Tuesday, November 9

Colour Yellow speaks.

Do you like yellow color like me? Would you like to know some amazing facts about the color yellow that might also tell you a bit about you?

I blog about obvious things that pack rare and amusing facts. Well, we all have seen beautiful yellow t-shirts, jerkins, flowers, birds and animals but never thought anything beyond our casual look and a little of appreciation.

Here are some popular yellow products:
* Post-it sticky notes
* Yellow card used in soccer.

I like:
* Canary bird
* Yellow parakeet
* Yellow jerkins
*Yellow gates

Funky-facts.blogspot.com is a similar blog like mine that has published amazing facts about yellow color.
I reproduce some of them below:

Yellow is a color associated with sun which when interpreted, corresponds to warmth, happiness, fun, friendship etc.

In India, yellow is considered very auspicious and a sign of good omen where the Japanese consider yellow as the color of courage whereas he American mean cowardice when the abuse a person as 'you are yellow'.

Strangely, the Egyptians associate the yellow color to mourning.

Read more: http://funky-facts.blogspot.com/2010/06/facts-about-colour-yellow.html

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