Wednesday, December 29

Do you know recycled hotels?

You have heard of recycled papers, But have you ever heard of recycled hotels? This is an amazing and thoughtful business acumen. A few highly enterprising businessmen have converted
* discarded containers,
* dumped pipes
* a jail
* a tram coach
* garbage collected at beach
* wine barrels

into hotels that attarct eager and adventerous travelers from all over the world.

The images throw more light on hotels room made of French wine barrels and German trams.

I wonder why they are not all that popular in the Internet. I appreciate for publishing this story. Thank you web ecoist!

Read more:

Friday, December 24

Moving leaves and sticks.

In the first four images below, you can spot a frog, a fish, a sea horse and a moving leaf.

All are live creatures though living under camouflage and you can all these camouflages are nature's best creation. There may be more such creations from the God who has obviously chosen not to reveal all of them to man which itself is a proof that God is technologically highly advanced than man.

When I saw these pictures at webecoist, my mouth fell agape. I could not suppress my deep appreciation for the God who gave these survival methods to the creatures.

The last image is of course of a man who is trying to merge with the surroundings. What a poor attempt!

Thank you webecoist.

Tuesday, December 14

Karonda fruits of Bombay.

Karonda is supposed to be India's answer to cranberries. This how Yahoo! described it in its article

I saw the image of Karonda in Google. These red and pink fruits are quite tempting to pop them in the mouth.

I have neither tasted Cranberries or Karonda. After reading the article, I think I won't bother with the fruit which is known to leave irremovable stain.

The author of the Yahoo! article has described the taste of Karonda as below:

Biting into a Karonda, you will experience a strange, dry astringent-like feeling in the mouth. Although it definitely tastes weird, it’s really fun to eat with a little sea salt sprinkled on.

Is it true that the seeds of Karonda are used in wine manufacturing?

Thursday, December 9

Sources for vitamins A to V.

People have been trying to find out the greatest vitamin. Well, every vitamin with its own in-built properties is essential to us. I think it is impossible to pinpoint one vitamin as the greatest of them all.

Let us examine the various vitamins from A to V and their natural resources.

Vitamin A Egg, fresh green vegetables, milk

Vitamin B1 Brown rice, yolk of the egg, whole wheat

Vitamin B2 Yeast and molasses, nuts, legumes

Vitamin B3 Peanuts, milk, fish, chicken, potato

Vitamin B4 Soybeans, fish, organ meats

Vitamin B5 & B6 Whole grains, fish, egg yolk

Vitamin B7 Yeast, unpolished rice

Vitamin B8 Nuts, Milk, Citrus fruits

Vitamin B9 Leafy vegetables, roots and milk

Vitamin B12 Cheese, milk, nuts, banana fruit

Vitamin B13 Roots

Vitamin B15 Sunflower seeds, brown rice, steak

Vitamin B17 Plums & peaches, apricots

Vitamin C Melon, citrus fruits, gooseberry, cauliflower, cabbage

Vitamin D Milk, sunflower seeds, sprouted grains, milk

Vitamin E Egg, nuts, roots

Vitamin F Butter, vegetable oils

Vitamin K Cauliflower, leafy vegetables, egg yolk

Vitamin Q Soybeans, pinto beans

Vitamin T Butter, sesame seeds

Vitamin V Leafy vegetables

That's all folks. Nature has all the vitamins for us. We never need to look for vitamin pills.

Sunday, December 5

Who cares for rose gold?

Every new trend and every hot fashion come to a natural end and they are replaced by new style, which becomes hot trend before cooling down. Do you remember the rose gold jewelry that stole the heart of women all over the world once? Well, the rose gold jewelry fashion lasted a little longer than expected because men too started wearing rose gold watches.

My father who went to buy gold coins for all of his daughters returned home with rose gold bracelets when I was studying in sixth standard. I screamed with delight when I first looked at the rose gold color.

I hear that the romantic rose gold jewelry might enjoy a second innings. However, I predict only youth might look at it favorably. Oldies definitely prefer the yellow gold they buy from the United States Gold Bureau, America’s largest seller of precious metals.

Image from Google images.

Who is a boy?

Go ahead and address your boy friend as a girl. He should not be humiliated though he will. In modern Tamil movies, it is a fashion to address male as female and vice-versa. This is an affectionate call.

But there is a history behind this. During the 13th century or up to that time, girl meant any young person, male or female.

Then how did they distinguish the two?
Mostly, a female is known as a gay girl and a male as a knave girl.

