Friday, June 29

I search wisely.

I have learnt the trade of searching for products or information in a hard way. Nine years of online gave me plenty of lessons. The best lesson that I can say I have learnt is searching wisely to save precious time.

I don’t use the popular search engines to look for anything; I have a list of specific search engines that cater to different needs. True, some times, social bookmarking web sites have helped me but that too is time consuming.

Krillion is in my list of niche search engines since February 2007. Krillion delivers local search results that combine very specific product information with very specific locality information.

For example, when I need to buy a refrigerator, I don’t go around seeking opinions from my friends and relatives. I am already aware that Amana Refrigerators are dependable and energy saving.

So, I just visit, type in my query and note down the nearest seller of Amana Refrigerators from the search results and head straight for the shop.

Starting in July, Krillion will deliver search results for additional categories such as flat panel TVs, lawn and garden, seasonal appliances and others.

Are you a Bath Connoisseur?

Sounds interesting? Yes, it is for me.

I was really curious about what it is and hence decided to have a look. I stumbled on to this word in a spam email to me two days before. However, I made a note of he word and searched for it and here is what I have learned.

The image below has several bottles that are known to be skin care products.

Archipelago Botanicals Yuzu Bath Collection.

Product info:
Archipelago Botanicals Yuzu Bath Collection, Yuzu Body Creme. Yuzu – the refreshing Japanese grapefruit – provides the perfect base for this collection of skincare products. Blended with premium ingredients and powerful antioxidants, these products protect, soothe, and keep skin looking young and healthy.

I think I should try this for once. Looks very tempting to me.
Thank you

Where is Busch Garden.

I don't know why it is named as Bush Gardens but I know where it is.

It is located in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Do you know that Busch Gardens Africa was known as Busch Gardens Tampa Bay?
Since it has an African theme, it is called Busch Gardens Africa.

This was opened on March 31, 1959. Its first name was 'Dark Continent'.The theme park is one of America's largest zoological institutions, with more than 2,700 animals. Attractions include: Rhino Rally, Montu, Kumba, Scorpion, Gwazi, Edge of Africa, and SheiKra, a vertical dive coaster which opened in 2005. The theme park is some distance away from downtown, in extreme northern Tampa, bordering the town limits of Temple Terrace.

There is also a 'Busch Gardens' in Europe that opened in 1975.

Ticket options for Universal studios.

I thought by this time every one knows where to buy discount tickets for concerts, shows and theme parks.

At three different places today, I saw someone raised a question on sources from where they can purchase discounted Disneyland theme park tickets. Blurtit is the last place that I read that question.

Though I am rushing to complete some paid blog posts, I devoted some time to answer the question.

“Does someone know anywhere that Cheap Universal Studios Tickets can be purchased? We will be there in …..”

I am sorry; the question had sub questions attached to it so I edited to fit this post.

My answer:
“ is the ultimate source for discount tickets for Disney World and all Orlando theme parks, dinner shows and attractions.”

The person who asked the question is quite aware that theme park tickets are most expensive. I sent a private message that it is very wise to plan and buy discounted tickets well in advance so that he can save substantial money and time.

Decorating for a party.

Haw many times you have thrown a party without ever giving importance to the appearance of the venue?

You would have carefully picked your menu, ensured that the best food is prepared with neatly laid tables with candles and all those things. But your guests' first view will be your house if that is where you are giving the party.

Your party decoration ideas set the mood of the party. They can be fun or formal, but they should fit the purpose and theme. If you are lacking in ideas here is where you will find some very popular themes and ideas, along with supplies, decorating ideas, recipes, activities and more.

But if you want some unique ideas, please let me know. I may be able to help if time permits.

Do you know Kirthar Range?

I have written about several holiday destinations in the western world. For a change I thought I could visit my neighbor Pakistan.

Kirthar National Park is also second largest Wildlife Park in Kirthar range. Kirthar and is located between the Balouchistan and in Karachi, this hilly area is covered with limestone hills are rise from 4000 to nearly 8000 feet and surround by a fossilized remnants from distinct ages from ancient times.

