Wednesday, December 13

How To Post Photos to Blogger Using Hello BloggerBot

To use Hello BloggerBot as a photo blogging tool, you must have a weblog with If you already have one, then you can proceed with this tutorial. If not, go ahead set one up today! The installation and configuration of Hello BloggerBot is free and simple. Just follow these steps.

Go to

Specify a username, password and email address to register for a free account. Click on the 'submit' button.

After you register, you can go to the download page. Follow the set up instructions.

Once the Hello software is installed, log in with your new account.

Click on the 'Invite' button to start inviting friends and family and/or click on 'Add Friend' if you already know their Hello username.

To post photos to your weblog, configure the setting with your weblog.

Start sharing photos with friends directly or through your blog.


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