Saturday, November 20

Still storing your gold bars under the bed?

Are you surprised I asked this question? Do you wonder how did I find out the hiding place for your gold?

You are not alone buddy. I too stored my gold ornaments under my bed confident that my mother-in-law won’t look for it there. Of course, I don’t buy gold bullion every other day. My father would buy for me and give it to me secretly. I once suspected that the hiding place is uncovered and I switched them to the pillowcase.

Now, all my gold has gone. I mean, they are now stored at an independent bank and this facility was arranged by the United States Gold Bureau, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving my precious metals investment needs.

Do you know my pillowcases are now happy as they are home to the all the documents related to my gold storage?

BTW, the smart Americans are quietly accumulating their gold purchase as the advice of the U.S. Gold Bureau. Yes, gold is expected to go up again.

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