It extends southward for about 190 miles (300 km) from the Mula River in east-central Balochistan to Cape Muari (Monze) west of Karachi on the Arabian Sea.

The inhabitants of the region, chiefly Balochi, Sindhi, and Brahui tribes, subsist by flock grazing. Gabol being the major Baloch tribe living here.

Rare species of Animals found in Kirthar National park like, Sindh Wild Goat, Indian Fox, Egyptian vulture, Indian Pangolin, Desert Wolf, Chinkara Gazelle, Honey Badger, Jackal, Asiatic leopard, Bonnelli's eagle, Stripped Hyena, Jungle cat, and also a numbers of reptile and bird species found in Kirthar national park.


Thursday, June 28

Man came first or gold?

No one can answer that question. As per history ancient Egyptians and Romans fought for gold is a proof that gold existed even in 1400 BC.

In our local daily today, an Egyptian mummy was identified as a queen pharaoh said to have ruled the Egypt for 21 years around 1400 BC. There were objects around her that indicate gold.

So, for more than 3500 years, gold is the undisputed wealth symbol for mankind. Though gold coins were circulated as the legal currency in ancient times, paper currency came in to being long time ago. But time and again, it is proved that it can’t match the value of gold.

Many investors are shrewd enough to accumulate their wealth by investing in gold bullion substantially. As an investment product, gold is the most preferred metal over silver.

But of late, world population has turned its attention on silver too expecting its price to go up steadily because world demand for silver now exceeds annual production. That’s why Monex says in their recent web release that there may never be a better time for buying silver bullion than right now.

Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs.

Want an award?

I was asked to cast my vote on his blog by my online contact in Germany.
When I clicked on his link I landed on Blogger's Choice Awards.

Hmmm.. Good web site with lot of blogs that are broadly categorized. After casting my vote for my friend's blog on Java, I browsed around a bit. Clicked on several blogs on various categories.

I liked blogs on the gadgets and geek category. I was impressed by a few blogs on education and home schooling.

Here is one blog on blogging:
Good blog with very well written posts on several aspects about blogging.

I thnak my friend who invited me to vote for his blog.

Mom is teaching.

Which mom is not teaching? Every mom whose has kids that go to school, spends at least an hour to teach her children or make them read or do home work.

That reminds me; almost every mom also does the home work for their children-true or not? But some times moms too need support from others.

Welcome to Mom Is Teaching, where you can find support, advice and encouragement from another parent who is sailing through the rough waters of homeschooling right with you.

About them they describe,"Look for tips, news, and lots of laughs. You better turn off the TV, stop hitting your sister, and pay attention because Mom Is Teaching."

It is great blog for moms to get inspiration on several subjects. Plus one get new ideas in home schooling.

Tuesday, June 26

Take free wall clocks.

A notice board with the above words was hung on the gate of my neighbor.

I attended my neighbor’s son’s marriage last week. Due to lack of time, I did not buy any gifts but presented a gift check.

But why this notice all of a sudden. When I found out the reason, I burst out laughing. It seems the bridegroom has received 11 wall clocks as gift. And he said he has only 10 walls to hang all of them.

He was terribly disappointed. As a matter of fact, he will not even wear a watch because he hates to look at the time. He gets tensed when somebody reminds him the time.

Are the citizens of Madras that dull? Can they not come up with some novel gift ideas?After all wedding favors are symbols of cherished memories

If people don’t have time to go to shop, they can always shop online. I too felt guilty for not looking up at the internet that has some great Wedding Superstores from where I could have ordered something unique.

I bookmarked for my future reference.

The smell on ladies fingers.

Hey, I mean the vegetables!

In our part of India, ladies finger is the best green vegetable and almost every one loves them. There is even a legend that says ladies finger increases your mathematics ability. I suppose it was a method to make the children eat it.

Last week, I bought nearly one kg of ladies finger from the local shop. After cooking, it let out a bad smell that my husband identified it as a chemical smell though he was not sure whether it was a pesticide or a fertilizer.

This is very sad. In spite of repeated request to farmers not to use chemicals, it has fallen on deaf ears. These greedy farmers want to make a quick buck compromises on our health.

