Monday, March 19

Do you know Passion Fruit & Kiwi Face Masque?

Even beauty conscious women are not likely to be aware of this unique skin care product.

In, India, we generally use known brands of fairness cream only but I know a few cine artists are herbal conscious and choose rare products such as this Passion Fruit & Kiwi Face Masque.

This products is made from choicest herbs of South Pacific Islands as they are one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth. The South Seas conjures up idyllic visions of crystal clear aquamarine lagoons, stunningly colorful tropical fish, tranquil sunsets, the sweet scents of fresh citrus, and palm trees laden with coconuts gently swaying in the afternoon breeze.

South Seas Spa skin care was created by U.S. Pharmacist Renée Mills in 2006. During her travels to the South Pacific, Renée recognized that the people of the South Pacific islands are some of the most naturally beautiful people in the world.

Exfoliating papaya fruit and pineapple enzymes gently dissolve away dead surface cells, revealing newer, radiant skin. Island kiwi and passionfruit waters and green tea provide antioxidants to protect skin and invigorate the senses. This cream is ideal for oily/acne prone and mature skin types but not recommended for sensitive skin.

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