Sunday, November 28

Your favorite books reveal who you are.

If dating sites such as found out that couples react positively if they find similar literary tastes, I would say it is a very late discovery to be implemented in match making sites.

How much late? They are late by a minimum of 25 years!
Yes it was then I found out my man when his mother showed me his hidden chest of drawers in which he had kept the books he treasured most and did not want to share with every casual onlooker., users' can include in their profiles, their favourite books. This is definitely an effective strategy to find like minded individuals.

Wednesday, November 24

Do you know Sympathetic Magic?

There is said to be belief (in metaphysics) that like affects like.

Here is one more:
"Sympathetic magic is the basis for psychometry, the claim of psychic detectives that touching an item belonging to a victim gives magical contact with the victim."

The reason why I raised this topic here is my curiosity on the subject that was rather imposed on me through a spam email. (I always believed that even spam can be useful)

There were several movies in India in the earlier days that will usually project the bad character who will claim that he cannot be killed physically because his life (soul) is inside a parrot that is hidden in a remote island.

This idea is derived from the belief that
an effect on one object can cause an analogous effect on another object, without an apparent causal link between the two objects. This is also a form Sympathetic Magic.

For more reads, please search in Wikipedia and Skepdic

Saturday, November 20

Still storing your gold bars under the bed?

Are you surprised I asked this question? Do you wonder how did I find out the hiding place for your gold?

You are not alone buddy. I too stored my gold ornaments under my bed confident that my mother-in-law won’t look for it there. Of course, I don’t buy gold bullion every other day. My father would buy for me and give it to me secretly. I once suspected that the hiding place is uncovered and I switched them to the pillowcase.

Now, all my gold has gone. I mean, they are now stored at an independent bank and this facility was arranged by the United States Gold Bureau, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving my precious metals investment needs.

Do you know my pillowcases are now happy as they are home to the all the documents related to my gold storage?

BTW, the smart Americans are quietly accumulating their gold purchase as the advice of the U.S. Gold Bureau. Yes, gold is expected to go up again.

Friday, November 19

Sculptures made of computer parts.

Definitely not an alien creature. This dragonfly is purely made of junk hardware-the things taken from our disposed computer and accessories.

You can see a fan, PCBs, led bulbs etc-right?

The artist behind this is, Steven Rodrig, a computer geek.

My son used to do this kind of art, only his raw material were buttons, waste wires, plug pins and pen caps.


Monday, November 15

Wall Street woos bullion.

This is of course the first time that Wall Street Journal aka WSJ encourages the public to invest on bullion. Nevertheless, the bullion investing community believes that both the WSJ and the United States Gold Bureau are of the same opinion for the first time simultaneously.

Personally speaking, I think the WSJ is not that much active in encouraging the world population to invest in gold and silver. If the American public would indulge in some reminiscences, they would surely express their sincere gratitude to the Unites States Gold Bureau for helping them to protect their wealth through their frequent press releases that spoke about the gold price movements and predictions.

Now that the WSJ says Buy Gold, I think we should all take it as a confirmation of the U.S. Gold Bureau’s decrees and start buying gold at least now.

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Friday, November 12

Trees to replace street lights.

I agree we don't have a Einstein in us to wonder on myriad things that will lead to world changing inventions.

For example, have you ever wondered on new alternative energies? Do we have to depend only on electricity to survive?

Here is someone that imagined all the trees to glow which can immediately replace the street lights! Would not that make the whole world glow like a dream cinema setting?

See a sample of glowing tree below:

How can you make this possible?
Popular science, a leading web site that writes about technology and science says if trees are infused with gold nanoparticles, then, we can do away with street lights.

Other advantages:
* Reduce carbon emissions
* Reduce the cost of electricity
* Minimize light pollution


Tuesday, November 9

Colour Yellow speaks.

Do you like yellow color like me? Would you like to know some amazing facts about the color yellow that might also tell you a bit about you?

I blog about obvious things that pack rare and amusing facts. Well, we all have seen beautiful yellow t-shirts, jerkins, flowers, birds and animals but never thought anything beyond our casual look and a little of appreciation.

Here are some popular yellow products:
* Post-it sticky notes
* Yellow card used in soccer.

I like:
* Canary bird
* Yellow parakeet
* Yellow jerkins
*Yellow gates is a similar blog like mine that has published amazing facts about yellow color.
I reproduce some of them below:

Yellow is a color associated with sun which when interpreted, corresponds to warmth, happiness, fun, friendship etc.

In India, yellow is considered very auspicious and a sign of good omen where the Japanese consider yellow as the color of courage whereas he American mean cowardice when the abuse a person as 'you are yellow'.

Strangely, the Egyptians associate the yellow color to mourning.

Read more:

Thursday, November 4

Is gold heading for another run up?

Gold bullion is getting ready for another run up as per the U.S. Gold Bureau. It is echoed by top bullion market investment analysts.

On the other hand, there is really no need to wait for such predictions before you buy gold coins-right? Gold has never betrayed the trust placed on it from the times of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Time and gain, the ever-dependable bullion had its last laugh on people who placed their wealth building effort on other financial markets. Even real estate that is preferred next only to gold as an investment avenue, had deserted us in times of economic depression.

At least until another metal is discovered that can beat the value of gold (so unlikely), there is no alternative for us than to trust gold for our safe investment.

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