Monday, September 29

Do you know head transplant?

Yes, I mean head of an animal or man being replaced with the head of a similar species of course! (Smile)

Was it ever done successfully-the head transplant?
Yes, a monkey was fortunate to have fitted with the head of another monkey as early as in 1970. But successfully? No is the answer. Yes, the fitted perfectly and this new organ was accepted by the body but the part of the body below the head was totally paralyzed.

Can a man expect this miracle for their benefit?
Of course not yet! The reason is this:
"A human head transplant would most likely require cooling of the brain to the point where all neural activity stops. This is to prevent neurons from dying while the brain is being transplanted. Ethical considerations have thus far prevented any reported attempt by surgeons to transplant a human being's head"

I dare not think of me having another head! It is so bizarre even to think-eh?

Source:http: Encyclopedia

Friday, September 26

How to cut a fish?

Imagine a staunch vegetarian teaching you how to cut a fish! No, it is not me who does the teaching (I teach only mathematics) but this innovative toy shows even a kid how to cut a fish and clean it too.

Hey, do you know that this is just a toy that is used to teach a 3 year old to cut open the fish neatly and clean it?

Will it also teach how to remove the scales?

Courtesy: The Internet. ( I am sorry, I forgot to note down the source)

Tuesday, September 23

Do you know the name?

I have been searching the Internet for the name of this bird and its native land. I drew a blank so far. Isn't this bird stunning? I am at awe at God's imagination while creating this bird. God must have been in an excellent mood to have visualized this fantastic color combination.

In Flickr, where this picture is posted, every viewer wanted to give award for the photographer. I also liked the short description beneath the photo that reads:

"This is similar shot to my previous posting except that this bird is looking beyond the horizon asking what future lies ahead of him/her. Will he/she be a model, a dancer, an actor/actress and then realize what ever he/she be will be, our future is not ours to see..."

Visit the Flickr link above and read the comments of appreciation.

Saturday, September 20

Do you know Salerno butter cookies?

Salerno butter cookies are said to be the tastiest butter cookies. But I heard that it is not available all over America. I think one can buy them in Chicago area only.

I once tasted them long back when someone brought Salerno butter cookies from the U.S. I don't even remember who brought them elae I would have gained more information on it.

Now, suddenly, a question I read about it somewhere in the web kindled my memories and I am now craving for Salerno butter cookies.

I did a search in the Yahoo! but nothing was in its search results. Any help please?

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Tuesday, September 16

Do you know The Huaorani?

The likeness of Japan is surely deceiving us because the word refers to something definitely not Japanese.

What is it then?
The actual meaning of Huaorani is 'human'. This refers to a sect of people living in the depth of Amazon jungles. They are said to be of native of Ecuador.

Now, there are only about 2000 of Huaorani people. They speak a language called Huao Terero. Several Huaorani communities have rejected all contact with outsiders and move often to progressively more isolated areas.

In 1956, a group of five American missionaries, led by Jim Elliot and pilot Nate Saint, made contact with the Huaorani in what was known as Operation Auca. Two days after friendly contact with three Huaorani, all five of the missionaries were killed in a spearing attack by a larger group from the same Huaorani clan.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Saturday, September 13

Do you know wish fulfilling trees?

I am not kidding. There are beliefs that certain trees are capable of fulfilling our wishes. Of course, faith and belief play the major part here.

Hindu mythology quotes incidences and trees for granting wishes. Even water bodies such as tanks and rivers are said to possess such powers.

Wish trees are individual trees which have been distinguished—often by species, position, or appearance—as the objects of wishes. Visitors commonly offer up coins, liquor, and other gifts in order to gain fulfillment of their desires.

Among the most famous wish tree visitors was Queen Victoria, whose 1877 visit to an oak in the Scottish Highlands brought it much fame.

One such tree is hawthorn (see image above) which still stands near Ardmaddy House in Argyll, Scotland. The trunk and branches are covered with hundreds of coins which have been driven through the bark and into the wood. The local tradition is that a wish will be granted for each of the coins so treated.

Are Christmas trees connected to the concept of wish trees?

Do you know Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is not the name of any place on planet earth. It is used to describe some unusual coincidences that are often considered as meaningful.

You can come across this term 'Synchronicity' in psychological books and spirituality books. Some may call this as miracle.

This word was first coined by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the experience of two or more causally unrelated events that are conceptually similar and have very little chance of occurring together randomly—such as the discovery of the same idea by two different people at approximately the same time. Jung felt the principle was conclusive evidence for his concept of the "collective unconscious,".