Quite difficult even to imagine-eh? So, what's in a word?

There may be quite a lot of amusing facts in this category. Do you know any thing?

Saturday, December 4

ET called?

I had to dig for this news report about ET because of a request from my brother's daughter.

ET-Extra terrestrial-the movie which we all watched and enjoyed so long is still remembered and appreciated for the ingenious concept and great imagination.

Well, it seems the ET might really want to communicate with the movie producer, probably to ask if he would make another film with a live ET.

"KTVU reported scientists have received an odd signal from space and some readers may have interpreted this as a confirmed extra-terrestrial contact."-was it imagination or a desire?

Ok, it is for the technologists to interpret the signal and tell us in our terms what it is all about. In the meanwhile Allen array in California is now actively searching for more of these signals.

Image from
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Friday, December 3

Your cell phone has gold!

Are you surprised?

You and I buy gold for investment purpose or as ornaments like rings and bracelets. Gold is used in various industries that include electronic components. Because gold is a good conductor of electricity, it is used in small quantities in mobile phones.

The U.S. Gold Bureau says every cell phone has gold worth of $0.50. Ah, I see you are disappointed.

The latest trend among bullion investors is to buy gold coins from different countries. Even the Americans are actively buying Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the Chinese Gold Panda.

However, I wonder whether the Aussies and the Chinese are showing interest in American Eagle gold coins.

One more piece of amazing information from the U.S. Gold Bureau:

Archeologists once discovered golden hats in Central Europe area. The uniqueness is the discovery was made during Bronze age!

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Sunday, November 28

Your favorite books reveal who you are.

If dating sites such as found out that couples react positively if they find similar literary tastes, I would say it is a very late discovery to be implemented in match making sites.

How much late? They are late by a minimum of 25 years!
Yes it was then I found out my man when his mother showed me his hidden chest of drawers in which he had kept the books he treasured most and did not want to share with every casual onlooker., users' can include in their profiles, their favourite books. This is definitely an effective strategy to find like minded individuals.

Wednesday, November 24

Do you know Sympathetic Magic?

There is said to be belief (in metaphysics) that like affects like.

Here is one more:
"Sympathetic magic is the basis for psychometry, the claim of psychic detectives that touching an item belonging to a victim gives magical contact with the victim."

The reason why I raised this topic here is my curiosity on the subject that was rather imposed on me through a spam email. (I always believed that even spam can be useful)

There were several movies in India in the earlier days that will usually project the bad character who will claim that he cannot be killed physically because his life (soul) is inside a parrot that is hidden in a remote island.

This idea is derived from the belief that
an effect on one object can cause an analogous effect on another object, without an apparent causal link between the two objects. This is also a form Sympathetic Magic.

For more reads, please search in Wikipedia and Skepdic

Saturday, November 20

Still storing your gold bars under the bed?

Are you surprised I asked this question? Do you wonder how did I find out the hiding place for your gold?

You are not alone buddy. I too stored my gold ornaments under my bed confident that my mother-in-law won’t look for it there. Of course, I don’t buy gold bullion every other day. My father would buy for me and give it to me secretly. I once suspected that the hiding place is uncovered and I switched them to the pillowcase.

Now, all my gold has gone. I mean, they are now stored at an independent bank and this facility was arranged by the United States Gold Bureau, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving my precious metals investment needs.

Do you know my pillowcases are now happy as they are home to the all the documents related to my gold storage?

BTW, the smart Americans are quietly accumulating their gold purchase as the advice of the U.S. Gold Bureau. Yes, gold is expected to go up again.

Friday, November 19

Sculptures made of computer parts.

Definitely not an alien creature. This dragonfly is purely made of junk hardware-the things taken from our disposed computer and accessories.

You can see a fan, PCBs, led bulbs etc-right?

The artist behind this is, Steven Rodrig, a computer geek.

My son used to do this kind of art, only his raw material were buttons, waste wires, plug pins and pen caps.


Monday, November 15

Wall Street woos bullion.

This is of course the first time that Wall Street Journal aka WSJ encourages the public to invest on bullion. Nevertheless, the bullion investing community believes that both the WSJ and the United States Gold Bureau are of the same opinion for the first time simultaneously.

Personally speaking, I think the WSJ is not that much active in encouraging the world population to invest in gold and silver. If the American public would indulge in some reminiscences, they would surely express their sincere gratitude to the Unites States Gold Bureau for helping them to protect their wealth through their frequent press releases that spoke about the gold price movements and predictions.

