Thursday, November 22

For fun, sun and thrill, head to...

Winter in India is comparatively milder than Canada and many places in Europe. But Spain is an exception, at least for me.

I have traveled in Spain extensively but only virtually through books. I habitually note down places of interest and fun in my notebook called “One day…”.

My first choice in Spain after landing in one of the Benidorm hotels will be to go to Mundomar. I know your eyebrows are raised but let me assure you that it is a must see place in the world.

It is a marine animal park located in Benidorm. It is twinned with the water park Aqualandia, which is directly adjacent to it

Many different species can be viewed at Mundomar, including Dolphins, Sea Lions, Penguins, and many more marine and land animals.

My next destination will be to see those architectural marvels of Barcelona. Barcelona means romance to me. Barcelona hotels offer plenty of options for all class of travelers. I won’t find any problems in finding the right hotel even at the last minute because I can always bank upon

I won’t also miss seeing Alicante, one of the fastest-growing cities in Spain. The local economy is based upon tourism in the beaches. Most of the Alicante hotels are clustered around the beaches.

The most important festival, the Bonfires of Saint John, takes place during the summer solstice. This is followed a week later by seven nights of firework and pyrotechnic contests.

Wait, someone is at the door. I will continue writing about other places of interest in Spain, tomorrow.

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