Wednesday, July 28

Give me red.

I like red birds but a red Heron? See this picture. Do you think it is beautiful to see such a huge bird in blood red color?

You have seen them all-red bugs, red fish and probably even a red frog though I have not yet seen it.

In, you can see several red animals and craetues that include red lizard, a red snake and of course the red Ibis that I mentioned wrongly (does it matter really?) as Heron.

These Scarlet Ibis are found in the Caribbean Islands and of course in South America where most of world's exotic birds are living.

A stunning red star fish is splendid to look at. What a creation! The most stunning of them all is a full red sheep covered with bright red wool. Hey, the color looks artificial man!

Saturday, July 24

Realistic paintings of Roberto Bernardi.

Would you believe if I tell you these are not images of real food shelves or kitchen sink but they are paintings?

Probably not!

Have you ever heard of these painters that are known to produce such realistic masterpieces of art?
* Roberto Bernardi
* Eric Christensen
* Steve Mills
* Pedro Campos
* Tom Martin
* Jason Degraaf

Roberto Bernardi is only 36 years. This Italy born genius painter had produced marvellous works of hyper-realistic art.

Fr more pleasures of viewing:

Tuesday, July 20

Who minted the most beautiful coins?

I am not a qualified numismatist to rate ancient gold coins of Egypt and Rome but I can (you too can) agree when shown a coin as the most beautiful. Ptolemy’s coins were carved with much creativity.

My small possession of American eagle gold coins that I bought from the U.S. Gold Bureau is my cherished treasure. If I go by their recent press release, I should buy some silver coins too. Somehow, I will have to manage my finance to purchase a few silver coins. This seems to be the right moment to invest in silver.

The United States Gold Bureau offers to store your precious metals purchase safely. I feel it is the right option to exercise instead of taking personal delivery and worrying over guarding them.

Still, the sight of silver and gold coins gives you immense confidence.

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Sunday, July 18 turnover exceeds $60 million. says their total value of outsourced work has exceeded $60 million so far. Quite impressive considering low pay rates for most of the jobs.

Sure, it is a rare fact. You don't come across such astronomical figure these days in the dot com business. This is encouraging for the world economy. The dot com bust is now a thing of the past. The Internet money flow is picking up and the entire community of freelancer is happy with increased work availability.

Now, has launched another website It is where you and I can sell our digital content like templates, scripts and logos.

I browsed through the listings and there are not many. I wish they add more categories like pdf tutorials and video tutorials.
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Thursday, July 15

Rain prediction for next 40 days!

I thought only Indian folklore is riddled with strange beliefs till I read about this tidbits about St Swithin's day. As per their folklore, if it rains today, it will continue to rain for forty days.

Is it so?

Incidentally, today (15th July) is his feast day. He was an affable bishop lived in Winchester. He patronized charity ardently like any Christian religious leader.

There are several legends associated with St Swithin including a miracle.

Find out more about St Swithin.
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Friday, July 9

Bruce Lee's secret of defence.

We all know Brucee Lee is the master of Kung Fu. But its real name is Wing Chun. Bruce Lee's master was Yip man.

When Bruce Lee became a champion of Wing Chun, he felt it is not sufficient to defend oneself and introduced several modifications. He invented his own method later.

His version of Kung Fu involved in blocking the opponent's attack with just one hand and use the other hand to deliver a punch in the chest simultaneously. This proved a deadly combination. Speed was his prime weapon.

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Monday, July 5

The Celtic goddess known as Silver Wheel.

The Welsh (Celtic) Mythology is an interesting study for historians and history buffs. I believe the Celtic mythology is not that well known as Greek or Roman mythology.

There is some amazing story about the Celtic moon-mother goddess, called the "silver wheel" also known as Arianrhod.

There intriguing mentions about 'sea spirit', magic rod, mystic ways to test the virginity of a woman etc.

This goddess's mother name is Don. Very interesting. Even I, as typical mathematician that never like history, found myself glued to the rare history book that my husband got it recently in an used books den in Madras.
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Hunab Ku-The Great Mayan God.

Being familiar with the Hindu mythology, I found Mayan mythology very much similar to it. I love reading about our ancestors irrespective o...