Wednesday, November 7

India Pakistan match on Panasonic HDTV.

I have a complete communication setup on my computer table. It has all the devises one could ask for. A broadband internet connection, webcam, audio chat facility, a high speed fax machine and a landline with international calling facility decorate my work station.

It is the envy of my husband and son. They accuse me that I am very selfish and I don’t care about their entertainment gadgets. My son has been pestering me for a panasonic HDTV but I kept evading the issue.

Now I can’t evade him anymore because he knows that my wallet is stuffed to the brim due to sudden rush of admissions in my academy. I think he has pre-planned well to hook me when he showed me exactly what he wants (see picture) and also informed me the address of the showroom which sells this TV. And the showroom is right next to our street. Yes, I could sense his urgency because of the forthcoming cricket match between India and Pakistan.

It seems that he took the help of Krillion, the search engine with its comprehensive product range, competitive pricing and location information that helps buyers find the exact TV they want at the retailers nearest to them.

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