For example, when you follow certain new methods to control your mind's uncontrollable journey, you notice strange events, new acquaintances that will lead you to your desire or goal. This turn of events are called synchronicity.

Friday, September 12

Do you know Urine Dipstick?

I don’t want to relive all the not so pleasant memories but still, just for information purpose, let me briefly tell you what is a Urine Dipstick?

It is an easy way to find out the presence of Albumin in the urine. Albumin is a form protein which if exceeds the prescribed level can cause Female Urinary Tract Infections. Women are most vulnerable to Urinary Tract Infections.

I have gained pages of information about this infection, causes, symptoms and treatment from Epocrates Online Inc, developers of medical software used by over 500,000 healthcare professionals.

Yes, I also owe my gratitude to my sister-in-law, a gynecologist who tirelessly treated me for urinary infection several times in the past.

Clinicians seeking information online or patients interested in learning more about their health care can visit for access to this free resource.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Wednesday, September 10

Do you know photographic mosaic?

Can you identify the technique used to form this image? It is called 'photographic mosaic.'

Let me refresh your memory. I was studying 10th standard when I was taught this method of art. I was given an assignment of drawing the map Japan in size of 6 by 6. The idea used was like the photographic mosaic where a picture made of smaller pictures.

You might have seen the pictures of Mona Lisa, made by using the technique of photomosaic.

We draw several smaller rectangular sections of an image with smaller pictures or photographs of an appropriate average color. When viewed from afar, a primary image is visible, but when examined closely, the hundreds or thousands of smaller images acting as pixels are revealed.

Thank you The Free Dictionary!
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Saturday, September 6

Do you know this Purple Zennia?

Purple ZinniaImage by blipars via Flickr This is one flower that is truly missing from my neighbour's garden. I was approached to look out for more information on Purple Zennia by my neighbour.

I have been trying to some data on it for the past 20 minutes but nothing concrete so far has been dug.

I searched the search engines and a fe flower related forums, It seems everyone is trying to know mote this gorgeous looking flower.

Any help please?

Thursday, September 4

Do you know breast feeding pillow?

A lot of women don’t put on weight even after marriage. I was one among them. Even during the final stages of my pregnancy, I was as skinny as a walking stick. I was weighing only 36 KGs.

It was quite a stress holding my baby while feeding, though he was weighing less than 3 KGs. In fact my arm bones were hurting him. I used to stuff a soft towel underneath the baby’s head.

Yesterday, I happened to see this breast feeding pillow that could have come in handy to me 22 years ago. This thoughtful product is from, one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of medical supplies and life enhancing products in the United States.

This pillow is nicely called Bosom Baby Pillow and it facilitates the perfect position for mothers to raise baby up to breast level, making the latch-on process easier. The unique V-shape also makes a cozy, comfortable maternity sleeping pillow.

Allegro Medical’s great range of products (55,000 products, under 50 categories and hundreds of sub-categories) include Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Maternity/Baby Supplies and Outdoor Gear.

Allegro Medical ( is a division of Allegro Enterprises, Inc., a privately-owned company based in Tempe, Arizona.

Tuesday, September 2

The tea that helps you shed weight!

This can be the ultimate solution for losing excess weight that is formed due to accumulation of fat and unwanted toxins.

I blogged about so many diet pills to reduce weight but this is the best way to reduce fat.

This following news story appeared in the front page of Times of India today.

”Try the slimming tea brewed in the rural backyards of Tamil Nadu — Tinneveli senna tea. People across the world, from Japan to the US, have taken to drinking tea from Tamil Nadu before dinner to shed weight or relieve constipation.

The leaves, pods and extracts of the senna herb from the arid regions of Tuticorin and Virudhunagar in southern Tamil Nadu are sitting on shelves of stores in Hong Kong, Tokyo, California and Berlin. “Senna tea bags are a big hit abroad. And the market is set to grow further,” says B S Sajwan, chief executive officer of the Union health ministry’s national medicinal plants board. “

Read full story

Monday, September 1

Do you know Puffins?

Puffins are beautiful looking birds that are said to be noisy and flamboyant.
I have not seen this bird in flights but the link in this blog post has got stunning photographs of them in real closeup.

Puffins spend the winters at sea, floating, swimming and diving for food, coming to land only during the nesting season. But massive numbers of the puffins are not returning to the islands to breed after wintering in the North Sea.

They’re more flexible feeders than other seabirds, catching fish, squid, worms and other much smaller marine organisms in winter.

The sad news is their decline in numbers in North Sea.

Full story: Life in the fast lane.

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