Organic farming is yet to catch on in India.

Mothers day gift.

Who says teenagers are not creative? I vehemently oppose it.

My son who has just crossed the teenage is always very creative. You should see some of his paintings to believe what I say. Great paintings on cloth that he learnt on his own. Now don't you call it creative?

He never took coaching on drawing or painting. He just has it in himself. He painted at the age of 8 dear!

So, that's what he gave me on mothers' day; an exquisite painting of a folk woman playing flute while carrying a water pot on her head. I could not believe it! The woman herself was beautiful and slender. Even in her dark color, she looked stunning.

Where did he ever see that kind of a woman to capture on his mind and paint?

Beat Warren Buffett with Powerpot.

I know it is but I thought powerpot is more apt for this options trading sftware that enables us to earn money in options trading.

If you really want to come any where near the legendary Warren Buffett, you should learn how to minimize the risks in stock market. Most traders get carried away with some gains early in the day but return home terribly dejected after losing the gains plus some more.

Sounds familiar to you? Well, who has not undergone that experience at the start of their share market venture?

Now, there are many tools that are near fool proof or rather, should I say loss proof?

In order to identify stocks that promise good return on investment, you can bank on options trading software that automatically sort, filter, and analyze all 3,000+ optionable stocks and 195,000+ options online.

Won’t that be sufficient to see a turn around on your luck? But, Poweropt offers many more educational tools that make your stock trading a profitable one.

For example, their SmartSearchXL® technology is an ideal tool to create your own spreadsheet with a lot of data with which you can make a detailed comparative study.

Why don’t you try it for 14 days for free and then decide?

Shopping in Disneyland.

I was advised several times not to forget the shopping in Disneyland. Disneyland is famous for not only for theme parks and dinner shows but shopping too can be an unforgettable experience.

Sure, I intend to do quite a lot of shopping as I have to oblige several relatives and friends.
My first stop of course will be at Marceline’s Confectionary. My husband is crazy about pastries and candies even at this age.

For mementos and gifts, it will have to be Department 56. Liquid Planet is another popular ‘must-visit’, while in Disneyland. The store has exclusive beach-ware and surfing gear.

The most important shopping is to be done at Club Libby Lu that sells make-up products. But where do I get video games that are based on Disney characters? I cannot go back o India without them. My brother's daughter will not let me in her house without that.

Where is marine park?

Oh, I am sorry, I rephrase my question: Where is the Marine Park in U.K.?

Marine Park holiday park can found in Rhyl in Denbighshire. There is a heated indoor pool that is surrounded by lovely beaches. Denbighshire is a principal area and county in North Wales. It is named after the historic county of Denbighshire.

English countryside is said to be absolutely idyllic and tales set on those ranches are always fascinating. Recently my cousin has settled there and sent me wonderful images of her farm.

The Suncentre:
The Rhyl Suncentre features an indoor leisure swimming pool featuring an indoor monorail, as well as Europe's first indoor surfing pool.

The Marine Park is a popular tourist destination, with fairground rides a miniature steam train that travels around the lake, a playground and numerous water sports clubs.

Go ahead, cancel your holiday trip.

Of course you will be asked to provide a valid reason for the cancellation of your pre-planned vacation booking but still you will get refunded up to 100%. Yes, dear, ‘refund’ up to 100% if your reason is covered in Trip Protection that you bought from the travel insurance veteran dealer TravelSafe.

In our fast paced life, anything can happen at anytime catching us off guard. We would not have anticipated an event that would jeopardize our much awaited vacation. When I planned our family vacation for Goa and arranged all the travel related matters well in advance, I did not anticipate my son’s campus interview to clash with our dates.

Sometimes, if these situations are not covered under our standard travel insurance protection, we stand to lose heavily if we cancel our trip. With premium travel insurance policy, if your reason for the cancellation is covered, you are still covered for up to 100 %.

Visit their website and read about all their travel insurance plans or call (800) 523-8020 anytime.

Saturday, June 23

Do you know Etosha National Park?

