Thursday, January 29

World's biggest chocolate fountain.

Kids, children, teenagers and adults gather big in Las Vegas not to win on machines but to watch the biggest chocolate fountain in the world.

How big is the chocolate fountain?
It is said to be 27 feet and contains about 2100 pounds of all the chocolate varieties-the dark, the white and the milk.

The chocolate fountain starts from Jean-Philippe Patisserie, inside Bellagio hotel. The entire fountain is enclosed in glass from ceiling to floor.

If in case you are contemplating to collect the chocolate fudge in glass jar at the exit of the fountain, then you are disappointed. The chocolate is recollected again and recycled.

The aroma must be heavenly-isn't so?

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Monday, January 26

Obesity free generations.

If only, more obese people are aware of the fact that their mothers are the cause of their obesity, they might start blaming them.

I happen to read a news item a few of weeks ago that high fat diet during pregnancy causes some changes in fetal brain and that leads to obesity even in kids.It is a sort of programming the body’s metabolism even before birth.

This is based on some research that suggests exposure to triglycerides from the mother’s diet has the same effect on the developing fetal brain — and that the effect then lasts throughout the offspring’s life.

If mothers are aware of this rare fact, they may soon be the cause for obesity free generations.

Thursday, January 22

Do you know Beehive Tombs.

Dromos entrance to the Treasury of AtreusImage via WikipediaDon't mistake Beehive tomb is a burial place for bees. A tomb is a burial place for monarchs of the Mughal era. To my knowledge, tombs became famous in India only during the Muslim rule.

A beehive tomb which is also known as the Tholos tomb is a burial structure. The tomb consists of smaller rings of mud bricks thus giving it look of a beehive.

The architecture of beehive shaped tombs is credited to the Neolithic age.

History says that beehive tombs were also used for different purposes such as homes in Cyprus, ritual in Syria, and even fortification in Spain and Sardinia.

These beehive tombs may not interest you and I but I am sure my husband would spend at least half a day at these sites and imagine himself to be a stone age monarch.

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Monday, January 19

Just drink wine and more wine.

The blog post I made on Bodie attracted a feedback from a Californian thanking me for the information that was new to him though he is from San Francisco.

May be this blog post on another place in San Francisco will also meet his attention.

The place to see is Sonoma Valley Wine Country. The name is heady and its wine is as famous as Nepa valley wine. Sonoma Valley is just outside San Francisco, just an hour away.

What to do at Sonoma Valley?
Taste wine of course as every tourist does and then have nice day out at Jack London State Park. Sonoma Valley is just the place to relax by drinking and eating.

Sonoma Valley from Google Images

Friday, January 16

Do you know Jug Band?

Jug Band is a team of musicians that use odd musical instruments such as jugs, mugs, spoons, stovepipe and comb & tissue paper and many more.

They use ordinary things and create sound out of them. They even made guitars from gourds! Quite amazing-right?

Do you know that the first jug bands to record were the Louisville and Birmingham jug bands?

When I was growing up, I was taught to use a special leaf to make musical notes. I know of a friend of my husband adapt an empty biscuit tin as a percussion instrument. In remote villages in my state Tamilnadu, villagers use several day to day objects like empty glass bottle, conch as musical instruments.

Thursday, January 15

The longest castle.

The title is a bit odd, isn't it?

Burghausen Castle-Bavaria

The adjective 'longest' is rather improper to describe a castle I feel. What do you say?

However, the purpose of this blog post is not to question the English but to introduce to you the longest castle in Europe-the continent that offers places to see than any other continents in the world. Probably, Africa comes second to my mind.

Where is the longest castle in Europe?

This castle is known as Burghausen castle and it lies 110km from Munich, overlooking the Salzach river. The castle has six linked courtyards, and extends for a little over a kilometer along the river ridge.

Image courtesy: Goolge Images

Monday, January 5

Galileo became totally blind.

Do you know that Galileo became totally blind in 1934? But he received visitors till 1942.

The period of Galileo was between 1564 to 1642. He was born in Pisa, the famous city for the leaning tower.
He was a virtuoso- a physicist, mathematician, astronomer and a philosopher.

He is still fondly remembered as the father of modern observational astronomy and the father of modern physics.

It is very sad to note that Galileo spent the last years of his life under house arrest on orders of the Roman Inquisition. How can they be so cruel to a blind man who has given his life to the society?

The modern generation owe much to him. His death anniversary falls on 8th January.

Friday, January 2

World's largest ice Santa.

Turning adversaries into compatibles-a noble and practical attitude is being put into use by the tireless Chinese.
When the whole world is dreading the snow and ice, Chinese is sculpting the world's largest Santa out of ice.

Harbin city is located in the north China where the temperature has fallen below zero degree. Ice is seen everywhere.

A giant Santa is being sculpted that rises to 160 meters long and 24 meters height. If you wonder what is the temperature at Harbin, near Siberia, it is now minus 35 degrees Celsius.

The annual ice festival attracts 800k tourists every year with more count expected this year's white Christmas. Yes, that is how they call it-White Christmas.

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