Saturday, March 31

Small Focus. Big Returns.

What an apt title for an accounting services firm. This can be taken as an indication that this Boston Accounting firm knows the job and can do it efficiently. This is my first impression.

So you by this time clicked on the above link and saw their home page. Is it not wonderfully designed?

You might have read through their introduction which I feel is written with sincere conviction and dedication. The words seemed to have tumbled out automatically.

The following sentences will reveal their true intention.

“You know how to run your business. We know how to help you make the most of every dollar that comes through it. Welcome to Murphy & Co., the accounting firm for small businesses.”

“We’re not here to take your money for doing something you can do yourself. We’re here to help you keep more of your money”.

Yes, I know exactly what they mean. I have the same experience of trying to maintain my books and spending considerable time to keep rectifying the daily errors and finally I ended up closing my private limited firm.

Account writing will look easy but can be challenging when you have to squeeze out the best profit. The books should indicate where our business stands.

Since Murphy Accounting itself is a family-run business, we can expect them to understand our exact accounting needs and can render cost effective services.

With 35 years as a CPA and an MBA from Babson, Joseph and his son Dan, a Boston College alum, lead Murphy &Co. providing qualified, personalized accounting services for the small-business person.

Their services include bookkeeping, monthly financial statements, profit and loss, balance sheets, budget analysis and filing of annual tax returns.

You can reach them at 508-238-5357

Do you know Deep Links?

Participating in a forum that discusses mainly directories can be very interesting. Since I am a directory owner, I linger around Digital point's sub forum "Directories'.

I read a minimum of 10 discussions on directory submission service that is offered by various members. The offer will be like this: " Will submit your website to 100 web directories with PR 4 to PR7.

I too have utilized one such service before believing that my web site will be placed in a web page with PR 4 to 7. But it is not so because those high PR is only for the home page of the directory. My web site will be placed deep inside where the PR may even be zero.

But most of the web directories will only our home to be listed but a few may accept our other pages which are called deep links. With such directories, we can list our internal pages too that requires some link popularity.

Monday, March 26

You have only 11 days left.

That is the exact time given to you if you want an Apple iPhone that is shown below.

You may probably want to know what this iPhone has in it! This is a lot different from normal iPods as this iPhone servers as mobile phone, as a web browser plus the usual audio and video facility.

The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone, a multimedia player, mobile telephone, and Internet services like e-mail, text messaging, web browsing and wireless connectivity. And do you know how much data it can hold? It is 30GB friends.

Ok, now I am getting back to the 11 days time left to win this mega gadget. You might be aware of so many sweepstake advertisements but is a different game altogether.

This is a text based reverse-auction game and the winner is the lowest bidder. I feel it would be better for you to gain first hand knowledge about it by visiting their web site which is very user friendly and the registration takes only a few moments.

If by any chance you already posses an iPhone, there are many more prizes and free gifts to be won that include Scion XB, Bose DVD system, fashion goods etc.

All you have to do is register yourself, identify the prize you would like to win and place your bid as low as possible because as I mentioned earlier, the winner of the prize is the one who bids the lowest.

New winners are announced everyday and for your information, there are cash prizes too to be won.

What are you waiting for?

Sunday, March 25

I was introduced to Coupon Chief in a Hindi movie.

The time now is 2.35 pm and it is a Sunday here in Madras, India. I just got up during commercial break while watching a Hindi movie.

The scene location was a house in Paris where a delivery van just delivered some big cartons that contained Note Book PC from Dell, a diamond necklace from Zales and plenty of food boxes. What caught my attention was the tag Coupon Chief attached to all the cartons, even though the merchandise was from different vendors.

Aroused by curiosity, I did look up at Coupon Chief website and immediately was awe struck by hundreds of thousands of products that every man and woman purchases in their life time. And the discount offered was fabulous (up to 70%).

Coupon Chief must be a big leader in discount coupon and they have tied up with all the top brands in the world such as Dell, Zappos, Blue Nile, Bostonian and Clark's and oh the list is endless.

You never have to step out again of your house to buy anything that you need. This online shopping facility can save anyone with time and money. We can compare and shop leisurely.

I just took some time off and browsed through Blue Nile where I had the opportunity to design my own diamond necklace virtually. What a fantastic idea.

Coupon Chief is the best online shop that one can find.

Wednesday, March 21

Pre-screened home maintenance contractors.