Game parks attract more visitors than beach resort. I too prefer game parks to any other attractions. But I am yet to visit one. But I have decided on one and that is Etosha National Park in Namibia, a west African country lying on the Atlantic coast to the north of South Africa.

Etosha National Park is an oasis for all the water starved animals.

The best months to see wildlife at
Etosha National Park are, August and September when animal numbers and density are at their peak.

The park gets copious water in the summer months, when it attracts pelicans and flamingos in particular. Peri annual springs attract a variety of game and birds throughout the year, including the endangered Black Rhinoceros and the endemic Black Face Impala.

Wednesday, June 20

Get dropped!

For our new house at the foot of the hills, (hey, the house is not yet ready but the hills are), we were going over a big list of items that are to be purchased during this weekend.

As usual, a brawl started up over the choice of bird perches; I wanted only one but my husband wanted 3. Ok, 3 it was and he had his say as ever.

We decided to recheck again in the morning and retired for the night. By noon, next day, our regular post man walked from the gate and knocked our door. He suggested us to install a mail box since the monsoon is just around the corner.

I thanked him sincerely for the reminder and looked up at the internet for some new kind of mailboxes. In about 7 minutes I was staring at a range of stunning looking residential mailboxes. Go ahead; you too stare at it below.

Isn’t it beautiful? Once at my porch, I am sure it is going to be the neighbors’ envy but owner’s pride. I am going to paint “Get Dropped here” over my mailbox in bright yellow color.

When I showed by husband about my findings, he too patted me and researched further for commercial mailboxes that his factory could use. Yes, he identified what he wanted and bought it without any second look.

Commercial Mailboxes

Three legged dog?

I don't usually lend my ears to such weird news. I like strange news but not weird news. I don't know, it throws me off balance and make me think about it for a long time.

I received an SMS from my friend and it goes like this:

"What do you call a three legged animal that looks exactly like a dog?"
"You call it a lame dog"


So my leg too was pulled. I liked the sense of humor and it makes you look for an answer in a tangential way.

Tuesday, June 19

Her name was Tracy Pink.

Yes, I know the word ‘Pink’ is odd in that name but may be it is to cover her real name though there was no necessity to do that.

But the way she handled a hysterical child who became too difficult for her mother to handle impressed everyone. This big drama happened in mid air, almost 35000 Ft, so I think it is not exactly correct to say ‘mid air’.

We were flying from Washington to New York when this happened. Shortly, Tracy was able to calm the down the child without any medication and this was what drew much praise from the air hostesses and of course from the mother too.

T. Pink credited Western Schools for her Nursing Education. Because of her not so pleasant early family life, she had determined to become a doctor in mental health but ended up taking a course in Psychiatric Patient Care after getting trained as a basic nurse in Western Schools, accredited by American Nurse Credentialing Center.

Western Schools, Pink informed us, is said to be the leader in continuing education for Nurses and their Nursing Education standard is top rated by several big hospitals in the U.S.

When the plane landed, everybody stepped away and allowed her to alight first, out of gratitude.

Sunday, June 17

Have you ever been to Egyptian Beaches?

Egypt-the land of surprising cultures and beliefs is one of the best tourist attraction in the world. Asians especially love to visit Egypt and it's beautiful warm beaches along the Mediterean coast.

More over, Egypt is not costlier when compared to major beach resorts in U.S. such as Florida, Hawaii and the food is more palatable to Asians than the western countries.

There are seven beach zones that are considered as the major attractions:
The Mediterranean beaches along the mainline coast from the Suez Canal over to Libya
The Mediterranean beaches along the northern Sinai
The Sinai coast along the gulf of Aqab
The Sinai coast along the Gulf of Suez
The southern Sinai region which opens onto the Red Sea
The Mainland coast along the Gulf of Suez
The Mainland coast south of that along the Red Sea.

It can be dream come true when you take a cruise in the romantic Nile.

If you want to hop on that boat above, please visit Tour Egypt.
And don't forget to share your experience in your blog.

Educational loan made easy.

I heard an alarm but discarded it thinking that it is not my timepiece that is making the sound because the sound seemed too distant.

