.news.yahoo.com/mumbai-s-13-weirdest-fruits-.html

I saw the image of Karonda in Google. These red and pink fruits are quite tempting to pop them in the mouth.

I have neither tasted Cranberries or Karonda. After reading the article, I think I won't bother with the fruit which is known to leave irremovable stain.

The author of the Yahoo! article has described the taste of Karonda as below:

Biting into a Karonda, you will experience a strange, dry astringent-like feeling in the mouth. Although it definitely tastes weird, it’s really fun to eat with a little sea salt sprinkled on.

Is it true that the seeds of Karonda are used in wine manufacturing?

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