Let us leave behind our frustrations in finding a reliable handyman to fix the vexing issue of faulty bathroom fittings. At last, Home Remodeling Contractors offer a viable solution to do repair work in our home.

They have team of contractors who are screened, trained and issued proper license to attend to our home maintenance jobs.

OnCallContractors have expert residential contractors and builders to meet all of your remodeling needs. They have in their dependable team, basement contractor, bathroom contractor, roof or roofing contractor, plumbing contractor, electrical contractor, dry wall contractor, handyman or a special trade contractor.

Another advantage of utilizing their services is their free estimate of the work to be done with no hidden costs. All their skilled workers were selected after a thorough check and none have any record of complaints from their customers, the contractor licensing board or the BBB.

Home owners can be sure of getting a perfect match of contractors to their request for a skilled handyman. They have also established pre-negotiated discounts with our contractors to all of our consumers’ requests.

Monday, March 19

Do you know Passion Fruit & Kiwi Face Masque?

Even beauty conscious women are not likely to be aware of this unique skin care product.

In, India, we generally use known brands of fairness cream only but I know a few cine artists are herbal conscious and choose rare products such as this Passion Fruit & Kiwi Face Masque.

This products is made from choicest herbs of South Pacific Islands as they are one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth. The South Seas conjures up idyllic visions of crystal clear aquamarine lagoons, stunningly colorful tropical fish, tranquil sunsets, the sweet scents of fresh citrus, and palm trees laden with coconuts gently swaying in the afternoon breeze.

South Seas Spa skin care was created by U.S. Pharmacist Renée Mills in 2006. During her travels to the South Pacific, Renée recognized that the people of the South Pacific islands are some of the most naturally beautiful people in the world.

Exfoliating papaya fruit and pineapple enzymes gently dissolve away dead surface cells, revealing newer, radiant skin. Island kiwi and passionfruit waters and green tea provide antioxidants to protect skin and invigorate the senses. This cream is ideal for oily/acne prone and mature skin types but not recommended for sensitive skin.

Tuesday, March 13

How many manias do you know?

This is nothing to with the manias that the doctors and psychologists talk about.

Web mania's Sale Mania is a global online community that allows its member to advertise goods to a global audience. Whether you have ice to sell in Alaska or are looking to buy sheep in Australia, Sale Mania is your one stop online community sales page.

Joke Mania:
Need a Laugh? Know a good joke? Seen a really funny picture? Come one, why keep it to yourself.

Then there are dating mania, mail mania, link mania and many more. All these are niche directories.

What they say about them:
"By linking to a community, you can build a network of like-minded individuals and businesses which can further your personal/professional objectives. Today is the day to share your ideas and grow your business by making the most of webmania.

This is a free service to its users. Our vision is to empower the people to make use of the Internet to communicate, connect and grow. So why keep it to yourself? "

Friday, March 9

Are you aware of the Monex Atlas Account program?

There are lot of special offers from Monex to qualified investors by way in depth market report on precious metals market, education CDs that contain experts interviews about investing in silver toady and why it is the best time now to buy silver etc.

Monex also offers financial assistance to buy gold and silver under this Atlas Account program.

Now let me reveal a secret and it is my true experience. Since knowing Monex in last May, I followed their bullion market advise, put in some money and made a satisfactory profit.

I learnt a few tricks in reading the various charts on silver and gold provided by Monex. Previously I studied technical analysis from an expert in India and that too helped me.

Monex has been some kind of a trusted friend to me. I fully rely on their bullion market expertise and so too millions of Americans. Monex is no ordinary investment guide friends, they are true professionals.

Above all, I have learned hard lessons in the stock market and I intend to stay with bullion market due easy liquidity among other obvious reasons.

Review me-a paid to blog service.

Of course I am aware of, a paid to blog opportunity in the lines of PPP.
It is always very satisfying when your work is rewarded.

Like other players in the same field, pays approved bloggers to write about their sponsors in their blog.

Blogs are approved on considering several criteria like Alexa rank, Technorati rank and some more. But one thing is mystifying. When I applied with my blog, it was instantly rejected. They did not take up any time to view my blog content and then pass on the judgment.

May be they have installed a special software that scrutinizes the blog content. I heard they are paying really well.

Ok, this is not the end of the world. More doors will open for bloggers.

Do you wish some terrific blog designs?

I am bored at the monotonous designs of blogger everywhere. Very few bloggers have the necessary technical skill to design and incorporate their own templates in blogger. Obviously I am not one of them.