When the alarm bell went off again in the next 5 minutes, I realized it is for me and woke up with a start. The time was 4.35 AM. I remembered the appointment I and my son have with a Student Loan Consolidation firm. Today is the interview day to consider our loan consolidation application.

When I went upstairs to wake up my son, I was rehearsing the probable questions and answers at the interview. I applied for an educational loan because I keep forgetting to pay the monthly loan installments to a few other debtors. My colleagues advised to go for a student loan consolidation plan that will enable me to pay to only one lender and the process is also easy.

As per federal laws, educational loans are easy to consolidate and they encourage such loan providers to make the process easy for the parents. Originally,. I thought of taking a private student loan but then I decided against it for some reasons. After doing some research in the Internet, I have come to believe that consolidation of multiple loans gives me less headache.

I trust my son will be able to pay off when he accepts the job that was offered to him during the campus interview.

Tuesday, June 12

Do you know Moolgiri?

Indians are more like to know what is Moolgiri than westerners. Or should I say, rice eaters are more likely to know because Moolgiri is a speciality rice for diabetics that was launched yesterday in Madras by the world famous Agriculturist Dr. M.S. Swaminathan.

This rice is said to contain low glycemic which is good for diabetics. My husband,a diabetic used jump on any products that is advertised as good for diabetics only to dump the new food supplement or main food itself in just two days after trying it.

I think this is applicable to every diabetic person. Finally, they all take refuge in their medicines and injections only.

India grows over 50k varieties of rice.

News inspiration: The Hindu

Monday, June 11

S.Angel Castle and my memories.

I just returned from a short trip to Goa, a city full of magnificent Churches and Forts.

When I visited St.Francis Xavier church, I was awe struck. It is the best church I have ever seen. It is believed to be 400 hundred years old and said to contain the remains of St. Francis Xavier.

This church was more beautiful than the S. Angel Castle in Rome but I had pleasant memories of Italy overall. Our family stayed in A La Roma dei Papi Hotel de Charme Rome and man what a hotel that was. We reserved in that hotel through Easy to and in fact it was the easiest thing to do when we planned our European tour.

Though the tour was little bit short, we managed to cover a lot of places and the other memorable place was Barcelona in Spain. It was as hot as my Madras so we were on familiar grounds though the language Spanish was tough to understand.

I have bookmarked for my future European tour but that won’t happen in the near future.

Sunday, June 10

Watching flamingos from Phoenix Condo.

“The most captivating sight is to watch the big flamingos dive in to lake, from a high rise condominium. I would sacrifice all the so called worldly comforts for this one sight.”

When my relative living in one of the Phoenix Condos located at Fountain Hills emailed thus, along with a video clip of what she described, I wish I were there sharing her happiness.

Fountain Hills occupies the extreme Northeast corner of Maricopa County outside of the Valley proper and on the down slope into the Verde River Valley.

The Condominiums at Fountain Hills tend to be a little more upscale than the average across the Valley, though not so much as to put them out of the reach of upper middle class buyers.

My relative’s love for isolation made her choose this particular location and she was open in her appreciation for the Condo Company’s selection of the location.

When the launched their Condo List, my relative took no time in identifying her condo. The website made it easy for her to contact the seller directly and completed the transaction without any hassle.

If you are looking for condos in Phoenix is your number one source!

Video resume is accepted.

Well, what a news! What a fantastic news!

Being a Sunday, I had time to read my local daily leisurely even though I am racing against time to complete my blogging assignments from

The world's premier job portal MonsterIndia has invited applicants for job to upload their resume in a video file in place of text resume. "But don't exceed two minutes" says Vikas Agarwal, Vice President of Monster India.

'This can avoid the logistics issues when attending a face to face interview' -reports 'The Hindu'.
It is a free service of course but applicants should use hitech video equipments if they want to really impress their prospective employers.

The Internet is amazing-isn't it?

Don't worry men!

My husband used to question those fashion and beauty magazines, "Are they unaware of men?
Why all these magazines always features beauty products for women only, after all they decorate for the sake of attracting men only?"