Now that the WSJ says Buy Gold, I think we should all take it as a confirmation of the U.S. Gold Bureau’s decrees and start buying gold at least now.

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Friday, November 12

Trees to replace street lights.

I agree we don't have a Einstein in us to wonder on myriad things that will lead to world changing inventions.

For example, have you ever wondered on new alternative energies? Do we have to depend only on electricity to survive?

Here is someone that imagined all the trees to glow which can immediately replace the street lights! Would not that make the whole world glow like a dream cinema setting?

See a sample of glowing tree below:

How can you make this possible?
Popular science, a leading web site that writes about technology and science says if trees are infused with gold nanoparticles, then, we can do away with street lights.

Other advantages:
* Reduce carbon emissions
* Reduce the cost of electricity
* Minimize light pollution


Tuesday, November 9

Colour Yellow speaks.

Do you like yellow color like me? Would you like to know some amazing facts about the color yellow that might also tell you a bit about you?

I blog about obvious things that pack rare and amusing facts. Well, we all have seen beautiful yellow t-shirts, jerkins, flowers, birds and animals but never thought anything beyond our casual look and a little of appreciation.

Here are some popular yellow products:
* Post-it sticky notes
* Yellow card used in soccer.

I like:
* Canary bird
* Yellow parakeet
* Yellow jerkins
*Yellow gates is a similar blog like mine that has published amazing facts about yellow color.
I reproduce some of them below:

Yellow is a color associated with sun which when interpreted, corresponds to warmth, happiness, fun, friendship etc.

In India, yellow is considered very auspicious and a sign of good omen where the Japanese consider yellow as the color of courage whereas he American mean cowardice when the abuse a person as 'you are yellow'.

Strangely, the Egyptians associate the yellow color to mourning.

Read more:

Thursday, November 4

Is gold heading for another run up?

Gold bullion is getting ready for another run up as per the U.S. Gold Bureau. It is echoed by top bullion market investment analysts.

On the other hand, there is really no need to wait for such predictions before you buy gold coins-right? Gold has never betrayed the trust placed on it from the times of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Time and gain, the ever-dependable bullion had its last laugh on people who placed their wealth building effort on other financial markets. Even real estate that is preferred next only to gold as an investment avenue, had deserted us in times of economic depression.

At least until another metal is discovered that can beat the value of gold (so unlikely), there is no alternative for us than to trust gold for our safe investment.

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Sunday, October 31

Stunning facts about fruits.

Calling stunning or amazing, the fact is it is worth knowing about, at least for academic interest.

This blogs is always looking for rare facts about people, animals, birds, places and plants. Two days before, I stumbled on to a blog that published similar blog posts that include weird facts about people, animals, earth and more.

I clicked on the title, "amazing fruit facts' and saw a video clip for about 3 minutes. At the end of it, I am richer by interesting knowledge about different fruits that are not known to many.

Here is a sample for you:
Do you know that the pappaya fruit contains a mineral called Papain that is considered as a natural meat tenderizer?

Here it is, the video clip about amazing facts about fruit.

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Thursday, October 21

Cheap silver bullion.

Do you know that you can buy silver bullion at dealers’ cost?

I used to work in an advertising agency long back where most of the colleagues’ dining room talk was always on bullion buying and selling. At that time, I just graduated and it was my first job.

I did not know anything about trading in silver and gold bullion.

Today, the story is different. I have become a highly experienced precious metals investor due to my association with several gold clubs. The most useful among them is the U.S. Gold Bureau.

I have been a regular visitor to and I have subscribed to their valuable newsletter called ‘Gold Monitor’.

Just 5 days before, the U.S. Gold Bureau had announced a special Internet sale of some rare bullion coins at cheap rates.

I am yet to avail of this wonderful investment opportunity. I though I would let you know about this great news.

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Sunday, October 17

Do you know how to find out the number of back links for your website?

If you are a serious internet marketer, you cannot deny your effort to build up backinks for your website-agreed?

How do we generally build up backlinks?

  • We submit our site to directories.
  • We write articles and submit to article directories.
  • We make our site interactive by adding ‘Blogs’ to our site.
  • We integrate RSS feeds to our site so that visitors to our site are given the facility to subscribe to out site and view the updates immediately in their browser with the help of a news aggregator.
  • We visit sites that are related to our website and request a link exchange.
  • We use social bookmarking sites to tag our web content.

After all these relentless, surely we would like to know how many websites are linking to our website.

I happened to stumble on this wonderful tool, that instantly displays the backlinks.

