Thursday, December 9

Sources for vitamins A to V.

People have been trying to find out the greatest vitamin. Well, every vitamin with its own in-built properties is essential to us. I think it is impossible to pinpoint one vitamin as the greatest of them all.

Let us examine the various vitamins from A to V and their natural resources.

Vitamin A Egg, fresh green vegetables, milk

Vitamin B1 Brown rice, yolk of the egg, whole wheat

Vitamin B2 Yeast and molasses, nuts, legumes

Vitamin B3 Peanuts, milk, fish, chicken, potato

Vitamin B4 Soybeans, fish, organ meats

Vitamin B5 & B6 Whole grains, fish, egg yolk

Vitamin B7 Yeast, unpolished rice

Vitamin B8 Nuts, Milk, Citrus fruits

Vitamin B9 Leafy vegetables, roots and milk

Vitamin B12 Cheese, milk, nuts, banana fruit

Vitamin B13 Roots

Vitamin B15 Sunflower seeds, brown rice, steak

Vitamin B17 Plums & peaches, apricots

Vitamin C Melon, citrus fruits, gooseberry, cauliflower, cabbage

Vitamin D Milk, sunflower seeds, sprouted grains, milk

Vitamin E Egg, nuts, roots

Vitamin F Butter, vegetable oils

Vitamin K Cauliflower, leafy vegetables, egg yolk

Vitamin Q Soybeans, pinto beans

Vitamin T Butter, sesame seeds

Vitamin V Leafy vegetables

That's all folks. Nature has all the vitamins for us. We never need to look for vitamin pills.

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