Saturday, December 30

Do you know nearly everyone hates their job.

More than 75% of employees are currently looking for new jobs, according to a poll released by the Society for Human Resource Management and The Wall Street Journal's

How can that be so high? Well, on average, 12% of their organizations' work forces has voluntarily resigned since the beginning of the year. The report also find that HR goons are scrambling to figure out how to keep their employees.

Source: Tech Gigger

But why?

In my opinion, people take the job as it comes due to various reasons and they end up naturally worn out because they happen to do their job without any real passion. They find it monotonous and boring.

So what's the solution?
Simple! By really changing their attitude and start deriving pleasure from their competence.
Whatever be the nature of job, if you start giving your 100%, you will not even think of quitting any job.

I practice this always.

Thursday, December 28

Do you know Duvet Cover?

Duvet Cover mostly known in countries which has winter season or cold weather. Duvet cover is a bed comforter cover, it is a type of blanket filled with wool or synthetic fibers that is used put on top of a fitted sheet.

It is used as a second sheet changing your bedroom decoration easier, because just by changing your duvet cover, it already gives different look on your room.

Duvet covers usually have one end that has a zipper or buttons that can seal the duvet cover around the comforter. Duvet covers fit tightly around duvets and protect them from getting dirty or soiled.

One of the reasons why people use duvet cover, is because it would be easier to clean your duvet cover instead of your own comforter, especially if the bed comforter is made from feather (you need special method to wash this kind of comforter).

Duvet covers has variety of sizes, but the difference usually just 8-10 inches. Comparing the actual size of your comforter would be wise thing to do before buying a new duvet cover, make sure you don't buy something that in the end you can't use. You must pay attention to the fabric type, silk, plyester cotton blend, or 100% cotton ? The higher the quality means that your duvet cover will last longer.

Duvet covers are made from different kind of patterns, you can choose fabric styles, solid colors, patterned, etc. This little changes can change the whole look of your bedroom. The best part is you can wash duvet cover just like a cleaning sheets, put them in the washer and dryer as needed. Since duvet cover resides on top of the bed, you don't have to wash your comforter

Do you know Prognathism?

It refers to conditions where the mandibular (lower) dental arch seems to be more protruded with respect to the maxillary (upper) dental arch.

Prognathism in all its kinds can be a hereditary condition which develops during growth or may also occur due to accident.

I think I am familiar with the cause of accident. My husband is the ideal example who met with an accident very early in his childhood and ended up with prognathism.

Unfortunately, India was not equipped well to treat him.
The medical world has witnessed a sea of change at present.

Just read about Hayfield Dental Care that has been serving the residents of Alexandria and the surrounding areas since 1987 with impeccable record.

Equipped with latest dental treatment instruments and furniture, the Hayfield Dental Care has trained its team of doctors in every specialty that is available in dental and oral care.

All of the dentists at Hayfield Dental Care have perfect records with the Virginia Board of Dentistry with a history of zero complaints. The doors at Hayfield Dental Care are always open for new patients and emergencies. Give them a call at 703-971-2220.

Tuesday, December 19

3 months free insurance for your mobile phones.

Last year there were 1.3 million mobile phone thefts a year in Britain.

Don’t you think you should protect your mobile phone; after all it is your hard earned money.

Approach The Phone Spot and they will make things easier by offering you 3 months free insurance. That is the same as 25% off if you're on a 12 month contract!

To take out insurance and for full details of our insurance policies just select the 'FREE Insurance' option when you order your phone.

If you are new to ‘The Phone Spot’ please know that it is a brand new direct mobile and telecommunications business from The Carphone Warehouse, the UK's largest mobile phone retailer.

I believe the latest sensation among all age groups is the motorola mobile phones and its variants. But whatever may be the price of different Motorola mobile phones and irrespective of the different mobile tariffs, there is one guarantee given by the phone

They call it aptly the ‘Price Match Guarantee’ that is explained below:

“If you find a deal better than ours on your new mobile phone from any other approved Direct Dealer prior to or within 7 days of ordering your handset, we guarantee to match it!”

What a confidence!

Sunday, December 17

Do you know walking holidays?

Singles Walking Holidays in Menorca to be enjoyed not endured.

Menorca Singles Walking is part of the Menorca Walking Holidays Group that organizes walking holidays around the stunning island of Menorca.

We like to think that we have the 'knack' of looking after single travelers and all of the pages on this website contain genuine comments from our guests about their walking holidays with us.

We are not just about walking, of equal importance are good food, good company and a happy fun atmosphere between groups of like minded people. Weather allowing, we also organize various optional activities, including a boat trip to take in the fabulous Mediterranean sunset.

For more information on Menorca Singles Walking, please drop us an email via our contact page or you could call Menorca Singles Walking direct on free phone 0800 072 4832.

Thursday, December 14

What is the exact role of Page Rank?

If you have a website, you probably want it to be seen by as many people as possible.
Ok, how to go about it systematically?
Do you agree that approximately around 85% of visitors find a website through search engines? So, if you improve your search engine rankings you’re going to improve the number of hits your website gets every day?
The balance 15% of visits are made possible through several factors like links to your website found in directories, blogs and signatures.

Wondering what the best way is to increase link popularity on your website? Google currently drives the most traffic to websites that rank at the top of their organic results.

In this process what Google really looks for now are links pointing to your website from many different sources on the Internet.

Here is an interesting observation made by the Internet marketing giant USWeb.
“Page Rank is still a factor in that scenario, but there is a lot to be said about receiving 1000 links from different websites as opposed to receiving 100 links from different websites with a good Page Rank. Nobody can tell you the exact difference in the quality of one over the other but in our experience 1000 links from different websites with low levels of Page Rank work better in increasing your rankings within the organic results of Google.”

Read it again to realize its importance mate.

Google also gives weightage to where the link is placed on the website and gives more value when the link is within textual content as opposed to sitting at the bottom of the page in a list of links.

Google also looks at the text that surrounds the link and determines how targeted that text is compared to the page that the link points to.

I could go on and on but it is better you read it yourself leisurely by clicking on the link in this blog post.

Are you a viral marketing candidate?

If so, you are said to possess the one of the two vital characteristics of internet giants like YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Digg.

The second characteristics is your website must be a strong candidate for leveraging natural search traffic.

If you are sure that you have these two, then you can seriously emulate the success stories of the above said companies.

It is important to distinguish between word of mouth marketing and viral distribution. While any compelling Internet service can benefit from word of mouth exposure, not every compelling consumer Internet service possesses the proper characteristics to rely on viral distribution.

A viral Internet service is one where each new user must involve friends to derive personal value from the service. This is best exhibited by communication and hyper-social services.

Interested in learning more about achieving internet success?
Then read it here fully:

1,200 Square Feet Under the Sea.

For a 24-hour view of one of the most vibrant coral reefs on Earth, book a room at the world's first underwater hotel.

A group of commercial developers is hyping the creation of the $500-million Hydropolis Undersea Resort. A sprawling 1.1-million-square-foot complex —with lavish suites, a ballroom, a shopping mall and a missile-defense system to ward off terrorists." from, Popular Science. Check out the virtual video tour, pretty amazing.

Bruce Jones has spent much of his career designing underwater toys for the rich and famous. The 50-year-old president of U.S. Submarines is best known for building ultraluxe custom subs, $80-million vessels that feature private staterooms, paneled interiors made from exotic hardwoods, plush carpeting, and enough onboard oxygen to keep you and 10 friends breathing easy for three weeks of cruising at depths of nearly 1,000 feet.

Now Jones is redirecting his expertise in undersea opulence toward the hotel industry. His plan: to open the Poseidon Mystery Island, the world’s first major resort at the bottom of the ocean, by September 2008.


Do you know Louis E. Carabini?

Originally known as the Pacific Coast Coin Exchange, their initial business was primarily devoted to trade in pre-1965 U.S. silver coins and pre-1933 gold coins. At that point in time, increasing precious metals prices became evident to the investing public.

Now it is 2006. Three generations of the Carabini family are now working with the Monex companies, including founder Louis Carabini, his son Michael, and his daughter Christina.

