Tuesday, November 24

Boxing Day in Canada means...

Though Boxing Day owes its origin to the good old U.K., different countries have different meanings.

The day after Christmas is the Boxing Day for the Americans and Aussies.

The Canadian holiday Boxing Day is when the servants were given boxes which had money hidden inside them from their employers.

The Kiwi Boxing day is when you put your old toys into the boxes your new Christmas presents came in and then you take them to an orphanage.

I wonder what the Americans, Australians and the English men do on Boxing Day!

Monday, November 16

Chewing gum stops onion tears.

There are probably more tips to stop shedding tears while chopping onion than any other kitchen tips.

Ever since onion was discovered, people took it in their stride when their eyes got irritation while cutting onions.

Of late, I have been reading various useful tips to avoid onion tears and here is the latest one, a bit weird too.

"Chew on gum while cutting onion to avoid producing tears."

Any idea?

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