Friday, March 9

An useful blog for probloggers.

Lots and lots of jobs for bloggers are posted in
I have written about such blogs/websites that help bloggers to earn money for what they are doing daily-blogging.

Wanted 'Technical Editors', 'Bloggers for finance' and the list goes on as I found various job offers in this blog.

Please read a sample post below:
' Yummy King is looking for Bloggers:'.
"I started a food blog at Yummy King recently, right now, we are looking for bloggers to write for us. Briefly, we are looking for someone who can write for us on topics on Recipes, Cooking, Dinning Places, Food Festivals, Food Competition, etc. Do take a look at our blog, if you like what you see. Please PM me with your questions. Let's see how we can work together at Yummy King."

I understand that a few corporates are advertising there about their requirements.
Please bookmark this blog.

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