For over 30 years, the Monex companies have been America's gold and precious metals investment leader. With client transactions now totaling over $25 billion, Monex Deposit Company is America's premier precious metal dealer because of our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

80% of their clients have done repeat precious metal business, and nearly one-third of their new clients are referred to them by existing clients.

They strongly advise us, “There may never be a better time for buying silver bullion than right now. World demand for silver now exceeds annual production, and has every year since 1990”.

Web 2.0 tool bar.

This tool bar is really useful mate.

Look at the features.

Save time and keep up on the latest Web 2.0 news right from one browser toolbar. The Free Web 2.0 Toolbar aggregates the best of Social Search, Social Bookmarking, Social Pics, Social Video and Social News websites.

POWER SEARCH - Enter a search term and quickly toggle through the search results across multiple Web 2.0 site from Digg to YouTube.

POWER SUBMIT - Post pages to multiple social linking sites right from your toolbar.

POWER ALERT - Keep tabs on the most active content on over 40 top Web 2.0 sites with more being added every day.

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Are you about to purchase property for the first time?

A real estate investment is a big investment, yet many people buy property without checking the title and survey … only to find serious legal trouble down the road, such as half of someone else’s home being built on their property, people blading roadways across the property, and the like.

The first thing that any potential homebuyer should do is to review the survey and property description. For many, this appears confusing and “over their heads.”

Discover how easy it is to read survey and property descriptions in a half hour, guaranteed. An online broker and Realtor recommended “how to read a survey” tutorial cuts through the nonsense and helps anyone, no matter what skill level, understand the description of the real estate that they are buying.

Source: Find something new

Advantages of earning an Online Degree.

Many employed people holding fulltime jobs, cannot dream of improving their professional qualifications by attending regular colleges or universities.

Capella comes to their rescue by offering an accredited degree online in faculties such as business, information, education, human services and psychology.

We can set our own pace so that we can still cope up with our regular job, look after our home and family.

Online education is also relatively inexpensive when compared to attending regular college.
Getting an online master degree from the accredited Capella University can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Capella University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capella Education Company, headquartered in Minneapolis. It is a national leader in online education, committed to providing high-caliber academic excellence and pursuing balanced business growth.

Capella University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, located at 30 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602-2504.

For more information, please visit or call 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552).

What is Caviar?

James Hadley Chase-he was my general knowledge inspiration when I was in college.

All those 'must see' places all over the world, some rare foods and drinks, habits of elites are some of the features in his books.

He used to mention 'Caviar' in his books when writing about the specialty restaurants.

I longed to taste it without knowing what it is.

Today only I learnt what is caviar!

Caviar is an expensive delicacy consisting of the unfertilized eggs (roe) of sturgeon brined with a salt solution. It is commercially marketed throughout the world as a delicacy and is eaten principally as a garnish or spread, as with hors d'œuvres.

The name "caviar" comes from the Persian word (Khāg-āvar) which means "the roe-generator". This name in Persian means the sturgeon and its product, the roe. Caviar is more than just fish eggs.

It's a delicacy associated with luxury and fine dining. Because it is rare and difficult to obtain, caviar can be rather pricey. Caviar is extracted from the ovaries of the sturgeon, or the eggs that have yet to be laid. Once the eggs are extracted, they undergo a gentle cleansing process during which the skin is removed without breaking the egg itself; this delicate process is reflected in the price.

In the early 19th century, the United States was actually the world's leading producer of caviar, mainly due to the abundance of lake sturgeon in the Northeast and West. Caviar was so plentiful and inexpensive at one point that saloons served it to create thirsty customers.

It was only later when imported supplies from Iran and Russia became limited that caviar became a luxury item.

Today, the best caviar comes from sturgeon that is fished from the Caspian Sea by Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia. Some of the highest prices are paid for Beluga, Ossetra, and Sevruga varieties.


Do you know precharge projectnet?

What is precharge projectnet?

Yes there is the obvious that it’s another one of those seo contests out there. But to some it’s more; to the Internet it’s life itself.

For you see the goal of the precharge projecnet seo contest is to draw awareness to the new Internet crisis in which congress is planning on giving individual ISP (Internet Service Provider) companies control over what parts of the Internet their users can access. Meaning in a sense they’ll be able to control and monitor what you do on the world wide web.

China has a system in place to make sure it’s users can’t access any websites that might condemn their government.

But to us it’s even worse, think about in terms of web competition. It’s no secret that the triangle of power exists on the world wide web. Google, Microsoft, and yahoo all fighting to control traffic on the web.

So imagine google going up to your ISP and paying them a certain amount of money to make sure their users, including you, will never see a Microsoft oriented website again.

Of course you can switch but maybe your new ISP has been paid to not show anything relating to google or google itself. Imagine a world with no Amazon shopping or small Internet businesses.

So where are you now? Stuck because the Internet is not yours anymore.

This is the problem the precharge projectnet seo contest wants to draw attention to.

Read it here fully: Unknown resources.

Wednesday, December 13

Great deals on gifts.

If you happen to see a totally rare item in your relatives’ or friends’ house, conclude that someone had thought differently.

It may be something like that is not found in the common gift stores that spring up during festival times.

From executive gifts to beautiful and functions Samurai Swords 'tis the season for great deals on gifts for the man who thinks swords are the coolest.

It may be a weapon in the ancient times but now it is a symbol of antique.

I have seen some beautifully carved swords studded with precious stones in the Tippu Sultan museum in Srirangapatnam near Mysore in India.

More such swords are on display at but with a strong focus on samurai swords. Swords are rated from collectible up to practical.

Many of the practical blades are hand-forged, the same as they were made in Japan and across Asia for the last thousand years. All the swords are of high quality and represent great value.

Web Technology Trends in 2006.

This is just a review of various web technologies that are used in 2006.

Social networking is the most important feature of web 2.0

MySpace, YouTube, Facebook have been the three outstanding success stories - but also impressive was Bebo (in the UK particularly) and there was strong growth in existing web 2.0 networks like Flickr and

RSS continues to inch towards the mainstream - Yahoo integrated it into Y! Mail Beta, Microsoft is utilizing it more (e.g. integrated into IE7), Google came out with Google Base and the GData format (which is based on the RSS variant, ATOM). While 2006 can't be seen as the breakthrough year for RSS in the mainstream, we will probably see RSS bloom in 2007 as a result of the groundwork done in '06 by the big Internet companies.

Read the full story:

Save Earth, win $50K cash.

Internet contests are nothing new to addictive surfers.

Even for them this contest is something unique and big.

The contest:
"Tag an asteroid, save Earth, win $50K cash"
The Planetary Society will announce a $50,000 prize for "Asteroid Tagging Designs" tomorrow at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. In the Apophis Mission Design Competition, you are invited to submit designs for a mission to intercept and "tag" a potentially hazardous asteroid headed towards Earth.

Apophis is a near-Earth object (NEO), which will come closer to Earth in 2029 than the orbit of our geostationary satellites. On that pass, the asteroid will be gravitationally perturbed to an unknown orbit, one that that may have the slim possibility of hitting Earth in 2036.

Very precise tracking may be needed to determine the probability of such a collision. Such precise tracking may require "tagging" the asteroid, perhaps with a beacon -- a transponder or reflector -- or some other method. Exactly how an asteroid could best be tagged is not yet known, nor is it obvious, which is why The Planetary Society is holding a competition.

Acknowledgement: Boing Boing

Winter Wonderland!

Winter Wonderland.

Wait before you look where Winter Wonderland is is located.

This is not a place anywhere in the world.

It is bunch of flowers exclusively meant as a Christmas gift. Winter Wonderland is a perfect match for any hostess! This exquisite bouquet consists of three White Lilies and four White Roses accented with Waxflower and Ruscus.

Also included are a quality message card, floral preservative and flower care information. Your flowers come elegantly wrapped in a decorative sleeve and are hand packed in an attractive gift box.

It is available with Dot Flowers but only until December 29 2006.

Not only for Christmas but for any occasion Dot Flowers is literally buzzing with fabulous flower gift ideas and gorgeous gourmet gift baskets perfect for anyone on your list.

