Thursday, March 8

Why I want to visit again the Disney world?

It was in the year 2001 that I last visited Orlando. That was my first trip to the U.S and I wanted it to a memorable one. And I was not disappointed because I heeded to the advice of my friends and chosen one of the several Disney World packages offered by Orlando, a BBB certified tour package operators since 1991.

Of course I have been receiving regular updates from them about notifying me about new rides or attractions in every major theme park. Sure, I am aware of the increase in admission tickets to several park rides and vacation rentals too have not lagged behind in raising the rates.

But then these are expected over a period of 5 years-right? So no complaints!

Orlando vacations also have added more packages to their kitty and I am assured by them of more luxuries in their hotel packages with a few surprises thrown in for their loyal customers. I am happy that they have considered my family also among the privileged few.

During my previous visit I was shown more places by Orlando Vacations apart from Disney world such as beautiful golf courses, the second largest convention center in the world etc.

The memories of Sea World Adventure Park and the Shamu’s Adventure Show are near fresh even now. Since 1991 they have been serving the world with properly trained sales staff in the industry.

I am carefully planning my second visit to Orlando and am really looking forward to being a guest of

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