Wednesday, September 30

The building that was never built by Hitler.

Hitler-every time we read the name, our interest and curiosity is aroused-right?

Man, what man he was!

There was a plan to build a large public hall named Volkshalle by Adolf Hitler . It was originally designed by Hitler's architect Albert Speer.

Hitler was forced to give up building that hall due to the advise of his architect who said the building however large cannot be home to 180,000 people during cold season and it might be like an indoor rain caused by the breathing and perspiration of 180,000 occupants of the Volkshalle.

Here is an image of Volkshalle

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Saturday, September 26

Live demo of making a glass horse.

The art of making artifacts from glass is extremely difficult. It requires consummate skill with hands and quick timing before the molten glass becomes solid.

Anything can be made from glass as long as the glass is still in molten state. My who was once working in a glass factory used to explain to me how a total of 8 skilled workers were involved in making inner shells for thermos flask.

Watch this video clip where a great artist shape out a glass horse standing on two legs.

It is just superb!

Tuesday, September 22

Two headed snake.

This two headed snake is born in China.

Such an abnormal is said to be rare among snakes and that too in a cobra.

I wonder why nature is bothered whether it is a cobra or a rattle snake.

What struck me odd is the news that this snake has a owner. Yes, there is this Chinese who breeds snake as a hobby!

Tuesday, September 15

Do you know Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli-A tongue twister-eh? At the first sight of this word, I thought is a Nepali language.

This dark blue semiprecious stone is high prized because of its rarity. I was surprised to read that the home for this beautiful stone is Afghanistan and its antiquity goes back to 6500 years!

Look at this trivia! It involves the legendary Cleopatra!

The blue pigment derived from Lapis Lazuli may have been used as eye shadow by Cleopatra.

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Friday, September 11

What is WiMax?

When expanded it reads Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.

What exactly it is?
WiMAX is a wireless technology that provides high-throughput wireless broadband connections up to 50 KMs

Where it is applied?
Can provide broadband internet access without cables.
WiMAX is used for last mile broadband connections, hotspots and cellular backhaul, and high-speed

Samsung calims the world’s first mobile WiMAX phone. Based around Windows Mobile for pocket PC the handset itself comes with a 65,536 colour 2.8in TFT screen running a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

Wimax is on its way to signing up 70 million subscribers by 2013.

Courtesty: Wikipedia, wimaxxed
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Tuesday, September 8

Do you know Devil's Bible?

Devils Bible-quite an odd and eerie name-right?

The Codex Gigas is said to be an original manuscript that belongs to the medieval era. There is a drawing of devil in it and that is why it is called as the Devils' Bible.
This rather bulky codex is now in the National Library of Sweden-Stockholm.

The text in the codex is believed to be cursed and that may also be another reason for the name Devil's Bible.

The legend says that a monk was responsible for this manuscript but since he betrayed some his religious code during the process, he was said to been walled alive.

There are more bizarre facts about this Codex Gigas.

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Friday, September 4

A reincarnation of Buddha?

If you still believe that westerners scorn the very theory of reincarnation, then, you are wrong. They have started accepting many Asian mystic beliefs and one of them is about reincarnation.

Now, you tell them about a Nepalese teenager who lives in a jungle and he is attracting thousands of pilgrims because he is considered as Buddha reincarnate and tell me what is their reaction.

The teenager's name is Ram Bahadur Bamjan.

Naturally, such news will attract journalists who are always looking for sensational stories and that again will lead to controversies.

Well, this boy seems to be center of reverence and controversies.

Read story.

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