Another unique quality of them is that they offer same day flower delivery on Florist Direct flower arrangements designed in your local floral shop, or Field Fresh flower delivery straight from our growers' farms to anywhere in the United States.

If by any chance you are not gifting those exotic bouquets alone, browse through their website for wide selection of gourmet gift baskets.

How To Post Photos to Blogger Using Hello BloggerBot

To use Hello BloggerBot as a photo blogging tool, you must have a weblog with If you already have one, then you can proceed with this tutorial. If not, go ahead set one up today! The installation and configuration of Hello BloggerBot is free and simple. Just follow these steps.

Go to

Specify a username, password and email address to register for a free account. Click on the 'submit' button.

After you register, you can go to the download page. Follow the set up instructions.

Once the Hello software is installed, log in with your new account.

Click on the 'Invite' button to start inviting friends and family and/or click on 'Add Friend' if you already know their Hello username.

To post photos to your weblog, configure the setting with your weblog.

Start sharing photos with friends directly or through your blog.


Do you know Process Tamer?

Process Tamer is a tiny (140k) and super efficient utility for Microsoft Windows XP/2K/NT that runs in your system tray and constantly monitors the cpu usage of other processes. When it sees a process that is overloading your cpu, it reduces the priority of that process temporarily, until its cpu usage returns to a reasonable level.

There are many times when a process will hog your cpu, such as when converting audio/video files, or working with compressed archives. Because these processes completely consume the cpu, your system becomes sluggish to respond and using the computer for other tasks becomes impossible while these processes are running.

Process Tamer solves this problem by identifying such these degenerate conditions and temporarily reducing the priority of the offending processes in order to allow your system to respond to other requests. Stop being a victim to an overloaded cpu - let Process Tamer keep your system responsive no matter what you're doing.

You'll see a baloon tooltip in your system tray whenever Process Tamer adjusts or restores the priority of an application, so you'll always know what it's doing and why.

Of course there are times when you probably won't want Process Tamer to change process priorities, such as when playing games or if you are burning a cd/dvd on a slow computer; just double click its icon to toggle it on and off. Or you can also specify override rules for specific applications in order to tell the program to ignore them, force them to high or low priorities, or even to kill them as soon as they are found running.

The new version 2 release includes a new separate standalone configuration tool which lets easily setup exclusion rules, manually adjust process priorites, and more, without affecting the efficiency and resource use of the resident system tray tool.

Tuesday, December 12

Do you know Fathometer?

A fathometer is a fishfinder.

A fishfinder, a sonar device attached to a boat, is used to measure the amount of fish at various depths underneath the boat and displays them on a graphical display device, generally a LCD or CRT screen.

Like Chartplotters, fishfinder instrument is also a consumer marine electronics goods.

With the advent of computer interfaced multipurpose fishfinders combining GPS technology, digital chart-plotting, perhaps radar and electronic compass displays, marine engineers are now sailing with a better sense of security.

Apart from large selection of electronic fishing tools like Furuno Fish Finders and Garmin Marine Electronics, at Northeast Marine Electronics you will find electronics for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, and driving from reputed brands such as Astron, Garmin, Standard Horizon, Raymarine.

Sea farers could buy all they ever need at sea such as fishfinders, batteries, gps systems, radar, chart plotters, depth finders, binoculars, compasses and instructional videos.

The prices are very competitive and the technical support is dependable.

Do you know Jada Pinkett Smith?

Jada Pinkett Smith is an American actress and singer.

Pinkett Smith has appeared in such movies as "Ali," "Collateral" and the Matrix series. Most recently, she was the voice of the hippo Gloria in the animated film "Madagascar."

She hit the headlines yesterday when she donated $1 million to the high school from which she graduated and asked that a theater there be dedicated to one of her classmates, Tupac Shakur.

Tupac Amaru Shakur was an American rap artist, activist and a poet. He is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the top-selling hip-hop artist, having sold over 73 million albums worldwide

The Baltimore School for the Arts announced the donation for a renovation and expansion on Monday, and said it will name its new theater for her.

The donation comes from the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, which is based in Baltimore. They had previously given $112,500 to the school.

Pinkett Smith wanted the theater named for Shakur because of the friendship they developed at the school. Shakur died in 1996 after a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.

Source: Newsvine

Do you know TIVO?

This is a wonderful news reader.

I hope you might have seen the latest television launched by the L.G.

In this new television, you can record your favourite programs and view it later without the annoying hindrance of the commercials.

How this is achieved?
This is actually a gadget that has the facility to capture live television program and store it in an internal hard disc for future screening. This process is also termed as “time shifting”.

TIVO (pronounced tee-voh) is a very well known DVR (digital video recorder) product that is also commonly known as a “personal video recorder” or PVR. In simple terms, it can be defined as equipment that allows the viewer to record a particular television program for later viewing.

The operation of TIVO is somewhat similar to the common VCR. However, unlike the latter, it uses non detachable hard disc storage and much chic software to record the programs that the viewer requests for and the others on the same line that he might be interested in. Moreover, it also gives the viewer the facility to “pause” or “rewind” a “live” show to repeat a series that was viewed sometime back.

This is because the TIVO device continuously records the television signal that is being received by the viewer. Hence the viewer gets this opportunity to “rewind” a “live” TV program or even “pause” it within a gap of 30 minutes.

A TIVO user can specifically request for recording some programs based on their time, titles and even mentioning the names of directors and actors. TIVO then selects the shows, based on the catalog of all the programs that are accessible to the requestor and the satellite service used in that area, and records them.

The shows recorded by this device can be stored until the internal memory is full, after which it deletes the old programs and makes space for the new.

Two more great features that are:

*Seasons pass:
This is a feature in which the TIVO is given an instruction to record a particular show in a specific channel for the whole season along with the choice of taking footage of “First Run only”, “First run and repeats” and “all episodes”.

*28 day rule:
In this feature the TIVO keeps an account of all the programs that it stores and ensures that the same series is not recorded in the next 28 days.

Courtesy: Genuine Answers

Thursday, December 7

Do you know how to care for your suede handbag?

"Brush debris off your suede purse before spot cleaning. Use suede cleaner or dry clean only according to instructions".

This useful tips is given by the world famous Peter Belisi, designer of neckties and accessories.

Belisi—a name already synonymous with beauty—has earned a loyal following for its high-end, quality ties, and most recently scarves and handbags.

The Belisi Fashions was founded to enhance luxury wardrobes, while making the world a little brighter for everyone.

Buyers of Belisi’s products have one more reason apart from owning a silk necktie: every time you purchase a Belisi product, you put the finishing touch on a put-together look, while fighting poverty, protecting the environment, seeking justice and funding medical research.

In Palm Beach circle this is what people say about Belisi.
“Belisi unites the luxury and prestige of Palm Beach with Italian beauty and sophistication”

Quite an honor for this society conscious gentleman.

Eassy writing service.

One of the finest Essay, Term Paper, Research Paper and Thesis writing Service on the Internet is College Eassy Writing.

They offer high quality and custom written essays, term papers and research papers according to the requirements and within the specified deadline.

Established since the year 2000, college-essay-writing has been one of the most trusted essay and term paper writing service on the Internet. With thousands of customers worldwide in which more than 50% are returning customers. This incredible achievement in just a short period of time is because of the dedication and commitment with which our company serves the students all over the world.

They care for their customers. They provide free revision facility so that the student who are not satisfied by our paper can get their paper revised free of cost. Grade and quality conscious students never compromise on buying cheap papers.

Here at college-essay-writing you will get 100% authentic, properly formatted, well written and un-plagiarized essays and term papers on reasonable rates.

Source: College Eassy Writing.

Thanksgiving poem.

I appreciate poems always. It carries a little more than plain text.
Here is one for you to appreciate too.

In My Dreams
by Steven Robert Heine
In my dreams
all wrongs are righted,
all sins are forgiven
all wounds are healed.

In my dreams
all lost friends are found
all loved ones are united
all pain is forgotten.

In my dream
slaughter replaces anger
smiles replace frowns
and love replaces hate and fear..

