Monday, March 5

A softdrink that tastes like a bubble gum.

Thats right. Inca kola, the Peruvian equivalent of Coca Cola in the rest of the world, which was recently purchased by Coca Cola yet retains its unique taste. It is bright yellow and tastes like bubble gum.

Long time ago, in many of the fictions, I have read about Peru and their unique culture. I have been gathering tit bits of amusing information on Peru and once in way I refer them just to pass time. Most of the information here are gathered from internet but mainly from wikitravel.

  • Pisco Sour. An alcoholic drink with a interesting ingredients list, such as egg whites, that is the main drink in Peru and is available in most places in Huaraz. It is made from pisco, a kind of brandy that is worth a try.
  • Emoliente. Another popular drink in Peru, often sold in the streets by vendors for 50 centimos (approximately 16 cents US). Served hot, its flavor is best described as a thick, viscuous tea, but surprisingly refreshing - depending on what herb and fruit extracts you choose to put into it, of course. Normally the vendor's mix will be good enough if you choose not to say anything, but you're free to select the mix yourself.
I have many more drinks in my decanter collected from across the globe.

Thank you wikitravel!

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