Hmm.. a valid question I must admit. To satisfy his ego, I searched the Internet and found out Grooming Lounge.

The Grooming Lounge is the country's premiere destination for quality men's grooming products and services. Whether a man is looking for a new shaving regimen, a hair product, a skincare solution or a way to deal with an embarrassing problem, the Grooming Lounge can help.

"Grooming Lounge is a company dedicated to offering the myriad of grooming solutions available. If something works, we want to give men the option of benefiting from such solution. Be it blade, electric, solar and so on" says their web site.

Come on men, spread the word before you spread the new shaving gel on your stubble.

Saturday, June 9

Buying Miami Dolphins Tickets.

Success breeds popularity and popularity breeds increase in price. You can apply this rule to any business either online or offline.

Not only business but this rule is equally applicable to professional sports teams. Do you remember the price of Miami Dolphins Tickets the last time you purchased? Probably yes, you might remember but do you expect the same price this year around?

Not so, considering the increase in the interest in football games overall and the increase in popularity of the Miami Dolphins in particular.

So what’s the solution?

Buy your sports tickets online from licensed ticket broker who claims to have the largest inventory of tickets for all the major sports events, popular musical shows and various fun shows in Las Vegas.

But even with them, it is not advisable to wait till the last moment. If you want to watch the Miami Dolphins play the NFL from a good position in the stadium, you would better buy now.

Poor students in India.

Who else can be the apt person than myself to pity the students of India.

Especially students studying in 12th standard are the poorest of the lot. Their day begins at 5.30 am to attend Mathematics class at my academy, he they trod off to another place for another subject.

The time now is 7.45 AM. They must be in their school by 8.00 AM. The schools closes at 4.30 PM and again they begin their march towards coaching classes for other subjects. They return home by 7.30 PM.

When they will eat, study, entertain themselves, socialize with fellow students, wash, prepare for the next day classes?

They are not getting any value education but only getting themselves dumped with.....
I better not utter the word. Fill it up by yourself.

Watching random blogs.

Watching random blogs is quite interesting and sometimes amusing too.

When you open, you will see the random blogs displayed at the left side flashing only the title of the blogs in blue color. Click on it and it will open in a new window.

I just watched only a couple of blogs and surprisingly both are by Indians. Hmmm... Indian bloggers are on the rise really.

Well, the first blog is about terrorist attacks which I skipped immediately. I will never read anything negative.

The next blog is about investing in India. It speaks mostly about Indian stock market. Nope, not my cup of tea.

Came back to and watched two non English blogs flash away and the the third blog had a title, "????". What that could be about?

How do you achieve these?

  • Increase the loyalty of your customers.
  • Get reminded of your appointments automatically without a secretary
  • When your bills are up for payment, you are reminded.

Just set up a new VOIP Small Business phone systems in your office.

But wait, do you know you need not pay any upfront money to install this latest communication gadget?

Do you know that there is no maintenance that is required for this?

Do you know you can enjoy free 4-digit dialing between all branch, satellite, or home office locations?

Support and service:

Mostly you may not require but still be at peace knowing that you get unlimited free service & support.

Xpander Communications’ Nimbus VoIP is not only a phone system, but a total bundle that gives you access to free local area calling and free long distance minutes.

VoIP is poised for tremendous growth in the communication industry and now is the time to align you with it.

Taking care of my nails.

A woman with all the womanly concerns, I am a collector of different colors of nail polish. Even a nail polish company such as an internationally renowned Essie may have to approach me for a unique color.

And don't underestimate Essie ladies, just peep in their website and you won't come back to this blog for quite some time.

Their products have won many awards and some of their nail polish colors are just stunning. It is not enough to just appreciate it online, you should wear it on your nails to see the effect mainly on you.

The nail polish you see above is for those who have dark skins. Their nail polish is said to last 4 weeks long.

Friday, June 8

Do you know Paleo Eskimo?

Why I brought up this subject? For the last two days, I have watched an ad for a mobile phone that featured Eskimos.

Greenland was home to a number of Paleo-Eskimo cultures in prehistory, the latest of which disappeared around the year 200 AD. Hereafter, the island seems to have been uninhabited for some eight centuries.