But then I awakenand
I realize that I cannot fix
everything that is broken in the World.
And I decide to try to make it just
a little better somehow.


Is it easy getting in to Harvard?

Obviously not.

Students of high academic caliber alone can think of getting admitted in Harvard University.

Like that, to become a member of IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau)
and SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization) requires certain qualifications in the field of internet marketing, search engine optimization and PPC bid management.

USWeb is the proud member of both the above organizations. USWeb CEO Ed Shull sits on the marketing committee of SEMPO.

USWeb is a leading strategic Internet services firm helping clients achieve revenue, profit, market share, and customer loyalty objectives through Internet strategies and systems.

So, USWeb should be the natural choice of us looking to compete the growing competition in the net world.

USWeb designs, develops, and implements custom web systems and integrated online marketing solutions that focus on brand awareness, audience development, and customer retention.

Shrewd webmasters recognize the importance of search engines or search directories because 70-80% of prospective web customers use them to find relevant content.

USWeb's search engine marketing services are designed to get your site noticed when potential buyers are looking for the products and services you have to offer.

Do you know Electronic Recruiting Exchange?

Electronic Recruiting Exchange (ere) is the Internet's leading source of networking and information for recruiters and HR professionals.

Company History:
Founded as an email discussion list for recruiting professionals in February, 1998, the has grown to become the preeminent source of information and networking opportunities for recruiters and HR professionals on the Internet.

ERE was initially conceived as a forum for recruiters to get feedback about online recruiting from a relatively unbiased source — their peers. Within six months of launch, ERE began publishing the Electronic Recruiting Daily, an email-based publication authored by expert commentators from within the recruitment industry.

The website has continued to add services like the ER Marketplace, which lists products and services for recruiters — including the only comprehensive, nationwide database of seminars on recruiting.

The scope of the site has grown as a result of direct feedback from its audience, and is now the leading website in its space.ERE

TodayERE contains thousands of pages of content relating to recruiting, and continues to drive traffic from over 30,000 loyal members, most of whom receive its publications in their inbox each day. Having established a strong brand associated with the cutting edge of the recruiting industry, the website continues to add new content and functionality regularly.

The audience of ERE represents a mix of corporate and third-party recruiters.

Sign up now to gain:
*FREE access to articles, discussions, blogs, and more. Great recruiting content you won't find anywhere else on the web!
*Option to subscribe to FREE daily email newsletters. Get ERE content delivered to your inbox every business day. Choose the subscriptions that are right for you.
*FREE access to the ERE Network — ERE's professional online social network. Network with nearly 10,000 recruiters and HR professionals.


No more called as cheap labour.

Anything relevant to Indian netizen will awaken my curiosity instantly. But I suppose it is only too natural.

For long, I too have heard about the available 'cheap labour' in India and in other Asian countries and grimaced at the wrong word. But I never thought of expressing my protest through blogs.

I happen to read an article on this by Adwait Joshi in 'ere' blog network.
He has raised this question based on the following fact.

"Would you still call India "cheap labor" country"?

"For past few years, India as moved up the value chain. Instead of just being a staff augment provider, we have forayed in Outsourced Product Development (OPD). Instead of just being a system integrator, we have set up R & D shops for global companies and contributed to it. We have enhanced our technical expertise over the time more than the US counter parts".

He concluded like this:
"I might have settled for "Affordable Labor" couple of years back. But today, we are expensive, not for ourselves only, but for the MNC's also".

Wednesday, December 6

Do you know Latent semantic indexing?

Trust me; I just now tried to understand it, but man that is the most complex matrix which is beyond an ordinary man like me.

But Ed Shull, the CEO of USWeb explained it beautifully.
“Search engines can find words that are heavily used on a page to help determine what the page is about. And they apply a LSI (Latent semantic indexing) filter to help determine similar words. This allows the search engine to understand that terms like LCD, DLP and HDTV are all connected by a common theme, the technology of televisions.

Makes sense-right?

Obviously Ed knows what he is talking about which is evident from his excellent tutorial on how to build back links for our websites and blogs.

Since Google has gotten better at eliminating tricks and black hat techniques as a factor in increasing rankings, he has formulated some terrific tips to build backlinks.

This is the list of what not to do.

1. Do not buy links from any program that offers you thousands of links to your website for a fee.

2. Do not participate in a reciprocal link program where you email Spam people asking them to swap links with you.

3. Do not use link brokers who put your link in the footer or off to the side of sites.

4. Be careful on paying monthly for links. In theory once you stop paying, those links go away, and your rankings will likely drop. Now on to what you should do.

List of what to do:

1. Directory submissions.
Google regularly crawls directories like Yahoo and DMOZ. You can also get good links from and some other paid directories. Be picky on the directories you link to. Avoid submission services that will submit you to hundreds of link farms.

2. Friends and family
This is a common sense method of building links, but many people don’t think to ask. How many of your friends may have a blog that’s indexed into a search engine. A link from them would help you out.

3. Vendors and partners
If you are paying a vendor money every month, it would be a small favor to ask for them to link to your site. Doing a joint press release about your company using their product is a great way to do this.

4. Press releases
Trying to get the press to write about you can be difficult, but trying to get them to link to you is nearly impossible.

5. Link baiting
Link baiting tactics are things you can do that will make people link to you.

7. Use a system like Blogitive
Blogitive allows you to post a press release through their system, and that release is picked up by thousands of bloggers. When a blogger decides to write an article about your press release, and link to your site, you pay $20. This is a one-time fee, so you don’t have a reoccurring cost to maintain rankings.

Tuesday, November 28

Do you know where The Western White House is?

The Western White House is located in San Clemente.
But Nixon called it “Casa Pacifica’ when he bought the H.H. Cotton estate in 1968.

The 65000 and odd populated San Clemente is a city in Orange County, California; its earliest occupants were known as Juaneño Indians who were then displaced by the Spanish. The great city of San Clemente was founded in 1925 by real estate developer Ole Hanson.

San Clemente is also the surfing media capital of the world as well as a premier surfing destination. It is home to Surfing Magazine, The Surfer's Journal, and Longboard Magazine, with Surfer Magazine just up the freeway in San Juan Capistrano.

John Miller is a visionary in my opinion. I believe he might have seen face to face all those world leaders who visited San Clemente. During Nixon's tenure it was visited by world leaders and cronies alike, including Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev, Mexican President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Sato, Henry Kissinger, and Bebe Rebozo

You may be wondering why I am bringing John Miller along with such great celebrities!
Long before the computers of today entered in every houses of San Clemente, he established his computer maintenance service. Yes his dedicated and skilled Computer Repair in San Clemente was started in as early as 1989.

Since then he kept himself updated with the emerging technological advancements in computer world and his services include hardware, software, networking, virus removal, adware removal, upgrades and more!

Though by now he is very well known personally in San Clemente, I give below his contact details.
John Miller
1064 Calle Cerro Un. 1302
San Clemente, CA 92672
(949) 481-3412
Just make call to him when a need arises and he will come and attend at your door steps.

Saturday, November 25

Warning! You may end up buying more diamonds here than you intended to.

Absolutely fascinated by all those fairy tales, I was sure that a beautiful prince from a far way land will offer me the most gorgeous looking diamond engagement ring and ask for my hand.

But it was not to be in real world though my in-laws gifted me a pair of ancient diamond earrings that belonged to their family. But then diamond buying those days involved a lot of leg work as one has to visit stores after stores and the choice was limited to only a handful of loose diamonds.

Nowadays it is a different story. One can buy discount diamonds online from over 80,000 varieties of all shapes and sizes from the comfort of their home from a single source.

The ‘source’ I meant was not just a petty jewelry shop but a public limited company.
This implies that they must operate at a higher standard than most. They report quarterly to not only their investors, but to independent reviewers as well as the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission. This means you can rest easy knowing that you are buying from a company that offers only the highest level of service and satisfaction with discount diamond jewelry.

Who would not like a 10 day, no questions asked return policy on our diamonds?
Do you know that you can have the diamond literally in your hand for 10 days to look it over, have it appraised, ask your friends, or whatever you like. If you are not 100% satisfied just send it back.

