Friday, March 9

Do you wish some terrific blog designs?

I am bored at the monotonous designs of blogger everywhere. Very few bloggers have the necessary technical skill to design and incorporate their own templates in blogger. Obviously I am not one of them.

But I have seen excellent templates in blogs with a paid domain. The blog explosion directory contains blogs of spectacular designs and logos.

If you have the skill, here is a blog that features 10 beautiful looking blog templates. I noticed plenty of comments on this blog post. The 'hicks design' is the one that appealed to me most.

"I miss the fruit too' is also eye catching. I am actually contemplating to create a blog with my own paid domain and I intend to use wordpress platform.

But for that, I must first look for someone to lend a helping hand to design the best blog template the blogosphere has ever seen.

Anybody there?

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