I think I was in my 5th standard when I first studied about Eskimos and their amazing huts. From that time onwards, I wanted meet an Eskimo in person but that is impossible in this hot Madras.

So, I was fascinated to watch Eskimos on the television advertisement but are they real or just made up?

Whatever it may be, I enjoyed the advertisement.

Relax! Buy sports tickets online.

My cousin plays basketball for his university in America. He has been playing since 4 years.

He takes up the left wing because he is a natural left hander and he is good. I watched him play last year when I visited U.S.

When I expressed my wish to watch Miami HEAT play live, he laughed at me. He added that getting a ticket to watch them play is near impossible unless one buys way ahead.

Sure, he said, we can buy sports tickets online from several online tickets brokers but the time was limited for us. However we tried our luck with Premium Seats USA, the number one sports and concerts tickets seller.

But, ‘Sorry’, was the message as all Miami Heat Tickets were sold out. My cousin told me that if I extend my stay for a few more weeks, it is possible to buy tickets for their next game.

How can I, as my visa period was running out. Do you know what I did; I bought a ticket for him for the next game that Miami HEAT scheduled to play and arranged to send it to him through FedEx. I remembered to buy it from

Thursday, June 7

Don’t buy! I will give it for free.

If you browse through your cupboard or loft, you will be amazed at the clutter that you have piled up over a period which you either are not using it at all or use it very rarely.

Some of the items might not have left its’ place for years. What do you do with them?
You either lend it or just give it away for free.

Who will borrow or take it away?
Anyone that requires them.

How will I contact them?
Through Social Way of course.

SocialWay is a place where you can share stuff with anyone - friends, people in your neighborhood, workplace, and school or just about anyone - for FREE.

On SocialWay, you can find all kinds of things that you would prefer to borrow and not buy. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can put it on your wish list and see if there are any matches. You can also share your own things to lend or give away, with control over who can see your items.

You can also see the environmental impact of your SocialWay activities through the Emissions Saved and the SocialWay RootprintTM figures.

Wednesday, June 6

Oral spray for weight loss.

Though I am never bothered with excessive weight, I am at times bothered by the feeling of heaviness. This happens especially when I yield to temptations and eat in between regular meals.

Even when I am not hungry, I make frequent trips to the kitchen and find something to eat that results in a feeling of heaviness. I know this slowly leads to obesity and I badly want to get rid of this habit.

I came to know about a oral spray that destroys the cravings. If this is really true, then I can serioyusly try it out.

But before that, I need to know about any side effects and it's overall effectiveness. Anyone care to chip in?

Turn your customers into marketers.

Strategies to increase sales have evolved beyond imagination. Internet marketers are coming up new ideas every day and I for one, never fail to recognize such brilliant talents.

As an affiliate of link connector, I get to know myriad web sites in diverse areas. Refer Now is offering their services to manage your customers and converting them to market your products and services with your contribution of course.

You have a web site selling various tutorials. By offering your existing customers some sort of rewards for referring their friends, you make them as your marketing partners.

But for this, you need to set up a separate tracking software and manage it too. will do it for you for a monthly cost of $20.

Visit them to get full details.

Saturday, June 2

Doing doctorate course online is convenient.

This following blog post is based on the information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Based on the information provided by about Capella University’s PhD program on Education, I am contemplating to take it up next year.

I will be completing my M.Phil by September this year. Since I hold a Masters degree in Education, I am qualified to do the doctorate course in Education and attending an online university is perfect by me. It will be easier to pursue my studies online as my full time occupation offline takes up much of my time.

I really want to work with the academicians of Capella University and especially with Sara Orem, Jacqueline Binkert, PhD, and Ann Clancy, PhD who have all authored this book on Appreciative Coaching.

As the entire education industry is talking about this book, my interest and curiosity is aroused. I am sure I can dedicate my knowledge thus gained to the Indian students’ community.

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Hunab Ku-The Great Mayan God.

Being familiar with the Hindu mythology, I found Mayan mythology very much similar to it. I love reading about our ancestors irrespective o...