But I have seen excellent templates in blogs with a paid domain. The blog explosion directory contains blogs of spectacular designs and logos.

If you have the skill, here is a blog that features 10 beautiful looking blog templates. I noticed plenty of comments on this blog post. The 'hicks design' is the one that appealed to me most.

"I miss the fruit too' is also eye catching. I am actually contemplating to create a blog with my own paid domain and I intend to use wordpress platform.

But for that, I must first look for someone to lend a helping hand to design the best blog template the blogosphere has ever seen.

Anybody there?

A great resource for salaried class.

You are one among many window shoppers on a busy shopping street. You cannot suppress your fascination for a new leather jacket that is displayed on an attractive shop window reminding you of the winter that is around the corner.
May be you are ruing the mysterious month end when all the money in the world seem to disappear in to an oblivion.
At such times of cash crunch situations, one can bank on pay day loan providers. But picking up the right financial company that offer payday cash loans can be a daunting task.
Well, this blog post can save you a lot of time and effort on this matter. Epayday can be your savior at times like this; and they are aware that this is nothing new to salaried class.
Without ever resorting to sell your valuables to meet the financial crisis, one can apply for a cash loan without security. But you salary should get credit to your current account and you must have a cheque book. Then the entire process is simple.
Just go the website of epayday, apply online and you will get your requested loan in a day. When you get paid, you can choose to repay the cash advance amount or part of it.
For those with limited credit access or with an adverse credit record, payday loan services can make life a lot easier.

Do you know Grazr?

Grazr is a free publishing tool for feeds that quickly and easily displays RSS, RDF, Atom, and OPML files on any Web page so they can be viewed by any visitor to the site.

Do you have a list of favorite blogs or podcasts you want to share with the world?

Grazr is a free publishing tool for feeds. It lets you quickly and easily display RSS, RDF, Atom, and OPML files on any Web page so they can be viewed by any visitor to the site.

You can create a list of your favorite feeds with a feed aggregator, and make it available on the Web for Grazr to display, or use one of the lists of great feeds for any subject already prepared at a site like Top Ten Sources or OPML Search.

You can also use the results feed from a search engine as a way of publishing freshly updated information on any topic. Grazr displays all standard feed formats, such as RSS, RDF and Atom, as well as OPML outline files. All you need to know is the URL, Grazr will figure out the type of data it contains.

Source with gratitude:Widget box

An useful blog for probloggers.

Lots and lots of jobs for bloggers are posted in
I have written about such blogs/websites that help bloggers to earn money for what they are doing daily-blogging.

Wanted 'Technical Editors', 'Bloggers for finance' and the list goes on as I found various job offers in this blog.

Please read a sample post below:
' Yummy King is looking for Bloggers:'.
"I started a food blog at Yummy King recently, right now, we are looking for bloggers to write for us. Briefly, we are looking for someone who can write for us on topics on Recipes, Cooking, Dinning Places, Food Festivals, Food Competition, etc. Do take a look at our blog, if you like what you see. Please PM me with your questions. Let's see how we can work together at Yummy King."

I understand that a few corporates are advertising there about their requirements.
Please bookmark this blog.

Thursday, March 8

Why I want to visit again the Disney world?

It was in the year 2001 that I last visited Orlando. That was my first trip to the U.S and I wanted it to a memorable one. And I was not disappointed because I heeded to the advice of my friends and chosen one of the several Disney World packages offered by Orlando, a BBB certified tour package operators since 1991.

Of course I have been receiving regular updates from them about notifying me about new rides or attractions in every major theme park. Sure, I am aware of the increase in admission tickets to several park rides and vacation rentals too have not lagged behind in raising the rates.

But then these are expected over a period of 5 years-right? So no complaints!

Orlando vacations also have added more packages to their kitty and I am assured by them of more luxuries in their hotel packages with a few surprises thrown in for their loyal customers. I am happy that they have considered my family also among the privileged few.

During my previous visit I was shown more places by Orlando Vacations apart from Disney world such as beautiful golf courses, the second largest convention center in the world etc.

The memories of Sea World Adventure Park and the Shamu’s Adventure Show are near fresh even now. Since 1991 they have been serving the world with properly trained sales staff in the industry.

I am carefully planning my second visit to Orlando and am really looking forward to being a guest of

How about saving £288 by purchasing a Nokia N73 mobile?

To me, it is one of the best offers while looking for a cheap mobile that I can buy online. A major advantage of buying online is I can leisurely compare the prices of several mobile phones.

