Tuesday, September 2

The tea that helps you shed weight!

This can be the ultimate solution for losing excess weight that is formed due to accumulation of fat and unwanted toxins.

I blogged about so many diet pills to reduce weight but this is the best way to reduce fat.

This following news story appeared in the front page of Times of India today.

”Try the slimming tea brewed in the rural backyards of Tamil Nadu — Tinneveli senna tea. People across the world, from Japan to the US, have taken to drinking tea from Tamil Nadu before dinner to shed weight or relieve constipation.

The leaves, pods and extracts of the senna herb from the arid regions of Tuticorin and Virudhunagar in southern Tamil Nadu are sitting on shelves of stores in Hong Kong, Tokyo, California and Berlin. “Senna tea bags are a big hit abroad. And the market is set to grow further,” says B S Sajwan, chief executive officer of the Union health ministry’s national medicinal plants board. “

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