Thursday, December 28

Do you know Prognathism?

It refers to conditions where the mandibular (lower) dental arch seems to be more protruded with respect to the maxillary (upper) dental arch.

Prognathism in all its kinds can be a hereditary condition which develops during growth or may also occur due to accident.

I think I am familiar with the cause of accident. My husband is the ideal example who met with an accident very early in his childhood and ended up with prognathism.

Unfortunately, India was not equipped well to treat him.
The medical world has witnessed a sea of change at present.

Just read about Hayfield Dental Care that has been serving the residents of Alexandria and the surrounding areas since 1987 with impeccable record.

Equipped with latest dental treatment instruments and furniture, the Hayfield Dental Care has trained its team of doctors in every specialty that is available in dental and oral care.

All of the dentists at Hayfield Dental Care have perfect records with the Virginia Board of Dentistry with a history of zero complaints. The doors at Hayfield Dental Care are always open for new patients and emergencies. Give them a call at 703-971-2220.

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