All you need to do is, enter your website url into the box provided and click ‘submit’ to see the number of your website’s backlinks.

Try it mate. If you like, please pass it on; Share.

I express my gratitude to the owner of this tool.

Tuesday, October 12

Do you know red tide?

Don't be afraid of this sea tide. It is neither blood nor any oil slick.

What you see is called Red Tide. The red color is because of a single cell algae.

The red-tide is mostly harmless though it is said to be fatal to fishes and mammals including human beings.

Red tides occur due to what is termed as algal blooms which means when the microscopic plankton becomes too abundant even for the ocean to bear, they get washed away on the sea shore.

However, there has never any death of a man due to red tide.

What a color combination! It is a beautiful sight-eh?

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Friday, October 8

Bluebonnet won't be picked by the Texans.

The first time I spotted live the beautiful lavender colored bluebonnet (a misnomer?)
in Bangalore, I screamed in sheer delight! My God! What a color.

Below, you can see some of the images of this wonderful flower Bluebonnet. The pictures were taken in the state of Texas.

Look at the spread along the entire stretch.

No wonder the Texans don't pick the Bluebonnet. It is their state's pride that attract tourists who I am sure won't move further from the spot for a long time.

Their cameras can't take them all. People should fill their memory's full content to recall and enjoy.

Highway 306 from New Braunfels to Purgatory Road (almost to Canyon Lake )

Highway 71 from Austin to Brady

Another lovely hue of the flower.
(spot the python)

I read the Texas Government is actively planting the seeds of Bluebonnet along all the highways in their state.

Sunday, October 3

Beautiful blue animals and creatures.

When I blogged about beautiful red colored animals, my husband asked me if I know of any blue colored animals. I said 'no' then.

Today, I pulled him from newspapers and showed him the beautiful blue animals.
Watch some of them below.

Here is a strikingly blue macaw called Hyacinth Macaw. The south Americans are again the pride people to say these birds belong to their geography.

The area surrounding their eyes are bright yellow. What a contrast!

This is a poisonous blue frog named 'Blue Arrow'. It seems there frogs of every imaginable color-eh? Again, it is Amazon forests that houses them.

Blue Ribbon Eel:

Blue Lobster:
Yes, you can eat it but it will mot be blue inside. Only the shell is blue.


Saturday, October 2

Do you know Crohn’s disease?

I did not know what Crohn’s disease is until today. Without scaring you, I will tell you briefly about Crohn’s disease. On the other hand, would you rather learn it yourself?

If that is your wish, then it is better you first visit the website of O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath, a Texas based team of personal injury lawyers who are at present busy in handling Accutane lawsuit.

Why I am asking you to visit a legal site to learn about Crohn’s disease instead of directing you to an in depth article about Crohn’s disease? Because, eventually you will end up in a medico legal site as most of the articles related to Crohn’s disease would direct you there.

For those who would prefer to read the relevant information about Crohn’s disease here itself, please read below.

Crohn’s disease is related with intestinal disorders (bowel disease) that occur after taking a medicine called Accutane to cure certain acne!

Unbelievable-is it not?

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Wednesday, September 29

Amuzing facts.

My son, a software engineer is working for an I.T. major in India. These I.T. guys have worldly knowledge and quickly develop a global network of friends.

My son used to forward amazing video clips, rare technological information, humorous video clips and strange facts through email.

I reproduce below some of them for your amusement and party smart conversation.

* The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for Blood plasma.
* Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes or shark attacks.
* You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.
* The King of Hearts is the only king without a moustache.
* American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one (1) olive from each salad served in first-class.
* It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but, not downstairs.

Saturday, September 25

Shake to lose weight.

Fitness equipments that focus on weight loss are the most bought gym items in the world. More and more ingenious ideas are being developed to lose weight as well as tone up biceps.

The biceps in the arms are a matter of big concern to those who are above 50. It tends to sag ugly.Here is a new fitness equipment that enables one to shed fat and tone up arm muscles.

Watch the video carefully and see how the women are using a device which is lifted in one hand and shaken.

Very innovative idea.


Tuesday, September 21

Meet the orange man.

Vegetable art is taking the world by storm. This art that requires plenty of patience and creativity is admired by everyone, irrespective of age and culture.

In India, the wedding reception attracts quite a number of admirers of the vegetable art production that will be spread on a huge table.

Once, I watched for more than two hours an artist cut the red pumpkin and carved out a maharaja. Not once did he look up at me during the entire two hours.

What a concentration and dedication!