That is why I predict a buyer may end up buying more diamonds than originally intended to.

Wednesday, November 22

Job seekers! Do you know is an Indian Search Engine created for Indian job seekers.

It lists thousands of jobs in all the 4 metropolitan cities plus a few other important cities. has an interesting new release out today.

It's a Job Index. You type in the job and country and it gives you the trends around it. The job index is based on an aggregation of job data from thousands of online sources across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Singapore.

This includes jobs posted on corporate web sites, job boards, recruitment agencies, online classifieds and newspapers.

Of course it has jobs in its data base listed in other international cities too.

I came to know about this site accidentally but forgot the source for which I may please be excused.

Friday, November 17

We are fortunate to have an acorn.

Instead of crying over spilled milk, let us learn not to spill it in future.

It is ok, if our business has reported a loss this quarter. Past is past.

Let us sit down with the focused staff of Acorn Systems and get our business back in its feet.

Acorn Systems combines a unique and proven consulting methodology with a highly scalable, sustainable software platform to provide a superior profit improvement solution.

The Profit Improvement Company Acorn Systems has been helping out companies to achieve their performance management objectives, by providing the foundation for sound decision making.

Acorn delivers what it promises through its activity based costing solutions that provide the highest value at the lowest total cost of ownership.

With the help of Acorn’s ingenious software, we can to confidently measure, optimize and predict costs, net operating profits, EVA, capacity and resources at any level of granularity such as by customer, supplier, product, facility, transaction and more.

Acorn Systems has solutions that will directly interface with your existing systems and enable you to quickly start improving the results of your organization.

Icon Plugin for Photoshop.

This tool is a multimedia pros’ dream.
Decorate your web pages and blog posts with eye catching icons.

Icon Plugin for Photoshop enhances Adobe Photoshop with an ability to export and import Windows icons (.ico). Thanks to this ability, users can create compelling icons directly in Adobe Photoshop, using its large arsenal of creative tools and a convenient and familiar design environment.

The use of the plug-in eliminates the need to use intermediate files and buy additional icon editors. In addition to Adobe Photoshop, the plug-in can work with Elements, AfterEffects, Premiere, PhotoDeluxe, Corel PhotoPaint, PaintShop Pro, Painter, and Photo.

The plug-in is compatible with all versions of Adobe Photoshop, including 3.0-7.0, CS, and Windows OS.

Thursday, November 16

Get protected by a Fortune 100 company.

Selecting an insurance company is as important as selecting your life partner because both are going to be with you for life.

You fall back on them in crisis and none disappoints you.

Both are dependable pillars to lean on. Well, at least I view them as such and I am sure indebted to my wife as well as my life insurer.

Just go though about this mega insurance company and you will immediately realize that this is your second life partner.

The Allstate Corporation is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer.
Allstate sells 13 major lines of insurance, including auto, property, life and commercial.
Allstate is widely known through the “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate®” slogan.

With $156 billion in assets, Allstate offers many investment and insurance instruments that include retirement and investment products and banking services.

Allstate was founded in 1931 and became a publicly traded company in 1993.

Of the many insurance products like Auto Insurance in Highland, Business Insurance, their Home Insurance gives you a lot of coverage options.

Don’t treat them as just money minded people. The Allstate Foundation donated nearly $16 million to nonprofit organizations including $400,000 in scholarships. The Allstate Corporation, its employees and agents donated $9.5 million through the Giving Campaign to nonprofit organizations.

Allstate provides insurance products to more than 17 million households. We insure one out of every nine autos and one out of every eight homes in the U.S.

Is it not this statistics alone is a proof of their trustworthiness?

Wednesday, November 15

Do you know BadaBada Baby Bingo?

It is a brightly colored twist on the classic baby shower game, play this version that’s guaranteed to get all the guests involved. The basics of play are similar: everyone receives a card with baby-themed pictures (crib, stroller, and baby blocks – you get the idea).

One person is the “caller,” as players mark off squares on their card when the corresponding item is called. The first person to get five in a row and yell, “Baby BINGO!” wins. Now, here’s the twist: two squares on each card can be pre-filled with the mom-to-be’s name and her due date—she’ll be so excited each time that square is called!

Discover more such games and personalized baby gifts in The Nest Baby Shop.

Nest Baby Shop has all the shower supplies you need including favors, games and invitations, all at a price you’ll love.

Do you know Peer Cast?

PeerCast is a simple, free way to listen to radio and watch video on the Internet. It uses P2P technology to let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of traditional streaming. This means you get to hear and watch stations not normally found on commercially funded sites.

The unique feature about PeerCast is a robust network because there is no central server; each user can be a client, server or broadcaster of streams. It offers anonymity for broadcasters because there is no easy way to trace back to the original stream, it is even possible to broadcast directly to a single client located in a different country and have that provide the source for the entire network.

PeerCast can also serve streams directly to any media player. This means that it can be used in place of a Shoutcast/Icecast server to provide both direct and P2P streaming at the same time.

It works in much the same way as other P2P fileshare clients except that instead of downloading files, the users download streams. These streams are then exchanged in real-time with other users. No data is stored locally on any machine connected to the network.

What is a frozen mind?

Stop! There is nothing mysterious that I am talking about. is where Constantin Bejenaru shares programming knowledge and work, writing articles, tutorials, tips and scripts on CSS, XML, XHTML, PHP, MySQL and Linux.

This place is only for those who are comfortable with flow charts.

The main articles are about web design and web developing with XHTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

This site is built on a W3C valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional structure and pure CSS is used for the style.

To have a smooth presentation, the author says that you will need a modern web browser like Firefox, Opera, Safari or Camino.

Tuesday, November 14

Russian brides have a proven track record of success.

Because most are intelligent basically, hold high family values and sincerely want their marriage to last long.

Meaningful and serious relationship will be the outcome of a marriage with russian brides.

Even young Russian women strive to create a family first and only afterwards they think about building a career, not visa versa. Dating for most of these women implies marriage and family.

That is why divorce rate in marriages with Russian women tends to be much lower than with marriages in America, UK and Australia.
A refreshing change really for the westerners.

Have I aroused your interest?
Look no further mate. Lovers Planet unites a diverse community of single Russian women seeking men for marriage and romance.

Lovers Planet is a Russian dating and personals agency that presents in its database profiles and photos of single Russian women and Ukraine women, as well as ladies from other countries of Eastern Europe.

Russian brides are famous internationally as the most beautiful women in the world. A typical Russian woman looks like a model.

Bookmark this online dating site and share it with like minded people.

Do you know snarfware?

Snarfer is simply the best way to read, search and manage RSS feeds. Using Snarfer people can become functional RSS users within seconds of installing it.

An advanced feature in Snarfer is I have a Search Wizard that enables users to construct complex searches for items or information contained on eBay or Craig list.

The search results are returned to Snarfer utilizing the specific functions supported by these communities. These searches are intelligent and persistent, automatically returning new results to Snarfer every time the feed is updated.

Another exciting feature is the addition of Bloglines synchronization. Using the free Bloglines service, Snarfer can synchronize feeds using the Bloglines online database. Users can then access and update both Snarfer and Bloglines anytime, and from anywhere.

Bloglines synchronization so now users can access feeds from anywhere;
Keyword watches allow users to filter incoming messages into custom folders;
Browser controls in preview pane;
eBay intelligent and persistent search results of items;
Craig list intelligent and persistent search results of items including support for multiple city searching;
Web search of popular RSS/Blog search engines including: Blogdigger, Bloglines, Blogpulse, Feedster, Google Blog Search, IceRocket, MSN Search, and Sphere;
E-mail articles to others;
Export selected feed lists as OPML files and email.

Snarfware, LLC is located in Naples, FL and London, UK

Boost up your ego a lilltle.

Thinking of yourself as a thorough bred blogger?

How about rubbing your ego with some international recognition?

There is going to be a blogging essay competition from
The competition starts today and will stay open for the next 30 days.

