Thursday, December 7

Do you know Electronic Recruiting Exchange?

Electronic Recruiting Exchange (ere) is the Internet's leading source of networking and information for recruiters and HR professionals.

Company History:
Founded as an email discussion list for recruiting professionals in February, 1998, the has grown to become the preeminent source of information and networking opportunities for recruiters and HR professionals on the Internet.

ERE was initially conceived as a forum for recruiters to get feedback about online recruiting from a relatively unbiased source — their peers. Within six months of launch, ERE began publishing the Electronic Recruiting Daily, an email-based publication authored by expert commentators from within the recruitment industry.

The website has continued to add services like the ER Marketplace, which lists products and services for recruiters — including the only comprehensive, nationwide database of seminars on recruiting.

The scope of the site has grown as a result of direct feedback from its audience, and is now the leading website in its space.ERE

TodayERE contains thousands of pages of content relating to recruiting, and continues to drive traffic from over 30,000 loyal members, most of whom receive its publications in their inbox each day. Having established a strong brand associated with the cutting edge of the recruiting industry, the website continues to add new content and functionality regularly.

The audience of ERE represents a mix of corporate and third-party recruiters.

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