Saturday, November 17

Print your next year calendar.

The year 2008 is just 45 days away. You can print your calendar now online from Keep and Share.

You can store and share all your files and photos too apart from calendar with Keep and Share.
With a few clicks, anyone can create a secure group file sharing center in 30 seconds. is like a private "MySpace" where families, friends, clients, businesses, and groups of any kind can keep and share files, documents, calendars, lists, journals and photos safely and privately.

Customize and generate beautiful calendars using several styles and fonts. These calendars can be neatly printed by day, week, month, etc. and be kept up to date as the year goes on. is a new free Web 2.0 service envisioned and created by a team led by Robert Carr, a successful and widely acknowledged pioneer in the software industry.

With over 90,000 registered members is among the web's fastest growing sites.

Courtesy: PR Compass.

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