*1000 words or more.
*The essays should be centered around blogging and online media; the topic could be anything related.
*New essays only. Nothing published previously please.
*You may publish the essay elsewhere, but you legally allow it to be published here.
*Competition will be judged only if there are ten entries at the least.

Prizes (Paypal only):
$150 for the best article
$50 for the runner up

If interested to accept this challenge, please visit the link below.
Essay Competition.

Good luck to you.

Saturday, November 11

Do you know Link baiting?

Link baiting is an effective way to increase link popularity but is also extremely difficult to accomplish. Link baiting is the process of hunting out links, although you are bringing the links to you through unique and popular site content. This is the natural way that popular websites remain popular and rank well in the search engines.

Wondering is there any other method?

Sure, read further.

Press release distribution is the most effective way to increase link popularity but it is also the most difficult because the content of your release needs to be interesting enough for publications to want to write about it.

Purchasing links from link brokers is easy and cost effective but you usually don’t receive the best quality of links because most are not within textual content and Google even automatically removes the value of links when they are placed at the bottom of websites with a whole list of outbound links.

Reciprocal linking was once the best method to increase link popularity but now it provides very little value unless you aren’t trading links with the same websites and you only receive one-way links, even then they usually are on link pages and aren’t placed within valuable textual content that is relevant to your website.

Would you like to what is the best?
Just leave this link building work to he professionals like who are real masters in this.

Blogitive has proven to be extremely effective in increasing link popularity and is also very cost effective. Please visit to learn more about this service and how you can finally achieve the top search engine rankings that you never thought was possible.

New ringtone for under 20 kids.

Today you need not bribe your teen age kids with any new junk food.

Tell them about the latest verizon ringtones, that offers a new ringtone targeted at kids who are under 20.

It is called the mosquito ringtone.

Why only for them?
Because this ringtone that only kids under 20 can hear when they are in their classroom without adults hearing the ring. The kids call it Teen Buzz, and it's spreading like fire from phone to phone via text messages and Bluetooth .

But I think I read that mobile phones are banned from American schools due to SMS abuse-is that so?

In India, even Engineering students are barred from taking their mobiles to their colleges for the same reason.

Do you know Leonhard Euler?

Being a mathematician myself, I was attracted to this featured article in wikipedia today.
I am glad to put the article here for the benefit of fellow mathematicians.

Leonhard Euler was a Swiss mathematician and physicist.
He developed important concepts and proved mathematical theorems in fields as diverse as calculus, number theory and topology. He introduced much of the modern mathematical terminology and notation, particularly for mathematical analysis, such as the notion of a mathematical function.

He is also renowned for his work in mechanics, optics and astronomy. Euler is considered to be the preeminent mathematician of the 18th century and one of the greatest of all time. He is also the most prolific according to the Guinness Book of Records; his collected works fill 60–80 quarto volumes.

Euler was featured on the sixth series of the Swiss 10-franc banknote and on numerous Swiss, German and Russian stamps. The asteroid 2002 Euler was named in his honor.

Friday, November 10

Ever wanted to own something before anyone else?

This question was asked by ZTMax and answered by them like this:
“If you’re seriously interested in the latest technological advances in electronics you will be delighted to know there is now a company who is bringing you the best in trendy electronic accessories before they are on the market”.

True to their word, ZTMax has now started selling two unique new gadgets that are Multifunctional Digital Mini Speaker and Driverless Webcam which they claim to be the first of its kind.

The new speaker:
By using the latest in digital driver technology, and superior speaker design, it comes complete with a built in mp3 decoder chips, and supports all types of mp3 files.

The other important features are that it has a plug in SD/MMC card and a convenient USB port to be able to read any portable device and VCD reader. That is very thoughtful really.

And the best news is that its classic built in 1500mAH lithium battery can support hi-fi music for up to 10 hours.

The driverless webcam:
A boon to addictive users of Skype and Yahoo messenger, the webcam is lightweight and portable that delivers high-quality video.

The iMage webcam requires no device drivers to be installed prior to use with Mac OS X (10.4.3) or Windows XP (SP2).

I trust ZTMax and they know what they are talking about.
They always bring cutting edge products to consumers.

ZTMax is operated by Ron Sharon, owner of Zetta Global and he has established ZTMax as one of the leading professional importers in the high tech industry.

Do you know counselog?

Just I was viewing my previous post, I saw an ad by google with a title ‘Counseling Software’.

The curiosity in me took the better of me and here I am sharing with you what I just learnt, served hot.

Counselog is the name of a simple but comprehensive counseling and psychotherapy logging tool.

I reproduce here from counselog.
“Are you a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist?
For that matter someone who has to keep records of their activities, supervision and training?
Would you like your records to be kept tidily, securely and easily?

Then have a look at Counselog! It was designed in consultation with professional therapists. It is proven in use with 170 Users to date. It is continually being further improved according to Users' experience and suggestions”.

Counselog is a MS Windows XP-based logging system for counsellors with which you will…
*log counselling sessions quickly and easily
*keep your information secure and confidential
*write up associated detailed session and supervision records in MS Word
*associate any on-line documents with Clients and/or their sessions
*record your supervision and training
*print logs and records for accreditation and other specific purposes
*record several counsellors’ information separately on the same PC/laptop
*produce status reports
*find the information you need easily

Visit the site if you are interested in learning fully.


This is a Hindi movie review.

I have not viewed a Hindi movie since 1990.

But my son urged to me see this block buster ‘Dus’ and so I gave in to his recommendation.

And I heartily congratulate his excellent taste. The movie was stunning.

‘Dus’ means ten. This is a multi star movie featuring Sanjay Dutt, Abishek Bachan and Sunil Shetty.

The film is certainly devoid of stupid romances and ugly sex scenes.

But the background music was terrific keeping with the tempo of the script. All characters speak very less and act in subdued manner.

The visuals are very good and the fight scenes are superb.

The 15 minutes or so climax is nail biting and every actor has contributed to the tension of the climax.

A must see movie.

The stunning growth of Fairfield Resorts.

The history and growth of fairfield resorts can be a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The owner of the largest network of holiday resorts and allied travel services in the world, started in a humble way in 1966 as a land development company selling subdivided lots, whole ownership condos and custom-built homes in large master-planned communities such as Fairfield Bay, Fairfield Sapphire Valley and Fairfield Glade.

The year 1979 saw Fairfield branching off into the timeshare concept.

The company's exceptional development standards, innovative products and unmatched hospitality expertise enabled them to be ranked as the third largest timeshare exchange network in the world.

The following statistics will reveal its exceptional growth.
Over half a million families enjoy the Fairfield lifestyle;
More than 70 world-class resorts in 21 states and U.S. territories;
9,000-plus timeshare condominiums;
The company has close to 9,000 employees nationwide;

By introducing FairShare Plus® in 1991, they offered consumers substantially greater flexibility through a yearly allotment of points that could be "spent" in increments for custom-sized accommodations at any time of the year and for varying lengths of stay.

Over 80% of all Fairfield resorts have been awarded a "Gold Crown" or "Resort of International Distinction" ranking by RCI, an elite honor only the top 10% of timeshare properties throughout the world have earned.

The best site for UFO information.

Human kind has a great fascination for wonders that are unexplained scientifically.

There are thousands of stories weaved around our imagination in areas that continue to baffle us like Fairy Angels, witches, after death experiences, Herculean feats by men and animals.
As children, we have read so many fairy tales, distant lands that are filled with talking animals and birds.

We all still retain our child like fascination for those wonders even now. That’s why stories and facts are passed onto generations and generations.

The modern day astronaut’s quest for gaining more knowledge in such mysteries and consequent expeditions to space and moon continue to keep us enthralled.
One of the so far not fully resolved mysteries is life in other planets. We are all in fact awaiting such close encounter of the third kind.

Since the sighting of an UFO in modern era was reported as late as in 1942, scientists and ordinary human beings are immediately attracted whenever an article or a news item about those flying saucers appears in offline print media.

Now, won’t the netizens who hold high fascinations for UFO will be happy if they are introduced to an exclusive website for UFO and other space related news and articles?

Do you know that in 1988 a memorial plaque was installed at the lighthouse where Frederick Valentich, who disappeared after a close encounter with a UFO?