In the past, I had visited a few mobile phones trade shows which are always crowded and I experienced great difficulties in even talking to the stall owner.

The phone spot web site displays a vast collection of celluar phones that are offered with excellent money saving schemes with up to £500. Every phone you purchase from them comes with a 3 month insurance coverage against theft and damage. This is the first time I ever come across with such a fabulous offer.

Free delivery, price guarantee, secured shopping are some of the additional features of phone spot. Also, one can keep their existing mobile phone number when switching to another network under certain terms and conditions.

I can say is complete one stop resource for your mobile needs being a division of U.K’s largest and the most respected mobile leader ‘Carphone Warehouse’,

Monday, March 5

A softdrink that tastes like a bubble gum.

Thats right. Inca kola, the Peruvian equivalent of Coca Cola in the rest of the world, which was recently purchased by Coca Cola yet retains its unique taste. It is bright yellow and tastes like bubble gum.

Long time ago, in many of the fictions, I have read about Peru and their unique culture. I have been gathering tit bits of amusing information on Peru and once in way I refer them just to pass time. Most of the information here are gathered from internet but mainly from wikitravel.

  • Pisco Sour. An alcoholic drink with a interesting ingredients list, such as egg whites, that is the main drink in Peru and is available in most places in Huaraz. It is made from pisco, a kind of brandy that is worth a try.
  • Emoliente. Another popular drink in Peru, often sold in the streets by vendors for 50 centimos (approximately 16 cents US). Served hot, its flavor is best described as a thick, viscuous tea, but surprisingly refreshing - depending on what herb and fruit extracts you choose to put into it, of course. Normally the vendor's mix will be good enough if you choose not to say anything, but you're free to select the mix yourself.
I have many more drinks in my decanter collected from across the globe.

Thank you wikitravel!

Friday, March 2

Do you know Devil's Throat?

The word IGUAZU that appeared in my local daily 'The Hindu' made me look up on it in Wikipedia.

I simply was not that much interested in Quattrocchi on whom the news story was published on the front page. While I was just glancing through, I read that he was first arrested in the tourist spot of IGUAZU, home to the world's largest waterfall.

That did the trick to arouse my curiosity because I always was enchanted by the magnificence
of water falls. Water has got some terrific pulling force-is it not?

Wikipedia says Iguazu Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River located on the border of the Brazilian state of Paraná (in the Southern Region) and the Argentine province of Misiones.

The waterfall system consists of about 270 falls along 2.7 kilometres (1.67 miles) of the Iguazu River. 270 falls along 2.7 km! That must be breath taking really.

The Garganta del Diablo or Devil's Throat, a U-shaped 150-metre-wide and 700-metre-long cliff, is the most impressive of all, and marks the border between Argentina and Brazil.

See the image below of the Devi's Throat. Please notice the fading rainbow on the water.

Here is an amusing legend that says that a God pretended to marry a beautiful aborigine named Naipú, who fled with her mortal lover in a canoe. In rage, the God sliced the river creating the waterfalls, condemning the lovers to an eternal fall.

I am going to visit this place one day and will post more grand images here.

Courtesy: Wikipedia and 'The Hindu'

Thursday, March 1

Your friendly insurance mall.

Very aptly named, Insurance Portal Online is literally an insurance mall that sells just about every insurance policy we need. Mostly our first priority is of course Life Insurance; well it is for me as far as I am concerned. What about you?

Insurance Portal Online’s life insurance quoting engine will definitely make life easier for you. A short form of questions to be filled out in a couple of seconds and you will be presented with various options by their customer service man.

I just now filled out the form online and hit ‘Compare now’ button. The next page showed offers from as many as 63 different options with a button alongside to request an application. How very simple and fast all the hassle is!

Are you prioritizing Auto Insurance because you have just graduated and do not have a big family to bother with Life Insurance? Yes, I was like that when I was a teenager when I just bought my first two wheeler scooter.

A very convenient way of getting the lowest insurance quote is through online insurance portals where one just needs to answer a few short questions and allow an agent to contact us offering the best rates.

Wait! Getting the best possible quote for a home owner’s policy too involves nothing more than what I wrote above.

One thing I noticed; their website loads lightening fast. Insurance Portal Online is a professional and dependable organization in the making.

Hunab Ku-The Great Mayan God.

Being familiar with the Hindu mythology, I found Mayan mythology very much similar to it. I love reading about our ancestors irrespective o...