Wednesday, September 15

Vegetegarian desserts recipes.

A few decades before, a staunch meat eater will not like it at all if you ask to turn a vegetarian. Today, it seems like an easy task. Westerners who are born non-vegetarians now started accepting the fact that one can still survive without eating meat!

Initially, they found it difficult to eat vegetarian food as they were not aware of vegetarian recipes. If you tell them you can make cakes and ice creams without using egg, they would laugh at you.

Now, egg less cakes are sold in special counters in all the cake shops.There are many recipes for making vegetarian desserts, pies and puddings.

Using the chocolates, coconuts, milk and honey, here are 20 exciting vegetarian recipes for making desserts.

Chocolate coconut cream pie:

Saturday, September 11

Will gold become a currency again?

If I say that there is a possibility of bullion becoming a true trading medium again, I might be called crazy. I don’t think people will learn ever even if they witness a dozen more economy catastrophe that will prove paper money as the most dubious form of currency to buy and sell goods.

What if I site one or two examples of gold being used as a medium exchange to buy and sell day to day needs?

Yes, I will be accused of fabrication.

However, I know for sure that in certain places in the world today, gold is treated as a currency.

In fact, I wish it to become a reality all over the world.

Buy pure gold in the form of coins and bars from the United States Gold Bureau, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals and America’s best dealer in precious metals.

Wednesday, September 8

Can trees scare you?

Well, not all tress but tress that display bizarre formations due to vagaries of nature can scare even me, an ardent tree lover.

Look at these two trees for example:

Here is another tree-a betel nut tree in Malaysia showing bizarre natural formation.

What you see below is real. Yes, the head of the Budhha statue is real. The rest of the body is separated during the Burmese sacking of Ayutthaya in Thailand several hundred years ago.

The name given to such natural images is "Pareidolia". What we see as images in Moon and Mars also belong to Pareidolia. I welcome more images in this category.


Monday, September 6

Health food? Are you kidding?

Once, several years before when I got married, I used to impatiently await Friday newspapers because of articles about new restaurants, healthy recipes and ads for healthy foods.

I have relentlessly chased the restaurants to try their healthy foods.

Now, after 25 years, I have realized the stupidity of my assumption that all that appears in newspapers are genuine and authentic.

We really don't care to read between the lines of ads and we simply yield to enticing ads.

There are shocking facts that we all should know about the so called 'heath foods'.

One doctor took the pain of explaining to me that "health foods" are actually cleverly disguised junk foods that actually stimulate you to gain more belly fat... yet the diet food marketing industry continues to lie to you so they can maximize their profits.

What do you say?
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Friday, September 3

Rural India might push up gold price.

I don’t agree with the recent reports in various media that the Indian rural population can’t afford to buy bullion and that is why they are buying silver in larger quantities than the city dwellers.

On any day, you can find large numbers of rural people in the crowded gold jewelry shops in Madras. Their purchasing power too has increased though they may not be informed bullion buyers like urban people.

Veteran precious metals investment analysts have opined that the silver demand has come down mainly because of poor patronage to silver by city population, which is contrary to the press release of U.S. Gold Bureau that says the U.S. has been buying silver since 1990 as they foresee a demand supply gap in silver.

The overall gold buying in India and China might push the gold price to $2000 in 4 months.

Wednesday, September 1

Amazing butterfly migration.

It is natural that you can't find anything clear in the picture below. So, view the second picture.

Now, do you recognize the familiar Monarch Butterfly? The picture above shows millions of Monarch butterflies on their migrating move.

Monarch butterflies hold the record of longest distance covered during migration in the insects segment.

Hey, do you that this amazing fact was not discovered until 1975?

Scientists believe that many changing world geography, flora and fauna might affect this fantastic migration phenomenon.


Sunday, August 29

Premature burials and not prematured death.

Have you read a book titled, "Premature Burials..." published in 1905. The book cited several cases where people were buried in coffins before ensuring their death by a medical doctor.

It is surprising to note that even in 1905, there were fewer medical equipments to find life and this led to premature burials. In the book, real life (death) experiences were narrated by people who have regained their consciousness in their coffin buried under the earth.

One most published story of premature burial involved a certain woman called Madam Blunden in England who was buried in school. The students of the school, while playing, heard noise coming from underneath.

When dug up, they found the woman died just then after frantically trying to escape from the coffin.

Source: Daily mail.

Thursday, August 26

India causes bullish trend in bullion.

Do you know that India’s consumption of gold bullion now stands at 365 tons until 30th June 2010?