When selecting the perfect blinds, keep your eyes wide open.

On a hot July afternoon, I was wandering aimlessly on the streets of Chantily.

It was one of those days when I was in the mood to abdicate my routine and just enjoy the open sky. It happens to everyone once in a way-right?

Even at that temperature, the streets were filled with tourists and business was brisk all around.

I thought I heard my name called out but was not sure. After all I was also rather new to Chantily.

Again I heard the sound of my name but this time I caught the caller. Someone was beckoning me from a cozy looking restaurant. I could not immediately identify the figure.
When I neared him, I was greeted with a big hug and a loud, cheerful voice. That did it. I recognized him by his voice; he was my classmate in the college. What a surprise!

He took me in to a windowless office and made me sit in a comfortable chair in a cool corner but with a view of the entrance. After the exchange of pleasantries, I asked him how did he spot me from his office?

With a smirk in his face, he pulled a string and a blind opened. I was speechless because, till that time I never spotted the blind, since it blended so well with the wooden panels on the wall.

He told me that he bought it online from a reputed vendor. When I asked him about how he managed the exact color combination, he simply said he asked for free samples from which it was easy to choose the matching color.

He confessed it was very difficult initially to decide on his purchase from their website, as the product range displayed tempting window blind & shade products include wood blinds, faux wood blinds, mini blinds, and vertical blinds. The window shades includes roman shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, roller shades, and woven wood bamboo shades.

But he received excellent tips and advice on window blind treatments from the experts.
Even the correct installation procedure was downloaded from their website in PDF format with complete pictures. The purchase price included all brackets and mounting materials.

He closed the blind again so that I can feel and admire the smooth texture.

He treated me to a nice meal and I parted after assuring him that I will keep in touch

Thursday, November 9

Is ‘Distant Learning ‘a misnomer?

I may be wrong but for me it sounds so; in fact the monitor is so near to you while studying college course online, can we still call it distance learning?

I think ‘Online Learning’ is more apt.

Capella University was the inspiration of Stephen Shank, former CEO of Tonka Corporation, who felt that many adults were underserved by traditional universities. He envisioned a high quality university that people could attend from any location.

Founded in 1993, Capella University is an accredited online university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business and information technology.

Since the Capella is recognized by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, currently 16,000 students from all 50 states and 63 countries are pursuing their studies online.

Capella University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capella Education Company, headquartered in Minneapolis. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552).

Reverse swing-what is it?

Though many of the cricket lovers have been hearing the term ‘Reverse Swing’, it is quite possible they might not have understood the exact meaning of it.

Normal swing occurs mostly when the ball is fairly new. As it wears more, the aerodynamics of the asymmetry change and it is more difficult to extract a large amount of swing.

When the ball becomes very old—around 40 or more overs, it can begin to swing towards the polished side rather than the rough side. This is known as reverse swing.

In essence, both sides have turbulent flow, but here the seam causes the airflow to separate earlier on one side. The result is always a swing to the side with the later separation, so the swing is away from the seam. See External Links

Reverse swing is difficult to achieve consistently, as it relies on uneven wear of the ball, tends to occur mostly in hot, dry weather conditions, and requires bowling at high speed.

Normal swing can be achieved at relatively moderate bowling speeds, but only the fastest bowlers can regularly produce reverse swing.

Reverse swing tends to be stronger than normal swing, and to occur late in the ball's trajectory.

Acknowledgement: wikipedia

Do you know that Chocolate was discovered by Mesoamerican civilization?

Just fooling myself around with a totally different topic today. Sometimes we do get this irrestible urge to wander away in unknown areas-right?

I will just give you some trivial information about chocolates; you may be the star of attrction in the next party you attend!

Do you know that the word chocolate is derived from the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs of Mexico?

Pure and yummy chocolates of the Swiss are a rarity in India. Not many can afford even if it is occasionally available in grey markets. Except people who are diabetic like me, chocolates enslave people irrespective of their age.

Do you that the chocolate residue found in an ancient Maya pot suggest that Mayans were drinking chocolate 2,600 years ago? History says that this is the earliest record of cacao use.

More chocolates myths:
*The Aztecs associated chocolate with Xochiquetzal, the goddess of fertility.
*Chocolate intake has been linked with release of serotonin in the brain, which is thought to produce feelings of pleasure
*Cocoa possesses a significant antioxidant action
*There is a popular belief that the consumption of chocolate can cause acne.
*Romantic lore commonly identifies chocolate as an aphrodisiac.

So, how do you like it?

Wednesday, November 8

My golden advice has fallen in deaf ears.

Being an online entrepreneur since 1998, I maintain steady set of clients who frequent my door for tips and suggestions.

I never turn them away without something useful and beneficial but the response over the period was not all that cheerful.

In spite of my strong advice to invest in easy liquidity options like gold and silver, some did not fancy, calling it very conservative.

But I am sad now to say that I had the last laugh. Now every investment news letter they have subscribed to, have been urging to invest in gold coins.

After all, buying gold has been recognized for centuries from the time of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to more modern times. The affinity for gold and silver has never diminished in the world history.

World demand for silver now exceeds annual production, and has every year since 1990 and now the U.S. Government itself is a silver buyer.

Let us heed to expert financial analysts’ opinion that silver, and specifically U.S. silver coins, presents an outstanding investment opportunity. Monex can be the automatic choice to buy precious metals coins abd bars.

Derive the joy from your effort.

I was reading a blog today that I thought I could write here a few lines about.

"Work is only as good as it’s enjoyed, not as it’s paid.” — L. Ron Hubbard (from The Problems of Work)

When you do what you love, your odds of success are much greater. You have more passion, more energy and more fun.

When you enjoy your job, you look forward to Monday mornings. Your days fly by. You make steady progress.

Work enjoyment is contagious. The people around you get along better. They follow your example and get more done.

I remember the following sentences in a book by ‘The Mother’
“When you want to realize something, you make a spontaneous effort. This concentrates your energies on the thing to be realized and that gives a meaning to your life.This gives you the power to receive energies in exchange for those you spend”.

Don’t you think this article is motivating?

The lion is dead.

Pahlan Ratanji Umrigar, died on 7 November 2006.

Popularly known as Polly Umrigar, he was an Indian middle order batsman and captain in Test cricket in a previous generation of cricket.

He was born on 28 March 1926 in Sholapur, Maharashtra, India
He belonged to a period where sportsmanship was the focus of every cricketer unlike the Aussies of today.

Polly Umrigar came from the Gujarati Parsi community that dominated the Bombay cricket in the early decades of the twentieth century. He made his first class debut at the age of 18 in the Bombay Pentangular in 1944.

Four years later, when he scored a majestic 115 not out for Combined Universities against the touring West Indians; he earned his test cap for India.

By the time two Commonwealth teams visited India in 1949-50 and 1950-51, Umrigar had become a regular in the team. He scored 276 runs in the unofficial Tests against the first team and 562 runs against the second.

Who can forget his two towering sixes off Frank Worrell in the Madras Test, that saw him move from 90 to 102.

My respectful homage to Polly Umrigar.

Monday, November 6

Give a memorable farewell.

“Our Gently Into The Ever-After”- casket spray

Paying tribute has been a culture to each and every nation in the world.
This transcends religion and creed.

But the one form of honoring the dead ones is presenting funeral flowers in the form of wreath or garland and there is no exception to any culture in this regard.

In certain countries, you can even skip attending happy occasions but never fail to attend a funeral. It is a symbol of sharing the sorrow and grief when matters most.

Dot Flowers have been in this business for many years and their impeccable customer service is highly respected and accalimed.

They offer widest range of funeral flowers and ensure proper deliver at the right place and at the right time.

One of their best floral arrangement for funeral is “Our Gently Into The Ever-After”- casket spray offers a fond farewell to the warmest of spirits in tones of orange, yellow, red, rust, cinnamon, and more.

This arrangement of roses, oncidium orchids, calla lilies, snapdragons, flax, Italian ruscus, and more is an excellent choice for fall funeral services with its beautiful array of autumnal colors.

