Sunday, October 17

Do you know how to find out the number of back links for your website?

If you are a serious internet marketer, you cannot deny your effort to build up backinks for your website-agreed?

How do we generally build up backlinks?

  • We submit our site to directories.
  • We write articles and submit to article directories.
  • We make our site interactive by adding ‘Blogs’ to our site.
  • We integrate RSS feeds to our site so that visitors to our site are given the facility to subscribe to out site and view the updates immediately in their browser with the help of a news aggregator.
  • We visit sites that are related to our website and request a link exchange.
  • We use social bookmarking sites to tag our web content.

After all these relentless, surely we would like to know how many websites are linking to our website.

I happened to stumble on this wonderful tool, that instantly displays the backlinks.

All you need to do is, enter your website url into the box provided and click ‘submit’ to see the number of your website’s backlinks.

Try it mate. If you like, please pass it on; Share.

I express my gratitude to the owner of this tool.

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