So what is special?

Well, for the same period in 2009, it was only 188 tons! The percentage of rise in the demand for gold is a whopping 94%.

China too has reported tremendous growth in gold demand. It is no wonder the World Gold Council has predicted bullish bullion market mainly because of India and China’s gold investing attitude.

All this has happened much earlier to the festivals and marriage season in India, which are around the corner. One can very well imagine how the year 2010 is going to end for bullion investors.

This is no hype folks. Yesterday, (Wednesday 25th August 2010), the gold price hit a seven-week high!

Echoing the current precious metals market trend, the U.S. Gold Bureau has launched three new gold bars at attractive rates.

Sunday, August 22

Who created Vishnu, Siva and Brahmma?

I am a staunch vaishnavite. However, some odd mythological references here and there in the web or in offline magazines that might be in total contrast to my beliefs don't make me angry.

In fact, I am amused when I read such tidbits.

Here is a sample.
Before the beginning of time, there existed a Goddess named Ammavaru. She laid an egg and from it, the triumvirate Brahmma, Vishnu and Siva came out.

Look, I have not created this myth; it is available in the web.

Here is the source:

I dug deep and learnt that the South Indians worshiped Ammavaru in a symbolic way. They filled a metal pot with rice, placed a painted coconut on top of the rice and the pot was covered with a saree.

The image of Ammavaru found in wikipedia.

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Tuesday, August 17

Natural geyser attarcts tourists.

I don't know about you but I would like to visit this Yellowstone wonder. It is one of the world's natural geyser that was found in 1870 and since then, it has not stopped shooting up hot water.

It is reported that the water reaches up to height of 100 feet! People say that it erupts almost every hour now and pumps out 8400 gallons of hot water.

Yellowstone park is located in Wyoming where one can sight very bairds and repltiles too. The Yellowstone park has been in operation since 1872.

Snow Coaches:
Probably, Yellowstone is the only place in the world that uses snow coaches to transport people during winter.

You see below the live eruption of Yellowstone and people watching it from a safe distance.

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Thursday, August 12

Do you know the Tola gold bar?

Tola gold bar was actually imported from Europe even though the word ‘Tola’ indicates a weight in India that was used long ago. A Tola is equal to 11.66 grams. The Tola gold bars mostly minted as 10 Tola bars which in Europe is equal to 3.75 ounce.

Tola bars were once widely circulated in India, Pakistan, and Singapore and in Gulf countries.

Though the Indians bought them in large quantities, later, the Pakistanis started buying to make wedding jewelries. Do you know that a marriage necklace in Pakistan weighs as much as 500 grams?

However, all these are history now! People buy gold bars in very small sizes ranging from 5 grams to one ounce. Only Governments are buying gold bars that weigh 100 grams or more.

The most authentic source to buy bullion is the U.S. Gold Bureau from whom one can purchase silver, gold or other precious metals and coins for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

Image courtesy: Google Images

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Ajanta caves-a must see place in India.

The picture you see here is where the ancient caves of Ajanta are located.

Inside the caves, anyone from any nation can see the glimpses of ancient India through stunning sculptures.

The many facets of Indian religion are true examples of the religious tolerance practiced by every Hindu ruler that have governed India until the advent of Turks and English.

Apart from carvings out of granite rocks, one can enjoy the finest paintings depicting the Buddhism that had stood over several centuries inside the safety of caves of Ajanta.

Ajanta caves can be reached from the city of Aurangabad in just two hours by road.

If you visit once, you would want to visit again and again. Yes, it takes many days to stay in Aurangabad to explore the caves fully.

Ajanta caves are a pride to Indian art.

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Wednesday, August 11

Angel Falls-the highest Waterfall in the world.

Water-the planet earth's most attractive element has more surprises for us than any other basic element like fire, air, earth and space.

Water is the only force that we all watch happily. The pictures you see here are taken from super angles to project the real height and fall of the magnificent waterfall-the Angel Falls.

It is estimated to be fifteen times taller than Niagara.Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall, with a height of 979 meters (3,212 ft) and a plunge of 807 meters (2,647 ft).

Location of Angel Falls:
It is located in the Canaima National Park , Venezuela. This is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

* The mist from the falling water can be felt a mile (1.6 km) away!
* It is named after Jimmie Angel, an aviator who first discovered it in 1933.

Hunab Ku-The Great Mayan God.

Being familiar with the Hindu mythology, I found Mayan mythology very much similar to it. I love reading about our ancestors irrespective o...