Dot Flowers goes the extra mile on orders for funeral flowers.

Image courtesy: Dot Flowers.

Do you know SMO?

In our search for new ways to generate traffic, we experiment as many strategies as we can; we never say ‘No’ to any method that we come across.

Today, I came stumbled upon a new term called ‘Social Media Optimization’ and when explored further I found it to be an article related internet traffic.

Under just three points (Get in, Fit in and Make friends), the article was very well written and well thought of.

The publisher Mr. T. L. Pakii Pierce is considered to be very knowledgeable in the Blogosphere.

Wonderful tips related to adsense.

I happen to read an interesting article entitled “Adsense Tweaking - It’s all in the Content” and find it refreshing and also very useful.

It seems the blogger has done his experiments before giving his valuable tips.

Generally I also read the comments about a blog post and here is one with an excellent suggestion:

“And if your blog is about tennis, it is better not to write include the word “blog” in your writing, as I am sure blog-related ads don’t pay well”.

Go ahead and read; if you like it, please share.

Saturday, November 4

This microarchitecture is not to be confused with uarch.

While the term ‘uarch’ is used in computer engineering, orthopedecians will speak about Osteoporosis, which is a disease of bone in which the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced; bone microarchitecture is disrupted, and the amount and variety of non-collagenous proteins in bone is altered.

A reduction in BMD is correlated with Estrogen deficiency following menopause.

Are you wondering what I am getting at? I am perturbed by a news about the victims of fosamax, which is a medicine manufactured by Merck to treat Osteoporosis.

But an unfortunate side effect was observed by those who have taken fosamax, a bisphosphonates drug. It is believed that Fosamax and other similar bisphosphonate drugs may cause osteonecrosis of the jaw by blocking the normal reproduction of bone cells.

Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONj) is also commonly referred to as "dead jaw" and “fossy jaw”.

Of course various treatment options have been explored, however severe cases of ONj still require surgical removal of the affected bone and this involves additional expenditure and mental strain for the patients.

They sought remedy through legal action and they were recommended to approach Parker & Waichman, LLP, a leader in defective pharmaceutical litigation and personal injury law firm that represents plaintiffs nationwide.

For more information on Parker & Waichman, LLP, please visit: or call (800) LAW-INFO.

Save loads of money by using legal forms.

As a web directory owner, I have to go through several submissions from web site owners covering hundreds and thousands of topics.

During this process I come across some very interesting websites and one such web site is about saving a lot of legal fees by using ready made legal forms.

In Latin ‘Pro se’ means "for self", that is applied to someone who represents himself (or herself) without a lawyer in a court proceeding, whether as a defendant or a plaintiff and whether the matter is civil or criminal.

So these legal forms are sort of ‘do it yourself’ facility and these forms are said to be valid in all the states in America.

I wonder whether U.K. allows such a useful facility.

Monday, October 23

Do you know you can let the links find you?

I am requesting the attention of webmasters who are looking to buy text links to improve link popularity.

Instead of searching endlessly for websites where you want to buy links, you can let the links find you by simply creating a request specifying your requirements.

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Reverse links has a user friendly interface which is easy to understand by both the advertisers and the publishers.

What are you waiting for mate?

Friday, October 20

Do you know Spamdexing?

You must know about spamdexing before you are entrapped in its vicious swirls without knowledge.

If you use some of the short cuts that are in abundance in the internet to deceive the search engine spiders in order to get in to the top ten search results, then you are doing spamdexing.

In short, you should never mislead the search engines with false techniques to get a higher rank which your website actually does not deserve.

Put yourself in the shoes of information seekers; how will you react if you are fed with dull websites with no quality content for your search efforts?

Please be aware that search engines use a variety of algorithms to determine page rank. In lay man terms, it may look for proper META Tags, correct keywords in the home page content tag etc.

Don’t assume search engines are mere programs; they can easily detect both the content spam and link spam.

If you have an ardent wish to take your products to those who are really searching for, then you must learn the strategies of Local Marketing. And to capture the attention of your target customers, your website should be in the first page of search results naturally.

The ultimate answer is to optimize your website as per search engines' expectations and this work can be safely entrusted with a thorough professional SEO company like You need their services to rank at the top of the search results.

Investing in Search Engine Optimization services is an annuity that will pay dividends for a long time.

Wednesday, October 18

Buy Gold in London and store it in Zurich.

Do you wish to buy just one gram of gold online and store it in Switzerland?

As a simple private individual, previously you have to have a lot of money to buy gold online and sell it online because of the entry level with 15 to 20 big gold bars.

But now people from all over the world can own gold, and keep it in any quantity in officially recognized bullion vaults - in London (UK), New York (USA), or Zurich (Switzerland).

And the actual online buying and selling of gold is unbelievably simple with BullionVault and storing and selling is also made very simple from just one gram up.

The gold you buy is stored in the Brinks vault of your choice in New York, London or Zurich.
I assume you know about Brinks, because their armored truck is ubiquitous all over the world transporting money between banks and government-run mints.

But for a new bullion investor, Brinks is the largest vault operator and secure transportation business on Earth. They have regional offices in about 50 countries and operations in even more.

Their dependability can be derived from the fact that in 143 years, nothing has been lost from a Brinks long term storage vault.

BullionVault is owned by Galmarley Limited registered in Great Britain.

BullionVault achieves its significant cost savings for you through automation, which enables Galmarley to operate with a full time staff of just three-Paul Tustain (CEO), Alex Edwards, and Kris Jenkins.

Unlike privately stored bars, a BullionVault bar retains the good delivery status for sales back into the professional bullion markets, where prices are highest. This eliminates one of the biggest costs in private bullion ownership.

BullionVault customers also save because they deal directly with each other - willing seller to willing buyer - via BullionVault's public order board. Members can act as market makers making quotes direct to each other.

Another important feature is BullionVault gold is real physical gold which you own. It is unlike unallocated gold, gold accounts, futures, pool accounts, and even trust based products like gold certificates and Exchange Traded Funds because in BullionVault the gold you own is your property - outright.

It is very easy to become a member of BullionVault and most people join simply to buy some gold at a very good price, and to store it safely without having lots of hassle.

Be a proud to be a customer of BullionVault.

Monday, October 16

Instant traffic idea. Don’t delay.

I am aware that you have tried just about every traffic generation method but still looking for more visitors. Well, who is not?

I have been reading some real testimonials that traffic from blogs are an easier way to increase hits.

More and more webmasters are hiring bloggers to write about their product or service in the blogs of regular bloggers so that they can capture the attention of those particular blog readers.

As an advertiser, you will have to provide the topic and let hundreds of bloggers write about that on their respective blogs. You can gain traffic and also build up links.

All posts are guaranteed to stay online for at least 30 days.
You set the maximum you are willing to pay for each blog post.

An opportunity which should be grabbed gleefully.

Friday, October 13

A cell phone business tycoon turned an art patron.

I don’t fashion arts and paints but I appreciate anyone who supports any form of art.

Artists, painting collectors, gallery owners and large museum houses will know that I am referring to George Lindemann Sr. Art Buyer, when they see the title of this blog post.

This man George Lindemann continues to amaze me. I keep wondering how a top ranked business man that dealt with contact lens, Vision cable, mobile phones and natural gas could also have time to appreciate art work! As an art buyer, he must have devoted plenty of time to work in close association with the art director of an art agency or studio.

Not only that, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Miami-Dade Performing Arts Center Foundation 2002-2004, a Member of the Miami Art Museum Exhibition Committee, a Trustee of the Miami Art Museum, a member of the City of Miami Arts & Entertainment Council, and Chairman of the Performing Arts Center Next Generation Committee.

Aspiring artists always dream about exhibiting their talent in The Miami Art Museum which is at the very center of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, bringing international art to life through world-class exhibitions, programs and collecting.

Since its inception in 1996, MAM has presented more than seventy exhibitions. Half of these were organized by MAM’s curatorial staff, making this program one of the most ambitious in the United States.

Hunab Ku-The Great Mayan God.

Being familiar with the Hindu mythology, I found Mayan mythology very much similar to it. I love reading about our ancestors irrespective o...