Wednesday, December 6

Do you know Latent semantic indexing?

Trust me; I just now tried to understand it, but man that is the most complex matrix which is beyond an ordinary man like me.

But Ed Shull, the CEO of USWeb explained it beautifully.
“Search engines can find words that are heavily used on a page to help determine what the page is about. And they apply a LSI (Latent semantic indexing) filter to help determine similar words. This allows the search engine to understand that terms like LCD, DLP and HDTV are all connected by a common theme, the technology of televisions.

Makes sense-right?

Obviously Ed knows what he is talking about which is evident from his excellent tutorial on how to build back links for our websites and blogs.

Since Google has gotten better at eliminating tricks and black hat techniques as a factor in increasing rankings, he has formulated some terrific tips to build backlinks.

This is the list of what not to do.

1. Do not buy links from any program that offers you thousands of links to your website for a fee.

2. Do not participate in a reciprocal link program where you email Spam people asking them to swap links with you.

3. Do not use link brokers who put your link in the footer or off to the side of sites.

4. Be careful on paying monthly for links. In theory once you stop paying, those links go away, and your rankings will likely drop. Now on to what you should do.

List of what to do:

1. Directory submissions.
Google regularly crawls directories like Yahoo and DMOZ. You can also get good links from and some other paid directories. Be picky on the directories you link to. Avoid submission services that will submit you to hundreds of link farms.

2. Friends and family
This is a common sense method of building links, but many people don’t think to ask. How many of your friends may have a blog that’s indexed into a search engine. A link from them would help you out.

3. Vendors and partners
If you are paying a vendor money every month, it would be a small favor to ask for them to link to your site. Doing a joint press release about your company using their product is a great way to do this.

4. Press releases
Trying to get the press to write about you can be difficult, but trying to get them to link to you is nearly impossible.

5. Link baiting
Link baiting tactics are things you can do that will make people link to you.

7. Use a system like Blogitive
Blogitive allows you to post a press release through their system, and that release is picked up by thousands of bloggers. When a blogger decides to write an article about your press release, and link to your site, you pay $20. This is a one-time fee, so you don’t have a reoccurring cost to maintain rankings.

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