Wednesday, November 7

Resourceful site for Vaishnavites. is the ultimate website for Vaishnavites. It has everything that staunch vaishnavites want to know. You name it and they have it.

Every sanskrit slokam are available either for download or for hearing on the spot in mp3 format. Also, one can find the life histories of every acharyas and Alwars.

There is a photo gallery of 108 divya desams.

What like about this site that it has links to various other sites on the same topic. I give below some:

Srivaishnava Cyber Satsangh - a site with lots of information regarding Srivaishnavism, images and audio clips.

Sri Parakala Matham - Web Site of Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Matham

Srimad 43rd Azhagiyasingar - Life history of Srimad 43rd Azhagiyasingar

Thiruthanaka (Thoopul) - Swami Desikan Avathara sthalam

Vaanamamalai Home page - Nanguneri Vaanamamalai Mutt

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    This is a wonderful resource on Aloe vera. I think it has almost all information on


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